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Rosthern Pioneer Cemetery
R.M. of Rosthern # 403   NE 34-42-03 W3

Bergen, Tina (nee Siemens)  dau of  Peter

Enns, (unknown)  child of Gerhard

Friesen, David  son of Jacob
Friesen, Helena  dau of Jacob
Friesen, Marie (nee Siemens)  dau of Peter

Hamm, John

Janzen, (unknown)  wife of David Jr.
Janzen, (unknown)  wife of David Sr.

Lentzman, (child)

Neufeld, (unknown)
Neufeld, (unknown)  wife of Henry Sr.  
Rempel, (unknown)  child of John
Rempel, (unknown)  child of John

Siemens, Annie  dau of Peter
Siemens, Elizabeth  dau of Peter
Siemens, Jacob  son of Peter
Siemens, Peter
Siemens, Peter  son of Peter   
Siemens, Peter (infant)  son of John P.          
Siemens, (unknown)  wife of Peter

Trippel, (child)
Unger, (unknown)  child of Herman
Unger, (unknown)  child of Herman

Wiens, John (child)
Wiens, (unknown)  wife of John

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