One of the leading merchants of Moose Jaw is Ransom L. Slater who came to this city thirty years ago and founded a business as a tailor, which later grew into one of the largest men's clothing and furnishings stores in Moose Jaw. Before coming to the west Mr. Slater had had considerable experience as a tailor in Ontario and was, therefore, well qualified to conduct a successful business of this nature. Born in Moun- tain township, Dundas county, Ontario, on May 13, 1872, he is the sixth child of Hiram and Alice (Bolton) Slater, both of whom are deceased. His parents were natives of that province, where they lived all of their lives, the father passing away at the age of seventy-four and the mother living to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of her birth. They were active members of the Methodist church and reared their nine children- six sons and three daughters-in that faith. The father was an Orange- man, and a Conservative in politics, in which he took quite an active part in local affairs for years. He was an educated man and well read for a person of his generation. By occupation he was a farmer, so it came about that his children spent the first years of their life in the country. Ransom L. Slater is one of the seven living children of this couple. Ransom L. Slater was educated in the public schools of Mountain township and also attended the village school in Inkerman. At the early age of fourteen, however, he put aside his textbooks to take up the tailor's trade and went to Cardinal, Ontario, where he set about learning the secrets of that craft. It was in 1893 that Mr. Slater first came out to Moose Jaw to open a tailoring establishment, which he continued with success for about four years. He saw a larger opportunity for advancement in the men's retail furnishings and clothing trade, however, and accordingly transferred his attention to that field, which has been an exceedingly profitable one. In 1921 Mr. Slater took M. E. York into partnership with him and today the two men are conducting a large business in men's clothing and fur- nishings. They carry a large stock of well selected goods that will meet the requirements of the most fastidious of tastes, as well as the needs of the ordinary working man and they enjoy a wide reputation for the excellent quality and fair prices of their goods. This large trade is the fruit of twenty-five years of hard work on the part of Mr. Slater, who early came to the conclusion that his best advertisement was a well pleased customer and he has always made the aim of his establishment reliable goods and the best of service. In addition to this clothing establishment Mr. Slater is financially interested in the Manley-Slater Auto Company of Moose Jaw, of which he is vice president. This firm has one of the foremost automobile agencies in the province, acting as sales agents and distributors for the products of the Ford Motor Car Company, and also carries radio equipment, for which there is a large demand. Mr. Slater was married to Miss Florence Powell, in 1894, and they are the parents of a daughter: Phyllis~ who is still in school. Mrs. Slater was born and educated at Brockton, Ontario. She is a strong Methodist and is now serving on the board of her church, with which her husband is also affiliated. He is a Mason of high rank, having takendegrees in both the York and the Scottish Rites and he is a Noble of the Mystic Shrine. The Independent Order of Odd Fellows also claims him as one of its members, while socially he belongs to the Prairie and Moose Jaw Golf Clubs. Outside of his family and social interests Mr. Slater devotes his whole attention to his business affairs, whose extensive and important character require the services of an executive of ability. His position in the commercial circles of Moose Jaw today is an enviable one and one of which he is highly deserving, for he has made his way to the front by dint of his own unaided efforts. Bibliography follows:

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