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A Land Harvested By Faith 1884-1994 Wakaw
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Brewster, Alfred160

Brunanski, Ed and Jean161

Budzak. Alex and Polly167

Bukurak family168

Bukurak, William169

Bukurak. Peter169

Burechailo, Dmytro and Nastasia170

Burechailo, John and Helen173

Buryniuk, Jacob and Katherine176

Buryniuk, Wasyl and Mary174

Buryniuk. William and Stella179

Bush, Lena (Malkowich)451

Buzikevich, David and Vickie182

Byckalo, Yurko and Barbara181

Calyniuk, Leslie and Eunice491

Calyniuk, Michael491

Calyniuk, Paul and Emily488

Calyniuk. David and Adeline489

Cenaiko, Fred and Helen184

Chafey. Herbert186

Chemawsky. Theodore188

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