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Bethune Cemetery

SE section 24 - township 20 - range 24 W of the 2nd meridian
RM of Dufferin # 190
Partial cemetery online

Cemetery Photographs copyright Grace Peters

Alphabetical by surname from two Bethune Cemetery web sites
Blanche   BARKER1970871883
Ruth   BARKER1934861848
Padraic Michael   DOBBYN1978    
Eva   EVANS1995841911
Hugh   EVANS     1899
Hertbert O   GARBUTT2001891912
Harriet Alice   HUTTON     1887
C. Allan   MURDOCH1997521945
Frances   MURDOCH1986671919
Thomas   MURDOCH1942611881
Ruth   SECRET1929401889
Auguste   SEIFERT      
Hugo   SEIFERT2002901912
Hugo   SEIFERT2002901912
J. Louise   SEIFERT      
Kenneth Stanley   SEIFERT1970271943
Maria   SEIFERT      
Max Louis   SEIFERT      

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Bethune Cemetery by Grace Peters
Bethune Cemetery by Anonymous

Bethune Cemetery
SE 24-20-24 W2
RM of Dufferin # 190

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