St Helen's Cemetery
N 52° 08’ 35.92” W 106° 12’ 20.81”
NW Corner of NE ¼, Section 34, Township 36, Range 2, West of 3rd
in the R.M. of Blucher #343

Submitted by Gordon Griffiths

Many thanks to Gerry and Lin Mitchell for caring about St. Helen's Cemetery.

Verified and complete listing of all those buried at St. Helen’s as at May 6th 2012::
Given NameMaiden NameSURNAMEComments
Leonard W. Antill
Marion E. (Woods) Antill
Blanche Denis Bandet
Jessie Emma Barker (Removed to Woodlawn Cemetery)
Vinten Barnes (Vinton)(husband of Nancy Gosling)
Ernest Fred Bennett
Caroline Finlay
Jesse Henry Gage Image of 2012
Francis John Gosling
Brindley David Griffiths
Elizabeth Mary (Morris) Griffiths
John Francis Griffiths
Mabel Alice Griffiths
Thomas Griffiths
William Ivander Griffiths
Carmel Bruce (Carmeal) Kenny
Dwight Lawton Kenny 1916-1917
Dwight Lawton Kenny 1919-1996
George Korsay
Irene Korsay
Anne Jane Lyell (wife of Fred Lyell) Image of 2012
Annetta (Griffiths) MacKay Image of 2012
Margaret Rea MacKay Image of 2012
William MacKay M.D.,C.M.Dr.
Beatrice M. Scragg


St. Helen’s Cemetery: Transcript only

St. Helen’s Cemetery:

There remains in the listing the image as of 2005, and on occasion a supplemental "image of 2012" which may demark changes since 2005.
Images of 2005 submitted by J. Adamson, Images of 2012 submitted by Gordon Griffiths
Information verified and correct as of May 6th 2012

Directions to St. Helen’s Cemetery

N 52° 08’ 35.92” W 106° 12’ 20.81”

NW Corner of NE ¼, Section 34, Township 36, Range 2, West of 3rd, in the R.M. of Blucher #343

From the City of Saskatoon go east on Hwy 5 to the Blucher road. Go east another ½ mile. The cemetery is on the right on the south side of Hwy 5. St. Helen’s Cemetery is the property of the Anglican Church of England although those of all faiths are buried there.

Bradwell is located at Section 28 Township 34 Range 2 W3 Latitude - Longitude : 51º 56' 48'' N, 106º 13' 54'' W

The Village of St. Denis is located at the SW Corner of SW ¼, Section 9, Township 37, Range 1, West of 3rd

Do not confuse this cemetery with:

St Helen's - Cuthbert Closest Community - Kuroki NW ¼ 34-33-11 W2 RM of Sasman # 336 East Central SK

St Helen's Cemetery Brooksby SE ¼ 09-47-17 W2 RM of Willow Creek # 458 North East SK

St Denis Cemetery Closest Community - Vonda NW ¼ 04-37-01 W3 RM of Grant # 372 North East SK

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