Theodore Cemetery

RM of Insinger 275
near Insinger, and Theodore, Saskatchewan
This cemetery is located about 2 miles west of Theodore Sask, on the north side of highway 16.

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Theodore Cemetery
Completely photographed all tombstones as of summer 2011
Cemetery Photos Thanks to Red Lauttamus

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There are four cemeteries named Theodore cemetery The cemetery marked in blue seems to fit the above description the best.
Theodore SW 22-28-07 W2 purple quarter section
Theodore NE 20-28-07 W2 blue quarter section
Theodore NE 02-28-08 W2 different township, very very south and still west of Theodore (not marked)
Theodore SE 16-29-07 W2 different township, mainly north and a bit west of Theodore (not marked)
Theodore village NW 15 Tsp 28 Rge 7 W2

The attached maps show the township with quarter sections marked in colours. The railway map showing towns is courtesy Canadian Maps: May 1948 Waghorn's Guide. Post Offices in Man. Sask. Alta. and West Ontario. Highway 16 ran parallel to the rail but south of it. The rail line ran directly through Theodore, but not the highway which ran to the south.

Theodore quarter section marked in green; cemetery as above, quarter section marked in blue
First map only shows Tsp 28 Rge7 W2

Theodore cemetery is marked on this map near highway 16

Map from Wikimapia maps satellite view. NOTICE: It is the intention of this site to make cemetery photographs and the corresponding transcription available to persons with a historical or genealogical interest in this area. There are no service charges or fees for personal use of these photographs, or transcription services and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use. These electronic pages and photographs are under copyright may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material commercially, must obtain the written consent of the copyright holders and submitter: Red Lauttamus and contact Saskatchewan Gen Web Webmaster, Julia Adamson with proof of this consent. Floral image with thanks to texures by Skeletal Mass, Jerry Jones and PareeErica on Flickr and floral image at Morgue files.

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Many thanks are extended to Red Lauttamus for photographing the cemetery to share online.

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