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My days among the Dead are passed;
Around me I behold,
Where'er these casual eyes are cast,
The mighty minds of old:
My never-failing friends are they,
With whom I converse day by day.
With them I take delight in weal,
And seek relief in woe;
And while I understand and feel How much to them I owe,
My cheeks have often been bedewed With tears of thoughtful gratitude.
My thoughts are with the Dead; with them I live in long-past years,
Their virtues love, their faults condemn,
Partake their hopes and fears;
And from their lessons seek and find Instruction with an humble mind.
My hopes are with the Dead;
anon My place with them will be,
And I with them shall travel on Through all Futurity;
Yet leaving here a name,
I trust,
That will not perish in the dust.

--Robert Southey

There is as much greatness of mind in
cknowledging a good turn as in doing it.

Lucius Seneca

Generosity is giving more than you can,
and pride is taking in less than you need.

--Kahlil Gibran

"To laugh often and much;
to win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children leave the world a better place know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

For The Consecration Of A Cemetery.

This verdant field that smiles to Heaven
In Nature's bright array,
From common uses set apart,
We consecrate to-day.

"God's Acre" be it fitly called,
For when, beneath the sod,
We lay the dead with reverent hands,
We yield them back to God.

And His great love, so freely given,
Shall speak in clearer tones,
When, pacing through these hallowed walks,
We read memorial stones.

Here let the sunshine softly fall,
And gently drop the rain,
And Nature's countless harmonies
Blend one accordant strain;

That they who seek this sacred place,
In mourning solitude,
In all this gracious company
May have their faith renewed.

So, lifted to serener heights,
And purified from dross,
Their trustful hearts shall rest on God,
And profit by their loss.

-- Horatio Alger, Jr.

"Best of all is it to preserve everything in a pure,
still heart,
and let there be for every pulse a thanksgiving,
and for every breath a song."

- - Konrad von Gesne

It's not about how much you do,
but how much love you put into what you do that counts.
Life isn't worth living,
unless lived for other people.

- -Mother Theresa

Life is no brief candle to me.
It is a sort of splendid torch
which I have got a hold of for the moment,
and I want to make it burn as brightly
as possible before handing it on to future generations.

- -George Bernard Shaw

A Poem - Dedication ...

Angel of Death! extend thy silent reign!
Stretch thy dark sceptre o'er this new domain
No sable car along the winding road
Has borne to earth its unresisting load;
No sudden mound has risen yet to show
Where the pale slumberer folds his arms below;
No marble gleams to bid his memory live
In the brief lines that hurrying Time can give;
Yet, O Destroyer! from thy shrouded throne
Look on our gift; this realm is all thine own!

Fair is the scene; its sweetness oft beguiled
From their dim paths the children of the wild;
The dark-haired maiden loved its grassy dells,
The feathered warrior claimed its wooded swells,
Still on its slopes the ploughman's ridges show
The pointed flints that left his fatal bow,
Chipped with rough art and slow barbarian toil, -
Last of his wrecks that strews the alien soil!
Here spread the fields that heaped their ripened store
Till the brown arms of Labor held no more;
The scythe's broad meadow with its dusky blush;
The sickle's harvest with its velvet flush;
The green-haired maize, her silken tresses laid,
In soft luxuriance, on her harsh brocade;
The gourd that swells beneath her tossing plume;
The coarser wheat that rolls in lakes of bloom, -
Its coral stems and milk-white flowers alive
With the wide murmurs of the scattered hive;
Here glowed the apple with the pencilled streak
Of morning painted on its southern cheek;
The pear's long necklace strung with golden drops,
Arched, like the banian, o'er its pillared props;
Here crept the growths that paid the laborer's care
With the cheap luxuries wealth consents to spare;
Here sprang the healing herbs which could not save
The hand that reared them from the neighboring grave.

Yet all its varied charms, forever free
From task and tribute, Labor yields to thee
No more, when April sheds her fitful rain,
The sower's hand shall cast its flying grain;
No more, when Autumn strews the flaming leaves,
The reaper's band shall gird its yellow sheaves;
For thee alike the circling seasons flow
Till the first blossoms heave the latest snow.
In the stiff clod below the whirling drifts,
In the loose soil the springing herbage lifts,
In the hot dust beneath the parching weeds,
Life's withering flower shall drop its shrivelled seeds;
Its germ entranced in thy unbreathing sleep
Till what thou sowest mightier angels reap!

Spirit of Beauty! let thy graces blend
With loveliest Nature all that Art can lend.
Come from the bowers where Summer's life-blood flows
Through the red lips of June's half-open rose,
Dressed in bright hues, the loving sunshine's dower;
For tranquil Nature owns no mourning flower.
Come from the forest where the beech's screen
Bars the fierce moonbeam with its flakes of green;
Stay the rude axe that bares the shadowy plains,
Stanch the deep wound That dries the maple's veins.
Come with the stream whose silver-braided rills
Fling their unclasping bracelets from the hills,
Till in one gleam, beneath the forest's wings,
Melts the white glitter of a hundred springs.
Come from the steeps where look majestic forth
From their twin thrones the Giants of the North
On the huge shapes, that, crouching at their knees,
Stretch their broad shoulders, rough with shaggy trees.
Through the wide waste of ether, not in vain,
Their softened gaze shall reach our distant plain;
There, while the mourner turns his aching eyes
On the blue mounds that print the bluer skies,
Nature shall whisper that the fading view
Of mightiest grief may wear a heavenly hue.
Cherub of Wisdom! let thy marble page
Leave its sad lesson, new to every age;
Teach us to live, not grudging every breath
To the chill winds that waft us on to death,
But ruling calmly every pulse it warms,
And tempering gently every word it forms.
Seraph of Love! in heaven's adoring zone,
Nearest of all around the central throne,
While with soft hands the pillowed turf we spread
That soon shall hold us in its dreamless bed,
With the low whisper, - Who shall first be laid
In the dark chamber's yet unbroken shade? -
Let thy sweet radiance shine rekindled here,
And all we cherish grow more truly dear.
Here in the gates of Death's o'erhanging vault,
Oh, teach us kindness for our brother's fault
Lay all our wrongs beneath this peaceful sod,
And lead our hearts to Mercy and its God.

FATHER of all! in Death's relentless claim
We read thy mercy by its sterner name;
In the bright flower that decks the solemn bier,
We see thy glory in its narrowed sphere;
In the deep lessons that affliction draws,
We trace the curves of thy encircling laws;
In the long sigh that sets our spirits free,
We own the love that calls us back to Thee!

Through the hushed street, along the silent plain,
The spectral future leads its mourning train,
Dark with the shadows of uncounted bands,
Where man's white lips and woman's wringing hands
Track the still burden, rolling slow before,
That love and kindness can protect no more;
The smiling babe that, called to mortal strife,
Shuts its meek eyes and drops its little life;
The drooping child who prays in vain to live,
And pleads for help its parent cannot give;
The pride of beauty stricken in its flower;
The strength of manhood broken in an hour;
Age in its weakness, bowed by toil and care,
Traced in sad lines beneath its silvered hair.

The sun shall set, and heaven's resplendent spheres
Gild the smooth turf unhallowed yet by tears,
But ah! how soon the evening stars will shed
Their sleepless light around the slumbering dead!

Take them, O Father, in immortal trust!
Ashes to ashes, dust to kindred dust,
Till the last angel rolls the stone away,
And a new morning brings eternal day!

- -Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

- - Robert Frost

Written In A Cemetery.

Stay yet awhile, oh flowers!--oh wandering grasses,
And creeping ferns, and climbing, clinging vines;--
Bend down and cover with lush odorous masses
My darling's couch, where he in sleep reclines.
Stay yet awhile;--let not the chill October
Plant spires of glinting frost about his bed;
Nor shower her faded leaves, so brown and sober,
Among the tuberoses above his head.
I would have all things fair, and sweet, and tender,--
The daisy's pearl, the cowslip's shield of snow,
And fragrant hyacinths in purple splendour,
About my darling's grassy couch to grow.
Oh birds!--small pilgrims of the summer weather,
Come hither, for my darling loved ye well;--
Here floats the thistle down for you to gather,
And bearded grasses ripen in the dell.

Here pipe, and plume your wings, and chirp and flutter,
And swing, light-poised upon the pendant bough;--
Fondly I deem he hears the calls ye utter,
And stirs in his light sleep to answer you.

Oh wind!--that blows through hours of nights and lonely,
Oh rain!--that sobs against my window pane,--
Ye beat upon my heart, which beats but only
To clasp and shelter my lost lamb again.

Peace--peace, my soul:--I know that in another
And brighter land my darling walks and waits,
Where we shall surely meet and clasp each other,
Beyond the threshold of the shining gates.

-- Kate Seymour Maclean

In the Valley of Cauteretz

All along the valley, stream that flashest white,
Deepening thy voice with the deepening of the night,
All along the valley, where thy waters flow,
I walked with one I loved two and thirty years ago.
All along the valley while I walked to-day,
The two and thirty years were a mist that rolls away;
For all along the valley, down thy rocky bed,
Thy living voice to me was as the voice of the dead,
And all along the valley, by rock and cave and tree,
The voice of the dead was a living voice to me.

-- Alfred Tennyson

Fern Wiens, Submitter

Horse Lake Mennonite Church Cemetery , Horse Lake, Sk, R.M. of Duck Lake No. 463
Garthland Rosenort Mennonite Cemetery,Community: Wingard, R.M. of Duck Lake No. 463

Art Perry, Submitter

Hawarden Cemetery , Hawarden, SK, R.M. Loreburn #254

Bev Kirk

Parr View Cemetery, Legal Land Location Street Address: Hwy 8, Township: SW 35-37-01 W2, Community: Swan Plain, Clayton RM # 33

Larry Hein, Submitter

Cemeteries in the area of Edenwold, Saskatchewan

Edenwold First German Cemetery Edenwold, Sk R.M. of Edenwold #158

Balgonie Cemetery Balgonie, Sk R.M. of Edenwold #158

Peace Lutheran Cemetery MacLean, SK South Qu'Appelle RM 157

Pat Leonard

Collins Cemetery , Collins and Beechy, SK, R.M. of Victory #226

Dale Redekkop, submitter

Canwood North Concordia Cemetery, Canwood,RM of Canwood 494

Canwood South Concordia Cemetery, Canwood,RM of Canwood 494

Sheila Schmutz, Submitter

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Cemetery Alvena, Sk R.M. of Fish Creek #402

Paula Easton, Submitter

Mount Hope Cemetery Assiniboia, SK Lake of The Rivers RM # 72

Doreen Kristjanson Marston, Submitter

Pioneer Cemetery Mozart, SK RM of Elfros # 307

Thingvalla Cemetery Churchbridge, Langenburg, SK RM Churchbridge 211

Gordon Griffiths

St. Denis Cemetery Vonda, SK RM of Grant #372

St. Helen's Cemetery Bradwell, SK R.M. of Blucher #343

Cory Le Clair, submitter

Holar Cemetery
Bankend, Wishart, SK
RM of Emerald #277

Darice Carlson Clerk Town of Hanley

Hanley Cemetery
Hanley, SK
R.M. of Rosedale #283

Florence in BC, Submitter

Batoche Cemetery
Batoche, SK
RM of St. Louis # 431

Kerry and Theron Finley, Submitter

Prairie Heights Cemetery
near Tramping lake, and Luseland, SK
RM No. 381 - Grass Lake

Sharon Cleveland

Mount Calvary Lutheran Cemetery
Verndale, Saskatchewan near Lake Lenore
RM of Three Lakes #400

Heather Canevaro, Submitter

Bethania Cemetery
Viscount, Sk
R.M. of Viscount #341

Eigenhiem Cemetery
Young, Sk
R.M. of Viscount #341

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Cemetery
Viscount, Sk
R.M. of Viscount #341

Plunkett Cemetery
Plunkett, SK
R.M. of Viscount #341

St Alphonse Roman Catholic Cemetery
Viscount, Sk
R.M. of Viscount #341

St. Anthony Cemetery Cemetery
(Formerly Saxby then St. Bede's)
Meacham, SK
R.M. of Viscount #341

St. Peter Cemetery
Meacham, Sk
R.M. of Viscount #341

Viscount Union Cemetery
Viscount, Sk
R.M. of Viscount #341

J. Adamson, Submitter

Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery
Hanley, SK
R.M. of Rosedale #283

Bladworth Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Kenaston, Sk
R.M. of Willner #253

Carmel - Conception Cemetery
Carmel, Sk
R.M. of Humboldt #370

Dahlton South Cemetery
NE 10 40 15 W2
Rural Municipality of Barrier Valley Number 397
Archerwill, SK

Delisle Fron Lutheran Cemetery
Delisle / Vanscoy, Sk
RM of Vanscoy #345

Englefeld Union Cemetery
Englefeld, SK
R.M. of St. Peter #369

Hanley Cemetery
Hanley, SK
R.M. of Rosedale #283

Hanley's First Cemetery
Hanley, SK
R.M. of Rosedale #283

Hanley Mennonite Church Cemetery
Hanley, SK
R.M. of Rosedale #283

Hanley -Spring Creek Cemetery
Hanley, Sk
R.M. of Rudy #284

Hughton Monet Cemetery
Hughton, SK
R.M. Monet RM # 25

Jean Baptiste De La Salle Cemetery
Delmas, SK
R.M. Battle River #438

Lakeside Cemetery
Archerwill, SK
R.M. of Barrier Valley #387

Métis Round Prairie Cemetery
Dundurn / Saskatoon, Sk
R.M. of Dundurn #314

Saskatchewan River Lutheran Cemetery
Outlook, SK
RM of Rudy #284

St. Denis Cemetery
Blucher / Elstow, SK
RM of Blucher #343

St. Stephen's Anglican Cemetery
Merrill, Saskatchewan
R.M. Corman Park # 344

St. Peter Abbey Cemetery
Sti Petri Abbas
Muenster, Sk
R.M. of St. Peter #369

Rural - SS. Peter & Paul Romanian Orthodox church
RM No. 70 - KEY WEST

Saskatoon Christ Church Patience Lake Cemetery
Floral / Patience Lake, SK
RM of Blucher #343

Smithville Cemetery
Saskatoon, SK
RM of Corman Park # 344

Sunny Valley Cemetery
Hanley, SK
R.M. of Rosedale #283

Tugaske Cemetery
Tugaske, SK
Tugaske, SK

Ukrainian Marker
Alvena, SK
R.M. of Fish Creek #402

Carrie Eirene Stevenson, Submitter

Adimiwka (Holy Ghost) Cemetery
southeast of Rosthern, SK

Borschiw Cemetery
Prud'homme, SK
R.M. of Grant #372

Laniwci-Ukrainian Catholic St. Ascension

Pryma (St. John the Baptist) Cemetery near Smuts, SK

Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
Prud'homme, Sk
R.M. of Grant #372

St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
Rosthern, SK
R.M. of Rosthern #403

Terpannia-Brookhill Cemetery
Blaine Lake, SK
R.M. of Blaine Lake #434

Trinity Cemetery
Blaine Lake, SK
R.M. of Blaine Lake #434

Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
Krydor, SK
R.M. of Redberry #435

Ukrainian Marker
Alvena, SK
R.M. of Fish Creek #402

Chamberlain Cemetery
Chamberlain, Sk
R.M. of Sarnia #221

Randi Bender, Submitter

Church of God in Christ Mennonite Cemetery
Swanson / Donovan, SK
R.M. of Montrose #315

Donavon Cemetery
Donavon, SK
R.M. of Montrose #315

St. Ambrose Cemetery
Swanson / Ardath, SK
R.M. of Montrose #315

A.Porter, Submitter

Kelfield Cemetery
Kelfield, SK
R.M. of Grandview #349

Grace Peters

St. Cyprien, Cemetery
Meadowlake, SK
RM of Meadow Lake #588

Selena Pace, submitter

WhiteFox Cemetery
White Fox, Saskatchewan
RM Torch River 488

Darlene LaFlamme, Submitter

Bethune Cemetery Bethune, SK RM of Dufferin # 190

Rush Lake Cemetery Rush Lake, SK RM of Excelsior # 166

Rianne, submitter

Merrington Cemetery
north of Kindersley, SK
RM of Kindersley # 290

Ron Isherwood, Submitter


Drake Cemetery,
Drake SK,
RM of Usborne #310

Lockwood Cemetery,
Lockwood, SK,
RM of Usborne #310

Venn Cemetery,
Venn, SK,
RM of Usborne #310

Red Lauttamus, Submitter

Elim Lutheran Cemetery
RM No. 304 Buchanan, SaskatchewanYorkton area cemeteries

Tabor General Cemetery

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & CemeteryBohemian General Cemetery of Tabornear Yarbo and Dovedale, SK RM No. 181 of Langenburg

Brewer Cemeteryor Ascension Lutheran cemetery, Melville, SK

Elim Lutheran Cemetery, Buchanan, SK

Evergreen - Rama CemeteryClosest Large Community - Invermay, SaskatchewanRM of Invermay # 305

Hamton Krepakevich Cemetery

Mikado, Saskatchewan
Rural Municipality No. 273 Sliding Hills

Llewelyn Cemetery, Bangor, SK

New Finland Lutheran Cemetery (New)
(St. John's Lutheran Cemetery)
Whitewood, SK
Rural Municipality No. 153 of Willowdale

New Finland Lutheran Cemetery (Old)
(St. John's Lutheran Cemetery)
Whitewood, SK
Rural Municipality No. 153 of Willowdale

Otthon Hungarian United Cemetery

Precious Blood Roman Catholic Cemetery East Brewer Cemetery

Riverside Theodore Cemetery
- Insinger
RM of Insinger # 275

St. Joan of Arc Cemetery
Cimetière Ste. Jeanne D'Arc
Dollard, Shaunavon Saskatchewan
RM of Arlington # 79

St. Luke's CemeteryEsterhazy Pioneers Cemetery
RM#183 Fertile Belt

St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery
Fosterton near Cabri, and Pennant, SK
Rural Municipality No. 168 of Riverside

St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
Beaver Dale, Saskatchewan
Rural Municipality No. 153 of Willowdale

St Matthews Forrest Farm Anglican Cemetery
Whitewood, SK
Rural Municipality No. 153 of Willowdale

St Paraskevia - Birmingham CemeteryClosest Community - Melville SW ¼ 16-23-07 W2 RM of Stanley # 215 SK

Theodore Cemetery
RM of Insinger 275
near Insinger, and Theodore, Saskatchewan

Theodore village Cemetery
RM of Insinger 275Theodore, Saskatchewan
Willowbrook - Rock Dell Cemetery
RM of Garry # 245, Willowbrook, SK

Arrin Krug-Iron

Beauty Point CemeteryPine Cove
near Loon Lake, Saskatchewan
RM of Loon Lake # 561

Gordon Neish, submitter

Bogdanovka (Cee Pee) Cemetery
RM of Corman Park # 344

Dahlton Lutheran Cemetery
SE20-40-15w2m Parcel A
Rural Municipality of Barrier Valley Number 397
Approximately 15 miles East of Naicam on secondary highway 349

Dalmeny Bible Church CemeteryEvangelical Mennonite Brethren
Rural Municipality No. 344 Corman Park

Dalmeny Mennonite Brethern Cemetery
Rural Municipality No. 344 Corman Park

Henrietta Pakrowka Cemetery
Rural Municipality No. 344 Corman Park

Kermaria Cemetery
near St. Brieux
Rural Municipality No. 399 of Lake Lenore

Kermaria Church Cemetery
near St. Brieux
Rural Municipality No. 399 of Lake Lenore

Kirilowka Cemetery
Rural Municipality No. 344 Corman Park

Langham First Saskatchewan Lutheran Cemetery
RM of Corman Park # 344

Langham Community Cemetery
RM of Corman Park # 344 West Central SK

Naicam Community Cemetery
RM of Pleasantdale # 398

Naicam Lutheran Cemetery
Naicam, SaskatchewanRM of Pleasantdale # 398

Naicam Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
RM of Pleasantdale # 398

  • Naicam Round Lake Pentecostal Cemetery
    RM of Spalding #368
    parcel "E" NE/NW 36-39-18w2nd

    St. George Roman Catholic Cemetery
    Located at the North end of Naicam
    RM of Pleasantdale # 398, Sw11-40-18w2m

    Ruth Painter,Submitter

    Turtleford Cemetery
    Turtleford, SK
    RM of Mervin # 499

    North Prairie Cemetery Association c/o Brian & Barb Melsness and David Severson, Submitters

    North Prairie Cemetery
    Hinchcliffe, SK
    RM of Preeceville # 334

    Olga Shinkewski or Terry, Submitters

    Kulikiw Cemetery
    Ukranian Catholic Parish of Holy Eucharist
    Kulikiw / Kulykiw, SK
    R.M. of Hazel Dell #335

    Linda Giles, Submitter

    Melaval Municipal Cemetery
    Lafleche, SK
    RM of Wood River # 74

    DDS, submitter

    Prince Albert Memorial Gardens Cemetery
    Prince Albert City
    RM 461 Prince Albert

    David and Carole Poll, Submitters

    St. Paul Cemetery
    Wapella, Sask
    RM of Martin # 122

    Carole Murray Williams, Submitter

    Mitchellton Cemetery Spring Valley NW ¼ 18-11-27 W2 RM of Terrell # 101

    Terrance B. Sweeney, Submitter

    Francis Cemetery
    RM of Francis # 127

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