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Arroyo School # 1980

(Beverly, SK, CA)

Arroyo School # 1980 Pictures

The attached picture is of Arroyo School as per my father Lloyd Aitkin, who has now passed away.
Arroyo School was south of Beverly, SK. Just how far I am not sure.
The family farm was at the top of the hill south of Beverly and dad said even though they were closer to Beverly, they had to go to Arroyo which was south of the farm.
About a month ago I forwarded a picture of Arroyo School that my father had. From the history book that dad had, "Treasured Memories - Yellow Lake and District", was the same picture submitted to the book also. There, just before our family history was the same picture with the people identified.
Teacher: Mrs Elsie Knight
Back Row: Ed McPhail, George Aitkin, Norman Perry, Lloyd Aitkin, Bill Aitkin and Fred Hoff in middle.
Second Row: Iva Hoff, Edna Schultz, Marjorie Aitkin, Dorothy Schultz.
Front Row: Thelma McPhail, Ruth Hoff, Ardith Park, Mayme Hoff and Margie Perry.

The previous page identifies Mrs Knight as having taught there 1925-26-27. John Aitkin

Arroyo S.D. # 1980 is located at Tsp 15 Rge 15 W of the 3 Meridian according to Saskatchewan Provincial Archives Regina Branch

Arroyo SD # 1980 is located at NE Sec 36 Tsp 14, Rge 15 W 3 according to Geographic Names of Saskatchewan by Bill Barry.

Beverley, SK is located at 15-15-W3 or 50 16' 00" N - 107 58' 00" W according to the GeoNames Query site.

Beverley, SK is located at SE 22 15-15-W3 according to the Saskatchewan Atlas Millenium Edition

BEVERLEY School District # 1172 is located at Sec Tsp 15 Rge 15 W of the 3 Meridian according to Saskatchewan Provincial Archives Regina Branch.

According to Rush Lake school area maps and the Pink book of School District maps, Arroyo #1980 is surrounded by the following one room school districts.
Seward Hill or Seaward Hill #4147Pleasant Hill #1665Swift Current #167
Arroyo #1980 Shaner #3253
Beverley #1172 Nisbet #4525 Dunelm #3232

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