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Big Beaver School District 4065

Northeast section 5 township 2 range 24 west of the 2nd meridian
Near Big Beaver, Big Muddy, Saskatchewan

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Neighbouring Places

Big Beaver North east section 5 township 2 range 24 west of the 2 meridian
Rural Municipality No. 10 - Happy Valley
Rural Municipality No. 11 - Hart Butte
Overland North west section 10 township 1 range 17 west of the 2 meridian
Fairlawn North west section 5 township 1 range 18 west of the 2 meridian
Big Muddy North west section 9 township 1 range 22 west of the 2 meridian

Additional Reading:
Schlesien to Saskatchewan : the German speaking community of Gallocks and Big Beaver
Author Melvin Franke Volke

Happy Valley happenings : Big Beaver and district
Published Big Beaver, Sask.
Big Beaver Historical Society, 1983
ISBN 0919533302

See Also St. Jerome SD 2574
See Also Ipsley Mound SD 4065

The Plaque Says:
Saskatchewan History
& Folklore Society Inc.
We dedicate this plaque to the pioneers who built these schools, the teachers who taught in them and the pupils who attended. These ten country schools and two town schools which are now history.
Beaver Creek No. 3128: NW 12-2-24W2
Big Beaver No. 4065: NE5-2-24W2
Buffalo Gap No. 3254: NW1-2-25W2
Dry Forks No. 3252: NW3-2-25W2
Ipsley Mound No. 4065: NE3-2-25W2
Paisley Brook No. 3434: SW14-1-23W2
Prairie Centre No. 4169: NW14-1-25W2
Red Butte No. 3940: NW30-2-25W2
Red Stone No. 3639: SE17-1-24W2
Spring Dell No. 4399: SE 13-1-24W2
St. Jerome No. 2574: NW35-2-25W2
Strawberry Coulee No. 4313: SW 11-2-23W2

Erected in 1993 by the community of Big Beaver.
"Gathering, preserving and sharing the history and folklore of Saskatchewan"

The sign says:
School District #4065 1949-1987
Big Muddy '42
Ipsley Mound '49
Prairie Centre '53
Spring Dell '53
Redstone '53
Strawberry Coulee '54
Beaver Creek '56
Paisley Brook '57
Buffalo Gap '57
St. Jerome '57

School District Map

Canada Online MAPS Historical Digitisation Project

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