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Bryn Mawr School District 3312
Southeast 29 township 24 range 19 west of the second meridian
Southey, Bulyea, Saskatchewan

BryMawr3312Map BryMawrArea BryMawrArea-northerly Bryn Mawr 1918-1952 20120928
Bryn Mawr 3312 Ma Bryn Mawr area map
see plaque transcription
Bryn Mawr area map
School Districts to the north
Bryn Mawr 1918-1952
Bryn Mawr 1918-1952-site  20120928 Bryn Mawr 1952-1968(HDR) 20120928    
Bryn Mawr 1918-1952-site Bryn Mawr 1952-1968(HDR)

Bryn Mawr 1918-1952
se 1/4 29 - 24 - 19 w2

Erected to Honour the One Room

and those pioneers who worked so hard to have it
built. It opened on this site in 1918 and served
until 1952 as an educational facility for the
students as well as an active social, recreational
and religious centre for all ages. It was the
working together of teachers, parents and
students that made the community special.
Erected in 1995.

Bryn Mawr 1952-1968
To the Memory of
Bryn Mawr
Centralized School No. 3312

Originated in 1952 on the S.E. corner of
Section 15 - 24- 19 W2 consisting of the
following four school districts: BRYN MAWR
no. 3312. COYNACH no. 360, SNARUM no. 1262,
and SNOWDROP no. 3414 providing grades
to12 with standards for Universit
enrance. Children were transported by
bus in summer and bombardier in winter.

In 1956 a new six room school was erected
approximately 220 yards north of this cairn,
land location S.E. 29 - 24 - 19 W2 to serve
the four above schools plus the additional
districts of BUTTERTON no. 3729, EASTMOUNT
No. 1715 and part of HAVELOCK no. 2525.

This school operated from 1952 to 1968 and
was a model of success of people working
together for the benefit of higher education
in a rural area

Erected in 1991 by the
1988 Bryn Mawr Reunion Committee.

One Room School District Photographs submitted by Mary Worel

Bulyea Southwest section 27 township 23 range 21 west of the 2nd meridian
Southey South east section 7 township 23 range 18 west of the 2 meridian
Earl Grey Southeast section 10 township 23 range 20 west of the 2 meridian
Cupar northwest section 8 township 23 range 16 west of the 2 meridian
Butterton southeast section 14 township 24 range 20 west of the 2 meridian
McDonald Hills southwest section 5 township 25 range 15 west of the 2 meridian
COYNACH school district 3360 South east section 15 township 24 range 19 west of the second meridian
SNARUM school district 1262 1905-1952 North west section 33 township 23 range 19 west of the second meridian
SNOWDROP school district5 3414 1952-1968 South east section 3 twonship 23 range 19 west of the second meridian
BUTTERTON school district 3729 South east section 14 township 24 range 19 west of the second meridian
EASTMOUNT school district 1715 Northwest corner of the Northeast quarter of section 33 township 24 range 20
HAVELOCK school district 2525 1910-1956 South west section 19 township 25 range 19 west of the second meridian

For more information:
Southey Saskatchewan

Bulyea, Saskatchewan

Book Title Southey seen
Published Southey, SK : [s.n.], 1965

Between Long Lake and Last Mountain : Bulyea, Duval, Strasbourg : Volume 1
Schwandt, Marie
Strasbourg, Bulyea, Duval History Book Committee
Strasbourg Region (Sask.)--History and Biography
Publication Information
Strasbourg, Bulyea, Duval History Book Committee
Strasbourg, Saskatchewan

One Room Schoolhouse Map

Butterton School District 3729

Southey, Saskatchewan

Title Southey seen
Published Southey, SK : [s.n.], 1965

Title Pioneers and Progress the history of Southey and District

Title Harvest of memories : Earl Grey and district
Published Earl Grey, SK : Earl Grey History Committee, 2007
ISBN 9781553831761 (bound)
1553831764 (bound)

Scottish Settlements

Map segment above from School District Map

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