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Cabri and area one room schoolhouses
Cabri Museum

Cabri and area one room schoolhouses (quilt)

Cabri and area one room schoolhouses

This is a quilt in the Cabri Sask museum.
Also the books are some of the school registers when student attendance etc were kept.

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School NameDistrict NumberOpenedClosed Legal Land Location
Kings County442819221952 Sec 23-Tsp 18-Rge 19
Miry Creek39719121956 NE Sec 10-Tsp 21-Rge 19-W3
Sandford Dene7919121954 SE Sec 19-Tsp 18-Rge 19
Westmount2979Aug 1913June 1953  
Three Buttes270219111949 NW Sec 33-Tsp 18-Rge 20
Gavrelle391019181963 SE Sec 5-Tsp 21-Rge 18  

Photographs copyright Red Lauttamus


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Yorkton area images by Red

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