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Village of Ebenezer School 3268

West Ebenezer School District #157

Langenau School District #274 (other spellings Langenau SD 379, and Langenou SD 379)
SE Section 15 Township 28 Range 4 West of the 2nd Meridian

Bryntarian School District #248 (Other spellings Bryntirion, Bryntierion, Brynturion)
NE 19 27 3 W2
Previously named Meno School District (Other spellings Menno) 1893-1920

plaques in Ebenezer, NW 25 27 4 W2

51.3708539N 102.4486979W,

DSCF4911_1 DSCF4912_1 DSCF4913_1 DSCF4914_1 DSCF4915_1
DSCF4916_1 DSCF4917_1 DSCF4918_1 Ebenezer SchoolDistrictMap

Ebenezer original post office opened 1891 Ebenezer Valley Later Name; 7-27-4-W2
Ebenezer Valley for the rural post office changed in 1911 Ebenezer previous name
Ebenezer in town location changed 1911 25-27-4-W2; Re-used name Ebenezer

Schoool maps portion used with permission with above school districts marked in colour

Portion of January 1925 Waghorn Map used with permission

Township Range, meridian information


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