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Estlin School District 107, 1959-2005
Estlin hamlet located at SE Section 15 Township 15 Range 19 West of the Second Meridian

Estlin School District 107, 1959-2005

Images in this batch sent are Estlin and Riceton/Denver School Division signs plus the Estlin School. From what I can find, both schools were built in 1926 and designed by Storey & Van Egmond Architects of Regina (the schools are practically identical). The Estlin School pic noted “HDR” is a blending of three exposures called ‘high dynamic range’ photography and brings detail out of shadow, while toning down any overexposure.

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Mary Worel
Schools in the area of Regina and Moose Jaw

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Estlin hamlet located at SE Section 15 Township 15 Range 19 West of the Second Meridian
The school district number 107 was used several times in history.
Beginning in 1887, Devon Park School District 107 was erected around township 21, Range 1,2 West of the 2nd meridian near Bredenbury. It remained in use until 1899 when it was destroyed by a prairie fire.
Then Golden Valley School District 1344 near Ponteix which was established in 1915 underwent a name change. In this case the name change accompanied a number change which was not always the case. From 1918 to 1949 this school house located at SW seciton 17 Township 7 range 11 West of the third meridian was named Hulbert School District 107.
Finally, the residents near Estlin, Saskatchewan estalished a school house which received the name Estlin School District 107 between the years 1959 to 2005.

Estlin School District 107 does not show up on the school district maps currently online as the maps were from an earlier time span.

TSP 15 RGE 19 W2 marked - From Waghorn's Guide and Map
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Photograph copyright
Mary Worel