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Bibliography page for the one room school house project. Compiling (where known) from each source the dates of school district organisation, date of first classes, date of last classes, legal land description for school house/s, school district name and number, first teacher. For more information, class pictures, school house pictures, student, teacher or trustee names, school events and history, please see the individual books as listed below. This is a work in progress. This is not the only bibliography page for the SK one room school house project - this is mainly in reference to the alphabetical location listing. School history articles have their own bibliography. Please e-mail if you own a school related book or a local history book not on this list, to help grow bibliography resources available about schools in Saskatchewan. It would be greatly appreciated.

*** Simpson and Imperial year book 1980.

SIMPSON school built on rooms and
now one of remaining schools in large unit
### E-mail Bibliography Ronald Konjolka

2 Seventy-five years with the Rural Municipality of Baildon No. 131
Council of Baildon Municipality No. 131

3 National Archives Land Grants Database

4 The Asquith record
Asquith and District Historical Society

Later SE 26-39-18-W2 referred to as the Rural School
Later SE 26-39-18-W2 Referred to as the Village School

6 Hawoods S.D. 2055

7 Dunfermline School opened in 1909 as Limerick School, changing names to Dunfermline in 1910 from: The Asquith record
Asquith and District Historical Society

8 Our Treasured Heritage : Borden & District
Borden History Book Committee

9 Echoes of our past : Bradwell, Clavet and district
Bradwell-Clavet Historical Society

See also 14

10 Memories forever : Elstow and district, 1900-1983
Elstow and District History Book

11 Take the Soil in Your Hands
Prechtl, Richard J. A.

12 Called to a place : the story of Guernsey and surrounding school districts
Snider, Doreen

13 .Ripples and reflections : Hanley
Hanley History Book Society

14 Dundurn memories
Dundurn and District History Committee

15 The story of Maymont

16 Meskanaw, its story and its people

17 Memories of the past : history of Pleasantdale, Silver Park, Chagoness and Kinistino Indian Band #91

18 SAGINAW #1815 is 5 miles SE of Radisson, Saskatchewan. Radisson is located NW 1/4 Section 21 - Township 40 - Range 10 - West 3 according to the book Our Treasured Heritage : Borden & District.

In the National Archives, Archivia Net Land Grant Database; SAGINAW is called School District #2364 and is located at SE Section 25, Township 39 - Range 10- W3. This legal land description is in fact located is 5 miles SE of Radisson, Sk

An interesting note is that the first P.O. in this area was called Great Bend from 1903-1905 at 4-41-10-W3. Then in 1905, the P.O. of Great Bend was named Radisson at SE 25-39-10-W3. The inception of SAGINAW School District is not determined from book or N.A. source

19 Kith 'n kin : the history of Kenaston and district Kenaston, Saskatchewan: Kenaston History Committee, 1980 includes:
20 Our Roots Nos Racines
Bladworth and district memories

Pensioners and Senior Citizens Organization. Branch No. 125,
21 Our Roots Nos Racines
Craik : Friendliest place by a dam site
Craik History Book (Association
22 Our Roots Nos Racines
Cadillac : prairie heritage
Cadillac and District History Book Association

23 Our Roots Nos Racines
Milestones & memories
Outlook and District Golden Circle, Outlook-Broderick History Book Committee

Glenhill / Glenside

24 Our Roots Nos Racines
Chamberlain crossroads : a trip back in time
Chamberlain Historical Society

25 Coulee Echoes
Neidpath, Fernbank, Roderickville, Ensz, Cutbank, Fern Valley, Luxor
ISBN : 1550569201

26 Prairie Progress Commemorating the Macrorie District
ISBN : 0889252920

27 Brownlee district, 1905-1955
compiled and printed by the citizens
of the community of Brownlee Saskatchewan,
on the occasion of the celebration
of Saskatchewan's Jubilee Year, 1955.

28 A Wheatland Heritage
Published in celebration of the Snipe Lake District Golden Jubilee, 1906-1956
By Armstrong, Edith Vernette Akeley

29 The Little White School House
John C. Charyk
Volume 1
Western Producer Prairie Books
Saskatoon, Sk
Alberta Heritage Learning Resources Project

30 Impact A Century of Education
Prince Albert Public Schools, Prince Albert Catholic Schools

31 from a little stone school...The Story of Saskatoon Public Schools
Lorraine Blashill
The Story of the development of the Saskatoon Public School System over the past one hundred years. A 1982 Centennial project commissioned by the Saskatoon Board of Education and dedicated to our pioneers and early educators
Modern Press Ltd.
Saskatoon, Sk

32 Opening Tomorrow's Doors 1884-1984-2084 Brian A. Brown. Published by the One Hundredth Anniversary Committee of Moose Jaw School District Number One. First Printing. Saskatchewan Government Printers. 1984. Moose Jaw incorporated as a town - population of 500 or more- in January 19, 1884 and as a city - population of 5,000 or more- November 20, 1903

NOTE: Though the following city schools are technically not one room school houses, they were the pioneers of education in the cities of Saskatchewan.

33 A Land Harvested By Faith 1884-1994 Wakaw
Title A Land harvested by faith : 1884-1984, WakawPublished Wakaw, Sask.
Wakaw Heritage Society, 1984
ISBN 0889255458 (corrected)

34 Our Roots Nos Racines
Admiral Prairie to Wheatfields

35 Our Roots Nos Racines
As we Remember Alford

Milan SE -5-26-13-
Orvill #1199
Poplar Butte #3845 SE 27-24-13-

36 Our Roots Nos Racines
Pilger Memories

37 Our Roots Nos Racines
With Faith and Hope St. Laszlo, Our Heritage

38 Our Roots Nos Racines
Footprints in the Sand Antler, Bellegarde, Baeside, Coulson, Kelvindale, Oatlands, Silver Vale

39 Our Roots Nos Racines
From Sod to Solar-Fielding, Lilac, Maymont, Ruddell, R.M. Mayfield #406

40 Our Roots Nos Racines
Homestead to Heritage History of Armley, and District of Manilus, Armley, Silver Stream, Waterfield, R.M. of Connaught

41 Our Roots Nos Racines
Aberdeen 1907-1981

42 Our Roots Nos Racines
Dance on the Bridge A History of Abernethy and Area

43 Our Roots Nos Racines
Grassland to Grainland Adanac, Phippen, Queenston, Crooked Valley, Local Centre, Cleavering, Tako, R.M. Tramping Lake

44 Our Roots Nos Racines
Alford Time Marches On Alfred, Formby, Wardenville, and Wembley

45 Our Roots Nos Racines
History of Allan School #2919

Allan School #2919 NE NE 3-34-1-3

46 Our Roots Nos Racines
Alvena Ukrainian Pioneer Days in early years 1898-1916 in Alvena and District

Svoboda S.D. #1704 20-41-1-W3

47 Our Roots Nos Racines
Links With The Past

48 Our Roots Nos Racines
2005 memories : a history of the Hamburg School District no. 2005, Laird, SaskatchewanRiegert, Paul W.

Hamburg S.D. 32005 SW SW 11-44-5-3

49 Our Roots Nos Racines
The School Beneath the Hill Antelope Park S.D. #3464 Court and Hilldale District 3099

50 Our Roots Nos Racines
Reflections a History of Arelee and the districts of Balmae, Dreyer, Golden Valley, Light, Petroffsk, Raspberry Creek, Sunnyridge and Swastika

51 Our Roots Nos Racines
Craik Saskatchewan homecoming '71 booklet

Craik S.D. Mrs. W.K. Gray first teacher

52 Our Roots Nos Racines
Daphne memories
Bohnen, Myrtle

Rosebush S.D. SE 9-38-18 WM Harvey first teacher

52 Our Roots Nos Racines
Craik Saskatchewan homecoming '71 booklet

Craik S.D. Mrs. W.K. Gray first teacher

53 Our Roots Nos Racines
Deep earth : a short history of the Tiefengrund School District, No.431, in Saskatchewan
Riegert, Paul W.

Tiefengrund S.D. #431 NW-5-44-4-W3
Kathe Anna Regier first home teacher, David Toews first school teacher

54 Our Roots Nos Racines
Cherished memories of Silver Willow
Silver Willow Reunion and Book Committee,

55 Our Roots Nos Racines
Builders of a great landHistory Committee of the R.M. of the Gap # 39

56 Our Roots Nos Racines
Buckland's heritageBuckland History Book Committee,

57 Our Roots Nos Racines
Bridging the years : Nipawin, SaskatchewanAuthor: Nipawin Historical Society,

Alvin Mitchell Farm one room school teacher Miss Elizabeth Bothwright 1912
Nipawin Rural School 1917
1927 4 room school

58 Our Roots Nos Racines
Bridging the past : Wolseley & district, 1880-1980Author: Wolseley & District History Book Committee.

59 Our Roots Nos Racines
After the dust : a history of Leoville & community : Leoville, Laventure, Ranger, Junor, Penn, Chitek Lake, Pelican Reserve, Spruce Creek, Timberland, Timberlost, Capasin
Author: Leoville Historic Committee,

60 Our Roots Nos Racines
Blended heritage
Author: Blended Heritage History Committee,

61 Title Our heritage : era of south and east of Saskatoon
Published online Our Roots Nos Racines
Published Saskatoon 1985
Author Floral History Book Committee
ISBN 0889255806

62 Title R.M. of Wolverine memory album
Published Plunkett, Sask. : R.M. of Wolverine History, 1981
Author Wolverine History Committee
ISBN 0889252769

63 Title Geographic names of Saskatchewan
Author Bill Barry
Published Regina, Sask. : People Places Pub., c2005
ISBN 1897010192 (pbk.)

64 Title Listing compiled at the Provincial Saskatchewan Archives Saskatoon Branch School Districts Listing online

65 Title Listing compiled at the Provincial Saskatchewan Archives Regina Branch

66 Title Library and Archives Canada
Exploration and Settlement > Western Land Grants (1870-1930)

67 Title Atlas of Saskatchewan Celebrating the Millennium (Millennium ed.)
Editors Fung, Kai-iu (1999). Barry, Bill.
Published: University of Saskatchewan.
ISBN 0-88880-387-7.

68 Title Atlas of Saskatchewan
Editors Richards J. Howard & Fung, K.I.
Published(1969). Saskatoon: Modern Press.
ISBN 0-88880-387-7.

69 Memories
Cabri, Saskatchewan: Riverbutte Hobby Club, 1980 Our Roots Nos Racines
70 Title Let's look back...
Author Perdue History Group Committee
Published Perdue, Sask. : Perdue History Book Committee, 1977
ISBN 0919213693
71 Title The Sonningdale story
Author Sonningdale (Sask.). Spartan High School
Published Sonningdale, Sask. : [s.n.], 1955

72 Title Through the years : history of Perdue, Leney, Kinley and districts
Author: Perdue Agricultural Society
Published Perdue, Sask. : , 1968?

73 Title Reflections : a history of Arelee and the districts of Balmae, Dreyer, Golden Valley, Light, Petroffsk, Raspberry Creek, Sunnyridge and Swastika
Author: Arelee and District Historical Association
Published Arelee, Sask. : The Association, 1982 76 Title Footsteps in time : Meota, Prince, Wing, Russell, Fitzgerald, Vyner, St. Michael, Jackfish Creek, Ness, Lavigne, Cochin, Murray Lake, Scentgrass, Glenrose, Moosomin, Saulteaux, Metinota. -Meota, Sask
Author Meota History Book Committee, 1980.
ISBN 0889252084

77Note: according to Philately and Postal History: Post Offices and Postmasters
Lirary and Archives Canada
Collections Government of Canada
From 1894-1897 Meota post office was located at Sec.10, Twp.47, R.17, W3
In 1904 the Meota post office was moved to Sec.16, Twp.46, R.17, W3
In 1911 Meota post office at Sec.16, Twp.46, R.17, W3 was renamed Prince.
1910-1911 Beachview post office was located at Sec.8, Twp.47, R.17, W3
and in 1911 Beachview was renamed to Meota

78 Title Preserving Our Heritage : 1904-1983
Author: New Osgoode Restoration Club
Published Tisdale, Saskatchewan 1984
Title: Tales and trails of the following school districts : Blackfoot, Daysville, Lake Russell, Minnehaha, Parkdale, Picnic Lake, 1893-1978
Author: Minnehaha Co-op Women's Auxiliary.
PublishedEdam, Sask. 1979.

80RM of Prince Albert #461 lists their one room schoolhouses and locations.

Title: Our blended heritage : Ruthilda and District, 1905-1980
Title: Bridging the centuries : Shackleton, Abbey, Lancer, Portreeve. Vol. 1
Authors Miry Creek Area History Book Committee
Abbey, Saskatchewan 2000

83 Reminiscences:

Glen Mason, Historian Home Page
I am a retired farmer and my hobby is collecting Saskatchewan local
History Books, and publications by Bill Barry.

Thanks, Glen Mason

84 Geographical Names of Canada:

Geographical Names of Canada
Natural Resources Canada

85 Reminiscences:

Red Lauttamus
Hello: I'm retired and take drives around the countryside near Yorkton. I have pictures of some of the old school sites and am willing to share them with you I also went to the Coverdale school near Moosomin in the late 40's and early 50's. -Red Lauttamus

86 Bangor History Book

Llewelyn and Bangor district schools as photographed by Red Lauttamus and permissions kindly given by the Bangor historical committee for historical pictures in the Bangor History Book.

87 Rocanville "The Echo" 1904-1964

Author: Rocanville Village of Commerce Committee headed up by
Mr. J. Gerolamy, Rev. R.M. Evans, Mrs. Robert Palmer and Madge Gerolamy.
Published c1964 Brandon, Man. : Sun Printing

88 Westside Echoes

Author: Westside Echoes Book Committee, Unity Saskatchewan, 1980
89 Town of Unity
Unity and District Heritage Museum
90 Cabri and area one room schoolhouses, Cabri Museum, quilt
Red Lauttamus
School NameDistrict NumberOpenedClosed Legal Land Location
Kings County442819221952 Sec 23- Township 18-Rge 19
Miry Creek39719121956 NE Sec 10- Township 21-Rge 19-W3
Sandford Dene7919121954 SE Sec 19- Township 18-Rge 19
Westmount2979Aug 1913June 1953  
Three Buttes270219111949 NW Sec 33- Township 18-Rge 20
Gavrelle391019181963 SE Sec 5- Township 21-Rge 18  
91 Gleanings along the way : a history of Naicam, Lac Vert
Winnipeg, Manitoba: Inter-Collegiate Press, 1980

92 Excelsior RM 166 School District Map includes:
Beaver Flat NW 29 18 12  W3Bethania SE 15 17 10 W3Centre Spring NW 17 17 11 W3Diamond Hill SW 7 17 12 W3 Donellyville SE 8 16 10 W3FoxFriesen SE 10 19 12 W3Funk NW 9 19 11 W3Goethe NW 17 18 10 W3 Highfield NE 32 18 11 Hovdestad SE 24 19 13 W3Leonard S 8 18 12 W3Lobethal SE 29 19 10 W3Los Angeles SE 28 18 10 W3Main CentreMoscow NW 2 18 12 W3Notman NW 20 16 11 W2Reed Valley SW 1 18 10 W3 Rockside SW 31 17 10 W3RosefarmRush LakeRush ValleySalt Lake SE 27 18 11 W3Spenst NE 16 17 12 W3Swan Lake SW 4 18 11 W3 Turnhill NW 30 18 11 W3 Waldeck NE 21 16 12

93 Springside and district : memoirs by the Springside Historical Society includes:

NORTH LAKE School District No 3991 held their meeting in 1917 and constructed a building on SW 24 29 6 W2. Classes were held 1918-1964, The plaque states classes held 1918-1965. 94

94 Photograph Gallery Alphabetical photograph gallery

95 The history of Atwater, Saskatchewan : and the surrounding districts, Barra, Coma Park, Fertile Belt, Glyndwr [Atwater, Sask.]: Prepared by the Atwater Historical Society, 1980 includes:
96 Portrait of a Community : Kelfield, Saskatchewan, Canada Kelfield, Saskatchewan: Kelfield History Book Committee, 1982 includes:
97 Reminiscences and reader submitted historical antedotes, written stories, teacher letters. Internal links.

.98 Various places on the WWW which have stories or pictures about Saskatchewan one room schoolhouse. Eternal links.

99 Pages of the Past : History of Shell Lake-Mont Nebo districts Shell Lake, Saskatchewan: Shell Lake History, 1986 includes:
100 Reminiscences:

Unity ORSH
I am a retired farmer and my hobby is collecting the locations of schoolhouses around the area of Unity, Saskatchewan by interviews, and traveling the countryside. Marlene Lefebvre , submitter Frank Oatway, researcher.

101 Reminiscences:

Yellow Creek area ORSH
From various local history books, a reader from British Columbia submitted the locations of schoolhouses around the area of Yellow Creek, Saskatchewan Victor Balon, submitter.

102 Pilger Memories : a history of the Pilger-St. Bernard District : a struggle for survival Muenster, Saskatchewan: St. Peter's Press, 1981 includes:
103 A Time to Remember : A history of Mortlach and district Mortlach, Saskatchewan: Mortlach History Book Committee, 1983 includes:

104 St. Joseph's Colony - Schools and School Districts

105 Natural Resources Canada > Earth Sciences Sector > Priorities > Mapping Information Branch > Geographical Names of Canada

106 Peebles and District History, including school districts : Beeston, Clayton, Peebles, White Rose, Rhineland
Richards, Evan. Peebles, Saskatchewan: Unknown, 1980. Our Roots Nos Racines
107 Title Dept of Education
Hand written listing compiled by Dept of Education and Provincial Archives and transcribed online.

108 Supplement to Riverhurst wheels of progress, 1965-1980
F. T. Hill Museum Committee, Riverhurst Golden Jubilee Riverhurst, Saskatchewan: Riverhurst Branch Library, 1981 Our Roots Nos Racines
109 Between and beyond the benches : Ravenscrag
Ravenscrag History Book Committee, Saville, Ann Ravenscrag, Saskatchewan. 1982 Our Roots Nos Racines
110 Those Were the Days: The History of MacNutt, Calder, Dropmore, and the surrounding districts, 'pioneer to present'
Sawkey, John Ann Antony MacNutt, Sask. 1972 Our Roots Nos Racines
111 Griffin prairie wool : the product of much "wool-gathering" by many early residents of Griffin community
Scarrow, Mary, Charlton, Mabel Griffin, Saskatchewan: M. Charlton, 1967 Our Roots Nos Racines

112 More Griffin prairie wool
Scarrow, Mary, Charlton, Mabel Griffin, Saskatchewan: M. Charlton, 1967 Our Roots Nos Racines

113 Memoirs of Vaughan and Melfort Pioneers, 1884-1949
Vaughan Homemaker Club, 1949. Our Roots Nos Racines

114 Footprints of time : Viscount and district, 1905-1985
Viscount & Area History Book Committee. 1985. Our Roots Nos Racines

"I am Education -- I bear the torch that enlightens the world, Fires the imagination of people, and feeds the flame of genius. I give wings to dreams and might to brawn and brains."

115 Waseca echoes : a history of Battlevale, Walter, Waseca District and Waseca Village
Waseca, Saskatchewan: Waseca History Book Committee, 1984 Our Roots Nos Racines

116 Prairie Reflections
Watrous, Sask: Watrous and District History Committee, 1983 Our Roots Nos Racines

117 Prairie Memories
Webb, Saskatchewan: Webb History Book Committee, 1982 Our Roots Nos Racines

118 Leaves Green and Gold : Weldon, Shannonville, Windermere
Weldon, Saskatchewan: Weldon & District Historical Society, 1980 Our Roots Nos Racines

119 LOCH LOMOND School District, No. 2816
Geocaching > Hide and Seek A Geocache > Geocache Details
N 51 degrees 45.936 W 105 degrees 15.632UTM: 13U E 482021 N 5735000
south west corner of the south east quarter of Sec. 30, Tsp. 32 Range 23 W 2. 1912 classes under Miss Mary MacDonald. School closure 1958 pupils conveyed to Guernsey school. School building moved to Guernsey school site to be used as an additional classroom, and then it was sold and moved.

120 Hey, seeds!
Weyburn, Saskatchewan: Soo Line Historical Society, 1965 Our Roots Nos Racines

121 Grit and growth : the story of Grenfell
Yule, Annie I. Grenfell, Saskatchewan: Grenfell Historical Committee, 1980 Our Roots Nos Racines

122 Footsteps to follow : a history of Young, Zelma and districts
Young, Saskatchewan: Young Celebration Committee, 1981 Our Roots Nos Racines

123 Trails North : a history of the school districts of Letchworth, Lonsdale, Worthington
Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan: Whelan History Club, 1988 Our Roots Nos Racines

124 Reflections : Kelliher Jasmin district
Kelliher, Saskatchewan: Kelliher Historical Society, 1982 Our Roots Nos Racines

125 Huntoon, Sask. and area, 1900-1983 : hope, home, happiness
Knibbs, Fern Clara. 1983. Our Roots Nos Racines

126 Homestead Days at the Elbow, 1898-1910
Krogan, Agnes E. Thorbergson. 1965. Elbow. Our Roots Nos Racines

127 More Memories: Homecoming '71
Krogan, Agnes Thorberson. 1971 Elbow. Our Roots Nos Racines

128 An Historical Perspective on the Rural Education Effort in Saskatchewan.
Rosaasen, Kenneth A., Kulshreshtha, Surendra Nath, Saskatchewan School Trustees Association. Research Centre., Kulshreshtha, Surendra Nath. Regina, Sask.: Research Centre, Saskatchewan School Trustees Association, 1984. Our Roots Nos Racines
129 Memoirs We Treasure: North Star, Lund, Pine Bluff [Saskatchewan: Kuriko Creek Hist. Soc.].
Melfort, Saskatchewan: Kuriko Creek Historical Society, 1981. Our Roots Nos Racines

130 Seems like only yesterday, 1892-1980 : the history of Kuroki and district
Kuroki, Saskatchewan: Kuroki History Book Committee, 1980. Our Roots Nos Racines

131Our Roots: A History of La Ronge [Sask.]
La Ronge Heritage Comm.

132The Landis Record [Sask.--Landis Region]
Landis Historical Society

133 Lashburn & district history: A history of Lashburn & district
Lashburn & Dist. Hist. Comm.

134Valley "between the bridges": The history of the battle valley [Sask.; Alberta]
Lashburn, Beatrice Atkinson

135Prairie Progress Commemorating the Macrorie district
Macrorie History Book Committee

136They planted the seed: A pioneer history of the Tarnopol, Tway, Bonne Madone area [Sask.]
Malec, Paul

137 Memories....Are Forever [Manor Region Manor & District Hist. Soc.

138Across border & valley: the story of Maryfield & Fairlight & surrounding districts, v 1 [Sask.].
Maryfield & Dist. Hist. Soc.

139 Footprints in Time. Hazenmore. Hazenmore History Book. 2004. Friesens Corporation History Book Division. Altona, MB. ISBN 1-55383-038-5.

140 Actonvale School District #674 NWT SW 6 10 15
Actonvale school was built in 1902 with the first teacher C. McGill Hamilton overseeing. The school was replaced by a brick school. In 1957, the pupils were bussed to Weyburn's Queen Elizabeth School.

141 Harris Heritage 1982. ISBN 0 88925 335 8. Harris Heritage Committee.

142 Memory Lane. Beatty and District Historical Society. W.A. Print Works Ltd. 1983. ISBN 0 919533 26 4.

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146 They plowed the way and we followed. . Vanscoy and District History. 1980. ISBN 0-88925-157-6. Friesen Printers. Altona, MB.

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149 Age Shall Not Weary Them Saskatchewan Remembers its War Dead Barry, Bill and Doug Chisholm and Beth Parsons. Centax Books, a Division of Print West Communications Ltd. ISBN 1-897020-20-6.

150 The first hundred years : around Churchbridge, 1880-1980 Swanson, Ruth, Churchbridge History Committee. Churchbridge, Saskatchewan. 1980

151 History coming alive : R.M. of St. Philips, Pelly and district. Volume 1 Pelly, Saskatchewan: St. Philips / Pelly History Book Committee, 1988

151 Chips off the block : Moose Range (School) District, Carlea, Dartmore, Aylsham, Redwood, Luing or Meteor, Free State, Meadowcroft (West) Publication information Aylsham, Saskatchewan: Aylsham and District History Book Committee, 1982

152 The first years : the Rural Municipality of Pleasant Valley, no. 288 Mitchell, Howard. Pleasant Valley (Sask. : Rural municipality)Publication information Unknown: Unknown, 1979

153 River Hills to Sand Hills : a history of Pennant District Pennant, Saskatchewan: Pennant and District History Book Committee, 1984 154 Ploughshares and Prairie Trails Dilke and District

155 Indian Head: History of Indian Head and District Inc.

156 Pioneer Ways to Modern Days : history of the town of Carrot River and the Rural Municipality of Moose Range.Carrot River & District History (Association). Carrot River, Saskatchewan: Carrot River & District History, 1985

157 From buffalo grass to wheat : a history of Long Lake district.

158 Middle Lake The Vintage Years. A History of the Village of Middle Lake including the school districts of Grove Lake, Middle3Lake, Merrywood, Makintosh, Lake Ignace, Lucien Lake, and Wilfred. Compiled and published by the Middle Lake Celebrate Saskatchewan History Book Committee. Copyright 1982. Inter-Collegiate Press. Winnipeg, Mb.

159 Glidden Our District. Compiled and published by N.E. Ament. Print Shop Kindersley. c1967.

160 Wilderness to Neighbourhoods. Lake Four, Park Valley, Rabbit Bluff, Stump Lake, Millard Hill. Compiled and published by Park Valley History Committee. 1992. ISBN 1-55056-095-6. c1967. Photographs, student and teacher listings are compiled in this book.

161 Centennial Tribute: Oakshela, Broadview, Percival, 1882-1982. Compiled and published by Broadview Pioneer History Society, 1982. Friesen Printers, MB. ISBN 0-88925-339-0.

The Broadview pioneer cairn erected with the Broadview School bell sitting atop.

162 Furrows in Time. A History of Balcarres and District Compiled and published by Balcarres History Book Committee, 1987. FOCUS Publishing. Regina, SK. ISBN 0-919781-37-3. Page 53-82.

163 Between Long Lake and Last Mountain. Bulyea, Duval, Strasbourg. Compiled and published by Strasbourg, Bulyea, Duval History book Committee. 1982. Friesen Printers, MB. ISBN 0-88925-232-7. Page 23.

164 Through the years... Delisle Donavon Gledhow and O'Malley Laura Swanson Compiled and published by Delisle Women's Institute. Book Committee. 1972.

165 After the Dust. A history of Leoville and Community. Leoville, LaVenture, Ranger, Junor, Penn, Chitek Lake, Pelican Reserve, Spruce Creek, Timberland, Timberlost, Capasin. Compiled and published by Leoville Historic Committee. Turner - Warwick Printers Ltd. North Battleford, SK. 1979.

166 Pioneer Ways and Bygone Days in the West Eagle Hills. Prongua, Battle River, Lindequist, Drummond Creek, Cleveland. Compiled and published by Prongua, Battle River and Lindequist History Book Committee. Printed by Turner Warwick Publications Ltd. North Battleford Saskatchewan. 1983.

167 Dysart and District Yesterday and Today Second Edition. Compiled and published by Dysart History Book Committee. Printed by Friesen's Corporation. History Book Division. Altona, Manitoba. 2010. ISBN 978-1-55383-268-3

168 Reflections of the Past. History of Parkside and the Districts of Bygland, Cameo, Hilldrop, Honeywood, Ordale and Spruce Glen. Compiled and published by Parkside and District History Book Committee. c1991.

169 Cordwood and Courage 1911 - 1982 Paddockwood Beaton, Chesley, Chiefswood, Dorothy I-II, Elk Holme, Elkrange, Birchbark, Howard Creek, Melba, Moose Lake, Pine Valley, Surrey Compiled and published by Paddocwood and District History Book 1982. ISBN 0-88925-407-9. Friesen Printers. Altona, MB.

The village of Paddockwood locates at section 25 township 52 range 25 west of the second meridian and the village of Christopher Lake at township 52,53 range 26 west of the second meridian.*

170 A Century of History. Compiled and published by Elaine Virgin and Gail Shurgot.

An "Opportunities for Youth" project. (Milligan Creek, Fishing Lake area) Near the place names of Sheho section 9-township 30-range 9-West of the 2nd meridian, Latitude - Longitude : 51º 35' 8'' N, 103º 12' 43'' W, Tuffnell 33-30-10-W2 51º 38' 33'' N, 103º 22' 17'' W, Foam Lake 32-30-11-W2 51º 38' 28'' N, 103º 32' 22'' W, Leslie, and West Bend 6-29-12-W2 51º 29' N, 103º 41' W 84 This book delves into the school trustee names and committee members.

171 The Past To The Present. Algrove, Archerwill, Barrier Lake, Bradgate, Dahlton, Echo Park, Everton, Felton Grove, Loring, Marneau Lake, Newgate Park, Nobleville, Nora, Port Arthur. Compiled by Archerwill and district historical society. 1984. Turner Warwick Publications Inc.

172 "Along the Old 29" Histories of Drummond Creek and Cleveland School Districts. Compiled by Drummond Creek and Cleveland History Book Committee. This book includes school and class photos, pupil and teacher lists, and school days history, as well as pioneer biographies.

  • CLEVELAND SCHOOL DISTRICT 2076 came together in a meeting in the spring of 1907 to assemble their petition for a school district. The schoolhouse was built on the north east quarter of section 36 township 42 range 18 West of the Third meridian ("about 12 miles south west of the historic town of Battleford") in the spring of 1909. Classes commenced under Miss Isabelle Gardiner, and a class listing is given for spring of 1910. Classes ended after the school term of 1957-1958.

  • DRUMMOND CREEK SCHOOL DISTRICT schoolhouse was organised January 11, 1909, and a petition put forward to the Department of Education. The school house was also built in 1909, on the south west corner of the south west quarter of section 5 township 43 range 18 on the correction line opening in July of 1910. In 1951, a new one room schoolhouse was built north of the old school, and the old school became then the teacherage. By 1956, DRUMMOND CREEK school accepted students from WILLOWVIEW school which had closed on the west side of the school district. A neighbouring school was FAIRYLAND SCHOOL which opened in 1917.

  • 173 They Came from Many Lands. A History of Foam Lake and Area. Compiled by The Foam Lake Historical Society, 1985. Published by the Foam Lake Review, Foam lake, SK. This book includes school and class photos, pupil and teacher lists, and school days history, as well as pioneer biographies.

    174 Prairie Echoes. A History of Aspenshaw, Nolin (Hamlin), McMillan School Districts plus a small rural area north and adjacent to North Battleford, Saskatchewan Compiled by the Hamlin Community History Book Committee. 2009. ISBN 978-0-9864768-0-8. Ultra Print Services. North Battleford, SK. Note Chisholm Town was the original settled community predating North Battleford.

    175 From Bush to Grain. "A history of Albertville, Meath Park and District" Compiled by Meath Park History Committee. Brigdens Photo Graphics Ltd. Regina, Saskatchewan ISBN 0-919781-28-4.

    176 Lumsden. The Hills of Home. A History of Lumsden and district as compiled by the Lumsden Homecoming '71 Book Committee. Printed by Estevan Mercury. Estevan, SK.

    177 Our harvest of memories : Foxdale, Sturgeon Valley, Silver Cliff, Three Creeks, Rayside, Rich Valley Coles, Cathy, Shell River North Book Committee (Our Roots Nos Racines)

    178 Ukrainian Pioneer Days in Early Years 1898-1916 in Alvena and District, Sask. by Mike Harbuz. North Battleford, Saskatchewan: Appel Printing, 1980

    179 With Faith and Hope : St. Laszlo, our heritage St. Laszlo Historical Committee [Prud'homme Region

    180 Lines of the Past Preeceville, Saskatchewan: Preeceville Historical Society, 1982

    181 Wilkie, Saskatchewan, 1908-1988. Volume 1 Wilkie History Society

    182 They cast a long shadow : the story of Moffat, Saskatchewan by Parley, Kay. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Root Woman and Dave, n.d.
    It is this book on page 160 which explains that the Department of Education declared a school district "erected" when the school district had processed the paperwork, and incorporated the area as a school district. The school house may have been built that year, or at some later date often within 2 or 3 years. On occasion a school district disorganised without establishing a schoolhouse.

    183 A Flight Through Time. Wawota and District History. Volume I. 1994. ISBN 1-55056-124-3. Friesen Printers Altona, MB, CA.

    184 Tales and trails of the following school districts : Blackfoot, Daysville, Lake Russell, Minnehaha, Parkdale, Picnic Lake, 1893-1978.

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    185 Men of Steele : life style of a unique sect : Saskatchewan Valley Mennonite settlers and their descendants. Guenter, Jacob G.

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    198 Pioneers and Progress : The History of Southey and District Southey, Saskatchewan: Southey History Committee, 1980

    190 Cupar District Taking Root....And Growing. Cupar Historical Committee. Modern Press. Saskatoon, SK. Isabel Ormiston Editor. Page 57 to 82

    Cupar Museum School House Photos

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    NOTE: Though the following city schools are technically not one room school houses, they were the pioneers of education in the cities of Saskatchewan.

    198 Prairie to Wheat Fields Elrose, Saskatchewan: Elrose and District History Book Committee, 1985.

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    204 The Melville Story. 1955. J.K. Reynolds. Freda Lawrence Editor. Melville locates at north east quarter 29 township 22 range 6 west of the second meridian; 50° 55' 50" N, 102° 48' 28" W Fenwood locates at NW 27-23-8-W2 51° 0' 44" N, 103° 2' 46" W.

    205 Remember the Schools That Opened Our Minds. Yorkton Public School Division. 1995.

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    Luseland Hub and Spokes : a History of Luseland, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1905-1983. Volume 1I.

    211 Settlers between the mighty Saskatchewans: Stanleyville and Russelville
    , Published by the Stanleyville -Russelville History Committee, Prince Albert, Sask., 1980. (ISBN 0-88925-191-6)

    Information regarding locations and school dates of operation were submitted by Lisa Henderson (thank you kindly) for details see the linked web page

    212 Chances, Challenges and Cherished Memories: Colleston, Cecil, Birson, Fanford, Steep Creek, Sask Forks , Published by the Prince Albert East School area history committee, 1998. (ISBN 1-55056-361-0)
    , Published by the Stanleyville -Russelville History Committee, Prince Albert, Sask., 1980. (ISBN 0-88925-191-6)

    Information regarding locations and school dates of operation were submitted by Lisa Henderson (thank you kindly) for details see the linked web page

    213 Tales of the Red Fox. Assiniboine REserve, Town of Sintaluta, Districts Allindale, Durham, Blackwood, Red Fox, And Spring Coulee Sintaluta and District History Book Committee. Box 1984 Sintaluta, SK, S0G 4N0. ISBN 0-88925-498-2. 1985. Friesen Printers, Altona, Mb.

    214 Memoirs of Hillsburgh Rural Municipality No. 289 Hillsburgh History Committee: Robert and Stanley St. John. Mrs. L. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. B. Gunnlaugson and Mrs. C. Ham. Broughton. David More and H. Merrell. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dale. Mrs. T. Dale and Percy Hughes. Percy Hughes. Robert Arnold and Wesley Siegel. D'Arcy, Brock, Netherhill, Fiske, Oliver Post Office, L.I.D. 15-P-3 areas. (Hillsburgh Rural Municipality 289 no longer exists, it officially disorganised December 31, 1965. Amalgation took place with the Kindersley Rural Municipality No. 290 in 1965, and the Rural Municipality of Elma No. 291 amalgamated in 1951. )

    215 Pense Community, 1882-1982 Hunt, Jenny. Pense, Saskatchewan: R. Cruse, 1982

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    220 Memories to Stay 1812 - 1985, History of Debden andArea . 1985. ISBN 0-88925-589-X Debden History Book (Association)

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    222A Harvest of Memories History Book Committee 2000. Friesens Corporation, Altona, Mb. 2001. page 595-603
    For additional information on this area, The Early Settlers & History of Kyle & White Bear Districts written by Alex Gillanders

    From Basket to Bridge 1905 - 1980 White Bear - Kyle - Matador by Heritage Book Committee

    223 Old & new furrows : the story of Rosthern

    224 A Stake in the West

    Carnduff and District. ISBN 0-88925-116-9. Friesen Printers. Altona, MB. 1979.

    225Parkland trails : histories of R.M. of Invermay and villages of Invermay and Rama

    Invermay, Rama History Book Committee Invermay, Saskatchewan

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    227Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Collection Call Number R.177.11 File Number 4.1, Collection Name Department of Education, Description of Item. Orders Issued by Commissioner of Education 1901 (with location of district). Alphabetical School Name Index .

    228Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Collection Call Number R.177.11 File Number 4.2, Collection Name Department of Education, Description of Item. Orders Issued by Commissioner of Education 1902 (with location of district). Alphabetical School Name Index.

    229Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. Collection Call Number R.177.11 File Number 4.3, Collection Name Department of Education, Description of Item. Orders Issued by Commissioner of Education 1903 (with location of district). Alphabetical School Name Index.

    230The Hands of Time : Village of Buchanan, 1907-1987, R.M. of Buchanan, 1913-1988, and district

    Buchanan History Book Committee Buchanan, Saskatchewan 1988
    • Ranch Education: the children of ranchers educated in the homes by pioneers who travelled around the countryside.
    • South Colony Doukhobour Reserve Education
    • AMSTERDAM School District 5255 operated between 1956 to 1968 between ANTONIO SD 2621, CROOKED HILL SD 1031, and DUNAY SD 380. Absorbed into the greater Canora Unit School.
    • BADGERVILLE School District 1842 school house was located on the south east quarter of section 23 township 32 range 5 west of the 2nd meridian. Looks like the first community meeting to establish a school was held in 1907, closed 1961.
    • BUCHANAN School District 1556 school erected 1906, and the Buchanan village incorporated 1907. In 1912, a new four room school house was needed, the old building carrying on as the "little" school. The formation of the larger school unit of Canora, did not signal the demise of BUCHANAN.
    • CHRISTIANIA School District 2520 was established in 1910, and the school house went up on the south east quarter of section 31 township 31 range 5 that same year. John Currie was the first teacher in 1911, and the school closed in 1956, with the pupils conveyed into Buchanan. The school house was sold.
    • COROFIN School District 1507 pioneers held their first meeting 1906, and the school building was erected on an acre of land on the southeast quarter of section 4 township 34 range 4 west of the second meridian. Mrs. Alberta Sheppy became the first teacher, and the school closed following the 1954-1955 school term. A cairn was erected in memory of COROFIN school.
    • CROOKED HILL CREEK School District 1031 of the North-West Territories ratepayers held their first meeting 1904. Annie McPherson became the first teacher in the school house on the southwest quarter of section 15 township 32 range 4 west of the second meridian. School closed 1961.
    • DERNIC SCHOOL DISTRICT 5124 began 1936 with organization to replace WOODHURST (SCANDINAVIAN) school which had burned down in 1936. The interim school was a homestead home on NW section 31 township 31 range 6. DERNIC hamlet was located near the school site at Southeast section 1 townhip 32 range 7 west of the second meridian. The first teacher was Miss Natalie Labenicki, and the last teacher taught in the 1962-1963 school year, the students bused to Buchanan.
    • DEVIL'S LAKE School 514 of the NOrth West Territories residents held their meeting in 1899, and the school closed 1965.
    • DOBRONOUTZ School District 2368 lists their first teacher in 1910, and the last in 1963.
    • DUNAY School District 380 began correspondence for a school district establishment in 1921. The school building went up 200 yards east of the south west corner of the south west quarter section 1 township 32 range 4 west of the 2 meridian. Charles McLeod became the first teacher in 1922, and DUNAY closed after the 1956 school term. DUNAY school building moved to NORTH LAKE School district 3991, and in 1964 it was sold.
    • DYDLAND School District 622 operated between 1912 and 1962. The school building went up on the south west quarter of section 27 township 32 range 6 west of the second meridian. The pupils were conveyed to Buchanan on school closure. Residents wrote the book Dydland Echo in 1980 of the school district memories, and erected a cairn in the two acre school yard.
    • GOGAL School District 2154 organized in 1908, and the actual school building was built 1909. Bessie M Lakken began classes 1909, and the last classes were held over the 1963-1964 school term. The Canora School Unit 37 was the larger school unit formed in 1961. The school house was kept as an historic site.
    • GRAVEL HILL school district 4007 organized and had their school building constructed in 1918. Paul Husulak became the first teacher.
    • HALYCRY School District 2835 organized in 1911. The school building was situated on the north west quarter of section 36 township 33 range 7 on two acres of land.
    • KOWALOWKA School District 1739 ratepayers sent in their submission in 1906 for a school district. The school building was built on the north east quarter of section 29 township 31 range 4 west of the second meridian in 1908 after the school district incorporated in 1907. Mr. Peter Bozyk was the first teacher of 1908, and the school remained open until 1961.
    • MAMORNITZ School District 2266 organized in 1909, and the school building went up on the northwest quarter of section 24 township 30 range 7 west of the second meridian. Steve Sawchuk opened classes, and the school served until 1937. After the school building burned to the ground a new one was raised in 1938 and it remained standing until 1962. The Foam Lake School Unit was the larger consolidated school unit, yet the one room school house MAMORNITZ remained open as a community centre.
    • MONASTYR School District 2328 residents held their first meeting 1910. Four acres of land were purchased on the north east corner of section 11 township 33 range 6 west of the second meridian outside of Buchanan by about eight miles. Joseph Cymbalisty began classes in 1911, and the last classes were held in 1966. Children were bussed into Buchanan, and the school house sold to the senior citizens.
    • NORWAY School District 1469 settlers signed their petition in 1905 for this school district. Before the school house was built, a pioneer home was used for classes. The school site was the south west quarter of section 14 township 33 range 5, and construction took place in 1907. Wm Thompson became the first teacher in the first school, and in 1950 a new school was built, the first school sold, moved and re-purposed as a home. The second school building was sold, and also moved, and succombed to fire in 1980.
    • OLESZA School 2306 of the north west territories was on the north east quarter of section 12, township 33 range 7 west of the second meridian in the Rural Municipality of Invermay #305. The first school meeting came together in 1909. In 1941, the school name changed from OLESZA to OLESHA SCHOOL DISTRICT 2306 of Saskatchewan. 1965-1966 saw the last class. The OLESHA school district dissolved in 1974.
    • TINY School District 3242 was situated in the hamlet of Tiny. Miss Moir began classes. The Canora larger school unit formed in 1955.
    • VASLOUTZ School District was built in 1910 and 46 laters it closed in 1956.
    • WERGELAND School District 1210 settlers met in 1904. The school house went up on the north east corner of the north east quarter of section 19 township 32 range 5. Miss Emma Rix began classes 1906. In 1917, a new school was needed, and in 1922 the first school was re-located onto this site. In 1953, Canora School Unit 37 became established, and in 1963 pupils from WERGELAND were conveyed into Buchanan. The old school was sold and torn down, and in 1969 WERGELAND school district amalgamated with BUCHANAN School District 1556. A cairn was erected 1985.
    • WSCANDINAVIAN School 2537 ratepayers held their meeting for a school district in 1910. The school district incorporated that same year, and the school house went up on the south east corner of the north east quarter of section 25 township 31 range 7. John W. Bradley opened the doors in 1911 as teacher. On November 20, 1922, the SCANDINAVIAN school changed names to WOODHURST Scool. The school district divided into two creating WOODHURST and DERNIC. The new WOODHURST school was now situated on the southwest corner of the north east quarter of section 24 township 31 range 7 in the year 1937. In 1953, the larger school unit was formed, and by 1965 WOODHURST closed its doors, students now going to Buchanan.

    231Bittersweet years : the Herbert story

    Town of Herbert Herbert, Saskatchewan 1987

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    235Book Title The Changing Sense of Place Among Agricultural Families in Saskatchewan: Implications for Rural Education and Society Author Rodney K. ReynarContributor The Pennsylvania State UniversityPublisher ProQuest, 2008ISBN 1109015682, 9781109015683

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