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Hawthorn School District 1447
North west Section 19, Township 10 Range 20 West of the 2nd Meridian
near Dummer, Truax, Parry, and Dahinda,

Hawthorn School(HDR) 20120803 Hawthorn-memorial(HDR) 20120803 Hawthorn-plaque 20120803 Hawthorn-site 20120803
Hawthorn1447 Tsp10-Rge20-W2    

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Hawthorn School District 1447 near these places:

Dummer Southeast Section 30 Township 10 Range 21 West of the 2 meridian
Truax Southeast Section 16 Township 11 Range 22 West of the 2 meridian
Parry Southeast Section 1 Township 10 Range 21 West of the 2 meridian
and Dahinda Northeast Section 15 Township 9 Range 23 West of the 2 meridian

As a side note Hawthorn School District 1447 is not near the community of the name Hawthorne which was later known as Inchkeith. Hawthorne/Inchkeith locates at SE section 15 Township 13 Range 4 West of the 2nd Meridian

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