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Hipperholme School District #487
near Leakville, Mayberry, Baildon, and Briercrest, SK

Hipperholme School District #487 Pictures

I was quite intrigued with your site when I came across it late Dec. 2005. As I was going to be out and about for some holidays I thought I would get some recent pictures of a couple of schools that I knew of still in existence that I had family members attend.

My mother attended the Cataraqui school SD #1012, while my mother's mom (my grandmother) attended the Quincy school SD #2482. Both these pictures where taken December 2005.

As for the Hipperholme School, while working the summer of 1989 in Moose Jaw I was out in the country taking pictures of old homesteads. While photographing the old Glover House in the Briercrest area I took a picture of this building which my grandparents later told me while looking at the pictures that I had a picture of the Hipperholme School.

The Hipperholme School No. 487 was built in May 1899 on the south side of NE 14-13-26 W2 and was the first community building in the Bluehill area. Ernest Lowe was secretary of the school board. The first teacher was Jennie B. Gallaway and the students included Dorothy, Bill, Harold, Harry and Charlie Lowe; Bill and Cliff Martin; Tim, Joe, Fred, Essie and Gordon Gray; and Jim, John, Myrtle and Susie Glover. The school closed in 1906 and has been at the Glover's Ranch for some years. Apparently this area recorded another possible first. In the 1920's a school bus service, consisting of a team of horses and covered wagon, transported several Hipperholme district children to Camlachie school.

I look forward to keeping an eye on you site and will forward any other school pictures I have the opportunity to come across.

Sharon May






Catarqui School District #1012 SE-1-15-25-W2
Spicer Former Post Office Sec.2, Twp.15, R.25, W2 - 1909-05-01
Spicer Changed names to Tilney
Tilney Post Office Sec.4, Twp.15, R.25, W2

Quincy School District #2482 14-27-W2
De Yeo Former Post Office : Sec.36, Twp.14, R.27, W2 - 1909-07-01
De Yeo changed names to Buttress 1912-09-01
Buttress Post Office Sec.28, Twp.14, R.27, W2
Harrison Former Post Office Sec.28, Twp.13, R.27, W2 - 1907-02-01
Harrison changed names to Crestwynd 1914-05-01
Crestwynd Post Office moved to Sec.30, Twp.13, R.27, W2

Hipperholme School District #187 SE of NE 14-13-26-W 2
Hipperholme School District #487 13-25-W2
Blue Hill Former Post Office Sec.30, Twp.13, R.25, W2
Post Master at Blue Hill was J. B. Glover
Leakville Former Post Office , Twp.13, R.26, W2
Mayberry Former Post Office Twp.12,13, R.26,27, W2
Baildon Post Office Sec.11, Twp.15, R.26, W2 - 1907-12-01
Baildon Post Office moved to Sec.24, Twp.15, R.26, W2
Briercrest Post Office Sec.22, Twp.14, R.24, W2 - 1903-06-15
Moose Jaw Twp.16, R.26, W2

Camlachie School District # 2284 SE Sec 9 14 Rge 26 W of the 2

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