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Leftwich SD #1436
SW 27 Tsp 20 Rge 1 W2
Zeneta Siding
SW 22 Tsp 20 Rge 1 W2
Zeneta SD # 1436
merged into Potashville SD 25

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Submitter, photographs © These pictures were taken by Red Lauttamus.
Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society Inc.
Leftwich School District No. 1436
The district was founded in 1905 and the school built in 1910-11. Classes began in 1912. With the arrival of a teacher, Leftwich is the surname of one of the area's homesteaders. In 1912, the name was changed to Zeneta School Distrrict. In 1964, the still operating school became a part of the Potashville School Unit No. 25. Zeneta School closed June 30, 1965. In July that year, the school became the Zeneta comunity centre. Almost constant use of this building, whether community meals, games, holiday program or picnics, shows the vitality of the centre. Erected in 1994. "Gathering, perserving and sharing the history and folklore of Saskatchewan"

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