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Manor Public School District No. 605 of the North-West Territories
1903-1908, 1908-1965, 1965-
Sections 8 to 11, 2 to 5, S.E. 1/4 of 6 Township 8 and Sections 32 to 35, 26 to 29 Township 7 Range 1 West of the Second Meridian
Morse village South of section 9 Township 17 Range 8 West of the Third Meridian,

1st Manor School c1905-7 likely Mr. Midgely
1st Manor School c1905-7 likely Mr. Midgely
1st Manor School opened 1903 Miss Ida Irwin c1903-4
1st Manor School opened 1903 Miss Ida Irwin c1903-4
Manor School- c1909-G.D. Dickin house in background
Manor School- c1909-G.D. Dickin house in background
Manor SchoolMap
Manor 605 SD Map

Manor Public School District No. 605 of the North-West Territories
The early photo was taken in 1903 when Manor School opened. The clearer photo shows same building. Dates are in the photo label.

First building opened 1903. Closed 1908.

4-room red brick building opened 1908; last class was in 1964-65. Demolished 1965. (I attended grades1-12; graduated 1960)

Current building opened 1965 for 1965-66 year.

"Memories Are Forever" has considerable information about the school. Thanks to my dad & past students, I have a number of class photos, class lists, & teacher lists beginning with 1927.some unfortunately incomplete.

My father, George Haultain Dickin was born at Manor. He served for over 30 years as teacher and later also as principal.

My father's mother was Martha Amelia Christopher (daughter of Frederick Christopher from the pioneer settlement of Cannington Manor, SK). She married George Dodsworth Dickin who was the proprietor of the Mitre Hotel in Cannington. He also worked in the flour mill there. Martha worked at her parents' hotel, the Christopher Hotel at Fish Lake (now Kenosee Lake).Lots of great family photos! When the railway arrived, it avoided the hills around Cannington and went through a nearby location which was called Manor.

Dolores Hatch

According to the book "Memories Are Forever" compiled by Manor History Book Committee in 1982, the school district orgnaised on March 25, 1901. The meeting was held in the Manor rail station. The school in town served the areas of Sections 2 to 5, sections 89 to 11 and the S.E. quarter of section 6 in Township 8 as well as Sections 26 to 29 and Sections 32 to 34 in Township 7 Range 1 West of the 2nd meridan.

Mr. Stinson's Hall held the first classes that year under the guidance of Miss Ida F. Irwin.

In 1902 land was purchased to erect a school house, which was ready to open January 1903 with Miss Margaret Henderson hired as the teacher.

In 1907, the school district board met and proposed a new school building was needed which opened in the spring of 1908 equipped with a new school bell and three classrooms.

When the country schools began closing in the 1950s, children began attending Manor school. Sturgeon School District 517 which closed its doors in 1963, followed suit and, bussed their pupils to Manor. Winterbourne School District 877, four and a half miles from Manor, closed in 1961, and likewise the children were transported into Manor. One of the country schools was moved in as a classroom for the growing student population to support the brick school erected in 1907.

The old brick school was torn down in 1965, and children attended the new larger consolidated school equipped with ten classrooms in the fall of 1965.

For information on students and teachers, the "Memories Are Forever" book is online.

Village of Manor
Location : 33-7-1-W2
Latitude - Longitude : 49 36' 9'' N, 102 5' 8'' W
Latitude - Longitude (decimal) : 49.6025768, -102.0855710

School District Map used with permission


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