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Rastadt School District 453
township 16 range 17 west of the 2nd meridian
St. Peter's Colony, Kronau, Davin, Saskatchewan

Rastadt-front view(HDR) 20121021 Rastadt-side view(HDR) 20121021 Rastadt-sign 20121021 Ratstadt453Map
Rastadt-front view(HDR) 20121021.jpg Rastadt-side view(HDR) 20121021.jpg Rastadt-sign 20121021.jpg Ratstadt453Map.jpg

Submitter, photographs © These pictures were taken byMary Worel

Neighbouring Placenames:
St. Peter's Colony NE section 7 township 16 range 1 west of the second meridian
Kronau Northwest section 33 township 15 range 17 west of the 2 meridian
Davin northwest section 26 township 16 range 16 west of the second meridian

One Room Schoolhouse Map

For more information:
Title Short history of five colonies (residential villages) : founded east of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Published Edmonton, AB : Deck, 2004, c1999

Title Souvenir of the silver jubilee of St. Peter's Colony, 1903-1928
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Author St. Peter's Colony. Jubilee steering committee
Published Muenster, Sask. Colony Post. 1976

Title A mother braving a wilderness
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Published Muenster, Sask. : St. Peter's Colony Jubilee Steering Committee, 1977

Title Fifty golden years, 1903-1953 : a brief history of the Order of St. Benedict in the Abbacy Nullius of St. Peter, Muenster, Saskatchewan
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Published Muenster, Sask. : St. Peter's Abbey, [1953?]

Title The legacy of St. Peter's Colony
Author Hepp, Michael J
ISBN 0921257988


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