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Smilesville S.D. # 1641
Davidson, Saskatchewan.
4 km west of Kenaston, SK on Hwy 44
SE Sec 29 Tsp 29 Rge 3 W of the 3 Meridian

Smilesville School Pictures
Smilesville School District: Page 101: Ripples and reflections : Hanley Hanley History Book Society
On the South Border of RM #283 of Rosedale

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Saskatchewan Scenes - Smilesville School
Smilesville School house filmed Ganarly Films / Sixteen Paws Productions and uploaded September 2014. According to Scott Nicholls, Smilesville School District was formed on May 5, 1906 with the schoolhouse erected in 1907. The school was moved the following year to be more centrally located. The school closed its doors in 1942. SMILESVILLE School District # 1641 SE Sec 29 Tsp 29 Rge 3 W of the 3 Meridian 1906-1942 near Hanley.SMILESVILLE School District # 1641 NW Sec 29 Tsp 29 Rge 3 W of the 3 Meridian.

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