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	It is characteristic and worthy of observation that the first notes from
the very scanty populace-the first lifting up as it were of the popular
voice, had reference to a ferry, a bridge and to a school. Two great needs,
transportation and education, were thus brought home to the attention of
the Council. At a second meeting of the Council the Lieutenant-Governor
"laid on the table" the following petitions
	Petition of Alexander Stuart, praying to be granted a Ferry license
on the South Saskatchewan.
	Petition of John Tanner praying that he may be authorized to charge
tolls on his bridge on the Little Saskatchewan.
	Petition of Moise Ouelette and Pierre Landry, praying support for a
school at St. Laurent.
	Judging by his name it would thus appear that a Scotchman, or a
Scotch half-breed with the historic name of Stuart was the first man to
ask anything from the new Council. It does not appear from the records
whether Stuart was allowed to run his ferry, or Tanner to charge for his
bridge, but the petition of the two Frenchmen with regards to aid for a
school at St. Laurent received serious attention.  The Council recognised
that they were confronted with the duty of attempting at least to deal
with the education problem, but they were in the helpless position of
having no funds, and they considered it inadvisable to establish any
form of taxation. The petition was referred to a committee, and the com-
mittee reported a resolution, which was agreed to.  The resolution ap-
pears to be worthy of being given in full. It is the first quiet sound from
the woods as it were of the school-storm which later was to convulse the
West.  The resolution read
	"Whereas the petition of Moise Ouelette and Pierre Landry praying for
assistance towards the establishment of a school house at St. Laurent,
and the salary of a teacher has, by the Lieutenant-Governor been laid
before the Council for consideration, Resolved, therefore, that the Council
request His Honor to reply to the petitioners and inform them that there
are no funds in the hands of the Council, applicable to educational pur-
poses, and that the Council do not think it expedient at present to consider
the question of establishing a system of taxation; and also that His Honor
be good enough to express to the petitioners the regret of the Council
that it is unable to grant assistance to so laudable an object as the ad-
vancement of education in the North West.  The Council likewise desire
to suggest that His Honor do forward the petition to the Minister of the

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