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Greetings from Upper Canada Chapter
A Units Overseas Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution


We are delighted that you are interested in the Daughters of the American Revolution and especially the Upper Canada Chapter. 

The DAR is truly a special and remarkable group. It was incorporated by an Act of Congress in 1896 and currently has over 165,000 members in almost 3,000 chapters worldwide. It is the largest lineage society in the world.

Our national headquarters in Washington, D.C., is the largest complex of buildings in the world that was built and maintained by women. The DAR has hundreds of women in leadership positions in their chapters, their states and provinces, and on the national and international level. It is an organization in which the abilities and talents of women are unquestioned.

There’s more!  The DAR has the second largest genealogy library in the United States, after the Mormons, and we have a renowned, extensive museum.

The Upper Canada Chapter has members across Ontario. We are a small but wonderfully interesting and diverse group of women of all ages, professions and talents.

Upper Canada Daughters are both American and Canadian citizens who share the common heritage of an ancestor who helped the cause of George Washington and the American Revolution.

Our situation here in Canada is unique in the DAR. As an American patriotic organization in a country once considered the enemy, and indeed peopled by many who supported the King and not Washington and the Revolution, we have positioned ourselves here as one more segment of the rich cultural fabric of North American history rather than the “other” side.

We invite the United Empire Loyalists and other historical groups to attend our larger meetings, and are actively recruiting members from their ranks! They return in kind; the DAR and the Sons of the American Revolution are always invited to attend the United Empire Loyalist annual meetings each year.

The conflicts of the past are over. Today, we all recognize and understand the need to preserve and pass on our history. The DAR and Upper Canada Chapter are working hard to do just that, and we’re enjoying it thoroughly along the way.

We hope to meet you one day soon.

Regent, Upper Canada Chapter

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