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Francois Etienne NADEAU - Rendered Aid 1776
Birth: 11 February 1727 Canada
Death: 1 September 1803, St. Joseph De Beauce, Canada


 CT Flag


Birth: 30 September 1740, Windham, Windham Co., Connecticut
Death: 6 May 1812, Windham, Windham Co., Connecticut

John BLACKSTONE, Jr. - Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Birth: 7 May 1733, Branford New Haven Co., Connecticut
Death: 18 August 1818, Branford New Haven Co., Connecticut

Gideon HOLLISTER – Patriotic Service
Baptized: 21 September 1725, Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Death: 30 December 1812, Washington, Litchfield Co., Connecticut

Private Joel HUMISTON
Birth: 8 Septemeber 1756, New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut
Death: 8 July1832, Vienna, Trumbull Co., Ohio

Captain Reuben MARCY
Birth: 28 November 1732, Ashford, Windham Co., Connecticut
Death: 14 January 1806, Ashford, Windham Co., Connecticut


Georgia Flag


Private Joel DARCY
Birth: Circa 1765
Death: 1838, Decatur Co., Georgia

Private Alexander MCCULLAR, SR.
Birth: 24 December 1758, County Antrim, Ireland
Death: 1848, McNairy Co., Tennessee



Peter DENNY - Ensign, Patriotic Service
Birth: 21 October 1740, Maryland
Death 7 September 1804, Queen Annes Co., Maryland

Lt. Colonel & Aide De Camp to General Washington
Birth: 25 December 1744, Talbot Co., Maryland
Death: 18 April 1786, Baltimore Baltimore Co., Maryland




Private Silas ALLEN
Birth: 16 May 1754, Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts
Death: 12 December 1841, Heath, Franklin Co., Massachusetts

Private Benjamin BACON
Birth: 6 July 1741, Bedford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Death: 19 January 1828, Bedford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Benjamin BACON, Sr. - Civil Service
Birth: 6 December 1713, Billerica, Middlesex Co., Massachuseetts
Death 1 October 1791, Bedford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

Sergeant Ezra CARY
Birth: 7 April 1749, North Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts
Death: 1 February 1839, Turner, Oxford Co., Maine

Private John COLTON, Sr.
Birth: 21 February 1729, Springfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
Death: 25 January 1813, West Fairlee, Orange Co., Vermont

Private Benjamin EGGLESTON
Birth: 1747, Middlefield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
Death: 1 June 1832, Aurora, Portage Co., Ohio

Private Thomas HARRINGTON
Birth: 12 May 1748, Lexington Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Death: Circa 1790, Albany Co., New York

Sergeant Jonathan HASTINGS
Birth: 10 July 1738, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts
Death: 28 December 1804, Charlemont, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts

Joseph HAYNES, Sr. – Patriotic Service
Birth: 15 February 1715, Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Death: 26 December 1801, Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts

Michael NEWHALL - Patriotic Service, Civil Service
Birth: 15 August 1740, Lynn Essex Co., Massachusetts
Death: 17 September 1812, Leominster, Worcester Co., Massachusetts

Private Thomas NORTH
Birth: 3 February 1745/46, Sharon Twp., Litchfield Co., Connecticut
Death: 29 April 1830, Marcellus, Onondaga Co., New York

Corporal Abel POND
Birth: 27 October 1753, Branford, New Haven, Connecticut
Death: 29 December 1828, Poultney, Rutland Co., Vermont

Private James REED
Birth: 1746, Connecticut
Death: 1826, Whittingham, Sindham Co., Vermont

Daniel RUGG - Patriotic Service
Birth: 1714, Lancaster, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Death: 12 November 1792, Lancaster, Worcester Co., Massachusetts

Private Reuben RUGG
Birth: 19 October 1746, Lancaster, Massachusetts
Death: 1830, Heath, Massachusetts

Private Peter SMITH
Birth: 30 June 1765, Medfield, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts
Death: 22 January 1834, Walpole, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts

Jonas WHITNEY - Patriotic Service
Birth: 2 July 1727, Stow, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts
Death: 23 December 1791, Harvard, Worcester Co., Massachusetts


NH Flag


Corporal John ELLIS, JR.
Birth: 27 April 1754, Bathsheba, New Hampshire
Death: 13 March 1827, Rutland, Jefferson Co., New York

Private John MARTIN
Birth: 1759, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Death: 1849, Stockholm, St. Lawrence Co., New York



Private John BEAM
Birth: Ante 1754, Germany
Death: 11 March 1843, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey

Naval Captain Francis DUCLOS
Birth: 8 December 1757, Versailles, France
Death: 7 May 1844, Sheldon, Franklin Co., Vermonth

Private, Patriotic Service Stephen MOORE
Birth: 1 December 1759, Pennington - Near Hunterdon Co., New Jersey
Death: 20 January 1812, Chillisquaaue Twp Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania

Private James PERRIN
Birth: 29 March 1754, Somerset Co., New Jersey
Death: After 17 August 1832, Somerset Co., New Jersey


NY Flag


Lieutenant Abraham I. KIPP
Baptised 24 January 1756
Death: After 1820, RedHook-Liv. Dutchess Co., New York

Soldier Jacob DELONG
Birth: Circa 1755
Death: After 4 June 1816, Painesville, Geauga Co., Ohio

Private William GAGE
Birth: 1744 Co. Londonderry, Ireland
Death: 11 September 1820, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Sergeant Judah Monis LAWRENCE
Birth: Circa 1736
Death: 6 June 1810, Columbia Co., New York

Private Christian SCHELL
Birth: 8 October 1758, Palatine Dist., Albany Co., New York
Death: 1841, probably Vaughan Twp., Ontario, Canada

John Christian SCHELL - Patriotic Service
Birth: 1728, Baden, Germany
Death: July 1782, Herkimer, Montgomery Co., New York

Maria Elizabeth Petri SCHELL - Patriotic Service
Birth: Circa 1735, Albany Co., New York
Death: 1790, Schells Bush, Montgomery Co., New York

Jacob STANTON - Patriotic Service
Birth: Circa 1725, Connecticut
Death: After 1775, Mamakating Pct., Ulster Co., New York
Private Stephen TOMPKINS
Baptised: 21 April 1741, Duaneburg, Albany Co., New York
Death: 25 November 1794, Kinderhook, Columbia Co., New York


NC Flag


Soldier Thompson VINES
Birth Cira 1759, Beaufort Co., North Carolina
Death: aft. 10 October 1799, Beaufort Co., North Carolina

Private William Needham WALKER
Birth: 1 August 1756, Granville Co., North Carolina
Death: 5 September 1846, Cumberland Co., North Carolina

Private William GOOCH - Civil Service
Birth: Circa 1725, Virginia
Death: 22 December 1802, Caswell Co., North Carolina

Pa Flag


James BOLTON - Patriotic Service
Birth: Circa 1756
Death: Ante 17 November 1798, Heidelberg Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania

Private George ELY
Birth: 8 November 1733, Trenton, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey
Death: 11 January 1815, Newtown Twp, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania

Major Peter HARTMAN
Birth: 2 April 1740, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania
Death: 30 September 1810, Pikeland Twp, Chester Co., Pennsylvania

Private  John JAMESON
Birth: 1743, Ireland
Death: 28 January 1811 Washington Co., Pennsylvania

Private John PAINTER
Birth: Ante 1760, Mecklenburg, Germany
Death: 23 April 1830, probably Pennsylvania

Lt. Colonel & Aide De Camp to General Washington
Birth: 25 December 1744, Talbot Co., Maryland
Death: 18 April 1786, Baltimore Baltimore Co., Maryland

Non-Commissioned Officer Andrew ZELLER
Birth: 15 August 1755, Berks Co., Pennsylvania
Death: 24 May 1839, Montgomery Co., Ohio

Rhode Island Flag


Lieutenant William COMSTOCK
Birth: Circa 1716, Rhode Island
Death: Ante 26 February 178, West Greenwich, Kent Co., Rhode Island

Private Edward GREEN
Birth: 13 February 1757, Rhode Island
Death: 22 April 1824, Norwich, Chenango Co., Rhode Island


VA Flag


Private John BANNER - Civil Service
Birth: 28 August 1752, Frederick Co., Virginia
Death: 30 April 1837, Forestville, Shenandoah Co., Virginia

Lieutenant George ESKRIDGE
Birth: 24 July 1763, Westmoreland Co., Virginia
Death: 18 August 1827, Grayson Co., Kentucky

Orderly Sergeant Reuben HATTON
Birth: 1762, Amelia Co., Virginia
Death: 16 May 1841, Boone Co., Missouri

Lieutenant John SOUTH
Birth: Circa 1730, Hagerstown, Prince George Co., Maryland
Death: 10 January 1820, Bath Co., Kentucky

Private Frederick SOWERS
Birth: Circa 1760
Death: 12 August 1832, Shenandoah Co., Virginia

Lieutenant Robert WRIGHT
Birth: 7 March 1762, Amherst Co., Virginia
Death: 24 March 1847, Madison Co., Virginia




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