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Serving Genealogical Needs in El Dorado County Since 1979



A Family Tree Can Wither If Nobody Tends Its Roots.




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Roots and Gold Dust Genealogical Society is a collection of people from all walks of life with a common interest, Genealogy. Some of our members have been doing genealogy for years and some are just now starting to discover their family tree. Some of our members are rather young and some of them, while in the twilight of their years, are still young in heart and mind. Since we are located in El Dorado County, the birthplace of the Gold Rush, the majority of our members are residents of El Dorado County. Some of our members are from other counties or states and have or had family in the El Dorado County area.



Society Officers and Board for 2015:

Richard Wilson President (Elected)

Aaron Tassin Vice President (Elected)

Rochelle Chapdelaine Secretary (Elected)

Carol Sexton Treasurer (Elected)

Mary Lee Gilliland Program Director (Elected)

Alice Morrow Library Liaison (Appointed)

Carol Pirtle Newsletter Editor (Appointed)

Paul Hodel Webmaster (Appointed)

Carlyn White Hospitality (Appointed)


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