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Serving Genealogical Needs in El Dorado County Since 1979



A Family Tree Can Wither If Nobody Tends Its Roots.




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The Roots and Gold Dust Genealogical Society understands the value of being able to share information with others working on the same surnames that you are working on. We have created Surname lists for your perusal and use. If you would like to add your surnames to our list, please contact our Webmaster.


We have three Surname lists for you to choose from:


o              First we have a world wide Surname List that is sorted by Surname. Click to see the Surnames List

o              Second is a Surname List sorted by Location. Click to see the Surname by Location List

o              Third is an El Dorado County specific Surname List. To access this list, pleas click on El Dorado County Specific List.


If you wish to contact the member, please contact our webmaster and he will be glad to forward you request. Please include the surname you are interested in and the place and/or dates. Submit to Webmaster here.