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The Colonial Office of Tobago

Transcribed from 'The Colonial Office List for 1899' - page 274.

Civil Establishment.

Warden and Magistrate: J.T. ROUSSEAU, 500 Pounds, and horse, and travelling allowance of 30 Pounds.

Sub-Receiver: Joseph C. O'HALLORAN, 350 Pounds, and personal allowance of 100 Pounds.

Chief Clerk: H.T. GANTEAUME, 300 pounds to 350 Pounds.

Clerk: G.H. M'CALL, 50 Pounds.

Chief Clerk, Treasury: A.L. MARSHALL, 140 Pounds.

Harbour Master: Q.H. SPICER (no salary quote)

Postmaster: J.E.C. SEALY, 100 Pounds.

Chief Clerk: G.B. IRVINE, 80 Pounds.

2nd. Clerk: J.T. Patterson, 60 Pounds.

Deputy Marshall: G.B. IRVINE, fees.

Police and Gaols.

Q.H. SPICER, in charge of Police and Prison, 250 Pounds.

Supervisor of Excise: Q.H. SPICER.

Keeper of the Gaol: Sergeant Adam TAIT, 75 Pounds, and 15 Pounds personal allowance, and quarters.

Medical Department.

District Medical Officers:

E.G. BLANC, M.B., C.M. 250 Pounds.

T.B. KENNY and J.B. ROBINSON, each 200 Pounds.

Chief Ministers of Religion.

Anglican Church:

Moravian Church:

Wesleyan Mission:

Roman Catholic:

Police Magistrate and Coroner.

Joseph C. O'HALLORAN, 450 Pounds.


United States of America, Vice-Consul:


** (Salaries are expressed are salaries per annum)