By Nancy Justus Morebeck


B St.                                                ELMR35  B  

B St.                                                SLVL60  BD 

B.S.                                                 SUSN30  D  

Babb, Thomas                                         VCVL66     

Baca, F.                                             SLVL27  A  

Baker Bros.                                          SLVL26  A  

Baker, C.                                            TRMT27  B  

Baker, G.                                            VCVL23  D  

Baker, N.                                            VCVL23  D  

Baker, R.T.                                          SLVL26  B  

Balard, F.                                           SUSN39  A  

Baldwin, J.M.                                        GRVL38  B  

Ballard & Hall                                       DNVT34  D  

Ballard and Hall                                     DNVT34  D  

Bamber, John                                         GRVL65     

Bank of Dixon                                        SLVL60  A  

Bank of Dixon                                        SLVL66     

Baptist Church                                       SLVL60  A  

Baptist Church                                       VLJO51  C  

Barbaires, Felix                                     BNCA67     

Barbour, N.                                          DNVT34  C  

Barbour, N.                                          DNVT42  B  

Barbour, N.                                          SUSN38  B  

Barbour, N.R.                                        VCVL23  B  

Barbour, Nathan                                      SUSN67     

Barbour, Nathan R.                                   VCVL66     

Barker, Geo. Est. of                                 VCVL31  A  

Barker, H. Est. of                                   VCVL23  D  

Barker, H. Est. of                                   VCVL31  A  

Barker, Henry                                        MNTZ42  D  

Barker, Henry                                        SUSN42  CD 

Barker, Ida C.                                       VCVL66     

Barker, W.T.                                         BNCA67     

Barkway, R.H.                                        MNTZ67     

Barnes, C.E.                                         SUSN67     

Barnes, D.G.                                         VLJO65     

Barnes, N.                                           DNVT34  CD 

Barnes, Nathan                                       DNVT68     

Barnes, T.B.                                         SLVL60  D  

Barnes, T.B.                                         SLVL66     

Barnett, T.A.                                        VCVL23  D  

Barrett, J.H.                                        ELMR68     

Barrott, Geo.                                        SUSN34  C  

Barroughs                                            MNPR34  B  

Barroughs                                            MNPR35  A  

Barry, J.                                            DNVT42  B  

Barry, J.J.                                          BNCA47  AB 

Barry, J.J.                                          BNCA47  B  

Barry, J.J.                                          BNCA47  B  

Barry, J.J.                                          BNCA47  C  

Barry, J.J.                                          BNCA53  D  

Barry, James                                         BNCA67     

Barry, Jas.                                          BNCA47  C  

Barry, Jas.                                          BNCA53  D  

Barry, John J.                                       BNCA67     

Barry, M.                                            TRMT27  D  

Bassett, B.H.                                        ELMR35  B  

Bassford, J.M.                                       VCVL31  A  

Bassford, J.M., Jr.                                  VCVL66     

Batavia P.O.                                         SLVL26  D  

Batavia Select Sch.                                  SLVL26  D  

Baufreton, Alexis                                    GRVL65     

Bauman, J.H.                                         SUSN38  B  

Bauman, J.H.                                         SUSN39  A  

Bauman, J.H.                                         SUSN67     

Bay of Vallejo                                       VLJO46  C  

Bay of Vallejo                                       VLJO51  CD 

Bayley & Coulter                                     SLVL66     

Bayley, J.                                           VCVL30  A  

Beam, L.J.                                           SUSN67     

Beardon, Mrs.                                        VLJO46  D  

Beasley Ferry                                        RVTA43  C  

Beebe, F.                                            SLVL60  A  

Beers, H.M.                                          VCVL66     

Beguhe, David                                        RVTA68     

Beguhl, D.                                           RVTA43  A  

Beguhl, H.                                           RVTA43  A  

Beguhl, H.                                           RVTA43  A  

Behrens, A.                                          TRMT27  AB 

Belard, A.                                           ELMR34  A  

Belard, A.                                           VCVL34  A  

Belerd, John                                         VCVL66     

Belew, T.                                            MNPR35  A  

Bell, J.M.                                           MNPR34  B  

Bell, J.M.                                           MNPR68     

Bell, Thos.                                          ELMR34  A   

Benas, B.                                            VLJO65     

Benicia                                              BNCA47  C  

Benicia Arsenal                                      BNCA47  C  

Benicia Arsenal                                      BNCA53  D  

Benicia Arsenal                                      BNCA67     

Benicia Avenue                                       VLJO51  BD 

Benicia Barracks                                     BNCA47  C  

Benicia Barracks                                     BNCA53  D  

Benicia Dist. Sch.                                   BNCA47  D  

Benicia Map                                          BNCA53  ABCD

Benicia Road                                         GRVL38  D  

Benicia Road                                         VLJO51  B  

BENICIA TOWNSHIP LOCATION                            BNCA22  D  

Benighuff, S.R.                                      SLVL66     

Bennett, A.                                          MNPR34  C  

Bennett, A.                                          MNPR35  A  

Bennett, Albert                                      MNPR68     

Bennett, E.L.                                        ELMR34  A  

Bennett, E.L.                                        VCVL23  BD 

Bennett, E.L.                                        VCVL31  B  

Bennett, E.L.                                        VCVL34  A  

Bennett, E.L.                                        VCVL34  A  

Bennett, H.                                          VCVL66     

Benninghoff, C.                                      SLVL27  A  

Benson, C.P                                          RVTA68     

Benson, G.                                           SLVL27  CD 

Bentley, H.N.                                        MNPR34  B  

Bentley, H.N.                                        MNPR68     

Bernard House                                        VLJO51  C  

Bernard St.                                          VCVL30  A  

Bernard, W.M.                                        SLVL66     

Berry, E.                                            GRVL38  B  

Berry, G.M.                                          SUSN38  B  

Berry, Geo. M.                                       SUSN67     

Biehler, H.                                          MNPR34  B  

Bielar & Mc Elwain                                   MNPR34  B  

Bihler, H.                                           GRVL50  C  

Bihler, Henry                                        GRVL65     

Bihler, W.                                           RVTA35  D  

Bingham, O.                                          BCVL66     

Binghamton Dist. Sch.                                MNPR34  B  

Bird, John                                           MNTZ42  BD 

Bird, John                                           MNTZ67     

Bird's Landing                                       MNTZ42  D  

Bird's Landing P.O.                                  MNTZ42  B  

Bithell, J.                                          DNVT34  D  

Bithell, Zacharia                                    DNVT68     

Bivins & Holly                                       SLVL27  C  

Bivins & Holly                                       SLVL27  C  

Black, C.                                            ELMR34  B  

Black, Sarah A.                                      ELMR34  B  

Black, W.H.                                          ELMR34  A  

Blackburn & Townly                                   SLVL50  B  

Blackburn, R.T. & Townly, H.                         VLJO46  A  

Blacklock, Jas.                                      DNVT42  B  

Blacklock, Jas.                                      DNVT42  B  

Blair, G.                                            VCVL26  C  

Blair, J.                                            MNPR34  B  

Blake, Alexander                                     GRVL38  B  

Blake, Jos.                                          GRVL30  D  

Blake, Jos.                                          GRVL38  B  

Blake, Jos.                                          GRVl38  B  

Blake, Joseph                                        GRVL65     

Blake, W.                                            BNCA67     

Blake, William                                       SLVL66      

Blivens, H.                                          VLJO65     

Blue Mountain                                        VCVL23  A  

Blum, J.                                             SLVL27  C  

Blum, Sons & Co.                                     SLVL66     

Blythe, J.                                           MNTZ42  B  

Blythe, James                                        MNTZ67     

Boitano, F.                                          SUSN31  D  

Boitano, F.                                          SUSN39  B  

Boitano, G.                                          SUSN31  D  

Boitano, G.                                          SUSN39  B  

Bolten & Swaze                                       SLVL26  C  

Bond, J.W.                                           ELMR34  B  

Bonfreton, A.                                        GRVL30  C  

Booker, W.T.                                         GRVL38  C  

Borger, H.                                           BNCA47  C  

Borger, H.                                           BNCA53  B  

Bouchard, A.                                         TRMT27  D  

Bouchard, A.                                         TRMT27  D  

Bouchard, Andrew                                     TRMT68     

Boucher, C.H.                                        MNTZ42  D  

Bouder, Charles                                      MNTZ67     

Boufreton, A                                         GRVL38  A  

Bounds Slough                                        MNPR35  A  

Bowley & Lee                                         ELMR34  A  

Bowlin, A.C.                                         ELMR34  B  

Bowman, W.J.                                         RVTA35  C  

Bowman, W.J.                                         RVTA68     

Boyens, Peter                                        TRMT27  D  

Boyens, Peter                                        TRMT68     

Boynton, H.                                          SUSN39  A  

Boynton, H.                                          SUSN67     

Bradley, E.                                          SUSN34  C  

Brake, G.W.                                          ELMR34  A  

Branciforte                                          VLJO51  C  

Branton, R.                                          SLVL27  C  

Branton, R.A.                                        SLVL66     

Bray, W.A. & Bull, A.                                DNVT34  D  

Bray, W.A. & Bull, A.                                DNVT34  D  

Bray, W.A. & Bull, A.                                DNVT42  B  

Brazil, J.                                           ELMR34  B