By Nancy Justus Morebeck


C St.                                                SLVL60  BD 

C. Bros                                              SUSN38  B  

C.S.                                                 GRVL50  C  

CA College & Hawkins, M.                             ELMR34  A  

Cache Slough                                         MNPR35  D  

Cain, J.                                             RVTA35  C  

Caire, J.                                            MNPR35  A  

Cal P. R.R. Co.                                      TRMT27  D  

Cal Pac. R.R.                                            27  ABC

Cal Pac. R.R. Co.                                    TRMT27  B   

Cal. P. R.R.                                         SLVL60  ABD

Cal. P. R.R.                                         SUSN57  ABC

Cal. P. R.R.                                         VLJO46  AC 

Cal. P. R.R. Co.                                     TRMT27  B  

Cal. P. R.R. Co.                                     TRMT27  B  

Cal. P. R.R. Co.                                     TRMT27  B  

Cal. P. R.R. Co.                                     TRMT27  D  

Cal. Pac. R.R.                                       ELMR35  B  

Cal. Pac. R.R.                                       VLJO51  ABD

Cal. Pac. R.R. Co.                                   TRMT27  D  

Cal. Pacific R.R.                                    GRVL50  CD 

Cal. Pacific R.R.                                    SUSN31  D  

Cal. Trading Co.                                     VLJO46  A  

Cal. Trading Co.                                     VLJO50  AC 

Calahan, J.                                          VCVL66     

Calif. College & Hawkins, M.                         ELMR34  A  

California College                                   VCVL30  A  

California Pacific R.R.                              SUSN38  BCD

California Pacific R.R.                              SUSN39  AB 

California St.                                       RVTA43  BD 

California St.                                       SUSN57  D  

California St.                                       VLJO50  B  

California St.                                       VLJO51  A  

Callaghan, M.                                        MNTZ42  B  

Callaghan, M.                                        MNTZ67     

Callahan, M.                                         SLVL26  D  

Callender, John                                      VLJO65     

Callin St.                                           VCVL30  AB 

Calmers, Wm.                                         VCVL66     

Calmes, W.                                           ELMR34  A  

Camden, Thos.                                        BNCA67     

Cameron, J.W.                                        RVTA43  A  

Cameron, J.W.                                        RVTA68     

Campbell, Anthony                                    BNCA67     

Campbell, J.P.                                       SUSN30  D  

Campbell, S.R.                                       BNCA67     

Campbellite Church                                   ELMR35  B  

Cannon & Staples                                     ELMR34  A  

Canon & Staples                                      SUSN34  C  

Canon & Staples                                      SUSN39  AB 

Canon Station                                            34  AC 

Canright Dist. Sch.                                  RVTA43  A  

Canright, F.P.                                       RVTA43  A  

Canright, F.P.                                       RVTA68     

Cantelou, Wm.                                        VCVL66     

Cantelow, Wm.                                        VCVL23  BD 

Capell, J.S.                                         GRVL38  A  

Capitol St.                                          VLJO51  AC 

Carlew, F.M.                                         GRVL38  A  

Carolina St.                                         VLJO51  AC 

Carpenter, H.                                        SUSN31  D  

Carpenter, H.                                        SUSN31  D  

Carpenter, H.                                        SUSN39  B  

Carrington, Calvin                                   VLJO65     

Carrington, J.B.                                     DNVT34  CD 

Carrington, J.E.                                     DNVT47  D  

Carrington, John B.                                  DNVT68     

Carroll & Drew                                       RVTA35  D  

Carroll, J.H.                                        RVTA35  D  

Carroll, J.H.                                        RVTA35  D  

Carter, D.B.                                         VLJO65     

Carter, R.                                           RVTA43  D  

Carter, Robert C.                                    RVTA68     

Carter, William                                      VLJO65     

Casey, J.                                            SUSN34  C  

Casey, J. & Co.                                      SLVL66     

Casey, M.                                            VLJO46  AB 

Casey, Michael                                       SUSN67     

Casey, Wm. Est. of                                   SLVL27  C  

Catherine St.                                        VCVL30  A  

Catholic Cemetery                                    RVTA43  B  

Catholic Church                                      ELMR35  B  

Catholic Church                                      RVTA43  D  

Catholic Church                                      SLVL60  A  

Catholic Church                                      SUSN57  D  

Cemetery                                             BNCA47  C  

Cemetery                                             BNCA53  B  

Cemetery                                             ELMR34  A  

Cemetery                                             MNPR34  B  

Cemetery                                             RVTA43  A  

Cemetery                                             RVTA43  A  

Cemetery                                             SLVL26  B  

Cemetery                                             SLVL27  C  

Cemetery                                             SLVL27  C  

Cemetery                                             SUSN39  A  

Cemetery                                             VCVL31  B  

Cemetery                                             VLJO46  D  

Centennial Hall                                      SLVL60  B  

Center Dist. Sch.                                    ELMR34  A  

Center St.                                           RVTA43  BD 

Cerkel, W.                                           DNVT42  B  

Chadbourne, Maria                                    RVTA43  A  

Chaldburn, Ruth                                      SUSN38  B  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    GRVL38  D  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    GRVL38  D  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    GRVL38  D  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    GRVL38  D  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    GRVL38  D  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    SUSN39  C  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    SUSN39  C  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    SUSN39  C  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    SUSN39  C  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    SUSN39  C  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    SUSN42  A  

Chamberlain, A.B.                                    SUSN47  B  

Champion, G                                          RVTA43  B  

Chandler, F.B.                                       ELMR35  B  

Chandler, F.B.                                       ELMR35  B  

Chandler, F.B.                                       ELMR68     

Chandler, T.H.                                       SUSN67     

Chapin, F.S.                                         VCVL31  B  

Chapman, A.L.                                        SUSN31  C  

Chapman, H.W.                                        SUSN42  A  

Chapman, I.N.                                        SUSN42  C  

Chapman, I.N.                                        SUSN42  C  

Chapman, I.N. & Moore, T.W.                          SUSN42  CD 

Chapman, W.S.                                        SUSN42  C  

Chapman, W.S.                                        VLJO50  AC 

Chapman, W.S. & Lamont, Geo. A.                      SUSN42  A  

Chapman, W.S. & Nourse, Geo. A.                      VLJO46  A  

Chapman, W.S. & Nourse, Geo. A.                      VLJO50  AC 

Chapman, W.S. & Townsend, M.D.                       SUSN42  A  

Charon & Provost                                     RVTA35  C  

Charron and Prevost                                  RVTA43  A  

Chase St.                                            VLJP51  B  

Cherry St.                                           SLVL60  A  

Cherry St.                                           VLJO51  BD 

Chestnut St.                                         SLVL60  AC 

Chestnut St.                                         VLJO51  D  

Childs, C.W.                                         SUSN67     

Chips Island                                         MNTZ42  D  

Chips Island                                         SUSN42  CD 

Chivree, Joseph                                      SUSN67     

Chrisler, A.                                         SUSN67     

Chrisler, P.J.                                       SUSN67     

Christenson, Chas.                                   MNPR68     

Christopher, B.F.                                    VCVL66     

Christopher, B.R.                                    VCVL31  B  

Church                                               GRVL50  C  

Church                                               TRMT27  B  

Church, E.C.                                         SLVL26  B  

Church, E.C.                                         SLVL26  B  

Church, E.C.                                         SLVL66     

CIN                                                  GRVL50  C  

City Hall                                            BNCA53  B  

City Hall                                            VLJO51  C  

City Hotel                                           SLVL60  A  

City Limits                                          VLJO50  D  

City Limits                                          VLJO50  D   

City Limits                                          VLJO51  D  

Clark, Anson                                         VLJO65     

Clark, J.                                            ELMR34  A  

Clark, J.                                            VCVL23  C  

Clark, J.                                            VCVL23  C  

Clark, James A.                                      ELMR68     

Clark, R.M.                                          SUSN67     

Clark, S.                                            SUSN31  CD 

Clark, S.                                            SUSN39  B  

Clarridge, Geo. A.                                   RVTA68     

Clay St.                                             SUSN57  B  

Clayton, D.J.                                        SUSN30  D  

Clayton, D.J.                                        SUSN67     

Clayton, W.                                          BNCA67     

Cliffman, F.H.                                       VCVL66     

Clinton & Kirby                                      DNVT42  B  

Clinton & Kirby                                      SUSN42  B  

Cloutman, J.F.                                       TRMT27  B  

Cloutman, J.F.                                       TRMT68     

Cluness, Dr.                                         MNPR34  B  

Coburn & Marshall                                    VCVL23  C  

Coburn & Marshall                                    VCVL31  A  

Coburn, A.P.                                         ELMR34  A  

Coburn, G.O.                                         VCVL31  B  

Coburn, G.O.                                         VCVL66     

Coburn, Gilbert                                      VCVL66     

Cocoran, S.                                          VLJO65     

Coghlan, O.R.                                        SUSN67     

Cole, Jesse                                          SUSN67     

Coleman & Ferguson                                   SLVL60  C  

Coleman, N.B.S.                                      MNPR34  B  

Coleman, N.B.S.                                      SLVL27  C  

Coleman, N.B.S.                                      SLVL66     

Coleman, Richard                                     VLJO65     

Collins, J.R.                                        VCVL23  D  

Collins, J.R.                                        VCVL23  D  

Collins, J.R.                                        VCVL66     

Collinsville                                         MNTZ42  D  

Collinsville                                         MNTZ42  D  

Collinsville Dist. Sch.                              MNTZ42  D  

Collinsville Road                                    DNVT47  D  

Collinsville Road                                    MNTZ42  B  

Colusa                                               VLJO51  A  

Common St.                                           SUSN57  D  

Cong. Church                                         SLVL60  A  

Congregational Church                                BNCA53  B  

Congregational Church                                RVTA43  D  

Connell, G.                                          ELMR34  A  

Connell, J.W.                                        ELMR34  A  

Connell, J.W.                                        ELMR34  B  

Connelly, E.                                         SUSN39  A  

Connelly, J.                                         VCVL23  D  

Connelly, J.                                         VCVL31  B  

Connolly, Edward                                     SUSN67     

Connolly, Henry                                      VLJO65     

Connor, D.O.                                         SLVL26  D  

Connor, J.M.                                         ELMR26  D  

Contra Costa Co.                                         42  C  

Contra Costa Co.                                         53  A  

Contra Costa County                                      46  CD 

Contra Costa St.                                     VLJO51  A  

Conwell, J.W.                                        ELMR34  A  

Cook, Geo.                                           GRVL30  C  

Cook, Geo.                                           GRVL38  A  

Cook, Geo.                                           GRVL65      

Cook, Geo.                                           SUSN30  C  

Cook, J.D.                                           SLVL27  A  

Cook, N.                                             RVTA43  A  

Cook, N.                                             RVTA43  A  

Cook, Wm.                                            MNTZ42  B  

Cooley, D.C.                                         TRMT27  B  

Cooper                                               MNPR34  B  

Cooper, G.                                           SLVL60  B  

Cooper, Geo                                          MNPR34  D  

Cooper, Geo.                                         MNPR34  B  

Cooper, Geo.                                         SLVL27  C  

Cooper, George                                       SLVL66     

Cooper, M.D.                                         ELMR26  D  

Cooper, M.D.                                         ELMR34  A  

Cooper, W.                                           ELMR34  A  

Copley, G.                                           ELMR34  B  

Corcoran, Daniel                                     GRVL65     

Cordelia P.O.                                        GRVL38  D  

Cordelia Slough                                          47  B  

Cordelia Slough                                      GRVL38  D  

Cordelia St.                                         SUSN57  D  

Corn, D.K.                                           VCVL66     

Cornell, R.S.                                        SLVL27  C  

Cotten, J.W.                                         SLVL66     

Cotting & Rice                                       ELMR26  C  

Cotting & Rice                                       SUSN39  B  

Cottrell & Higgs                                     ELMR34  B  

Cottrell & Higgs                                     MNPR34  B  

Coulter & Bayley                                     SLVL66     

County Road                                          SLVL60  A  

County Road                                          SLVL60  AC 

Courthouse & Jail                                    SUSN57  B  

Cowen                                                ELMR34  A  

Craig, F.                                            TRMT27  B  

Crane, J.G.                                          RVTA35  D  

Crater, Rich.                                        SUSN39  AB 

Crater, Rich.                                        SUSN57  B  

Crater, Richard                                      SUSN66     

Creighton, D.                                        VCVL31  B  

Crieghton, David                                     VCVL66     

Cripps, H.H. & M.                                    ELMR35  B  

Cripps, M. & H.H.                                    ELMR35  B   

Cripps, W.                                           ELMR35  B  

Crocker, H.T.                                        VLJO65     

Crow, H.                                             GRVL38  C  

Crowell and Brown                                    RVTA43  A  

Crowell, A.B.                                        RVTA68     

Crowell, J.W.                                        RVTA43  A  

Culver, H.F.                                         SLVL27  C  

Culver, H.F.                                         SLVL27  C  

Culver, W.                                           TRMT27  D  

Cumber, J.                                           MNPR35  A  

Cummings, Mary L.                                    MNPR34  D  

Cunningham, J.                                       SUSN39  A  

Cunningham, J.                                       VCVL66     

Cunningham, J.C.                                     VCVL31  B  

Cunningham, Jos.                                     SUSN39  A  

Currey, Robert J.                                    SLVL66     

Currie, Alexander                                    RVTA68     

Curry, A.                                            RVTA43  A  

Curry, John                                          SLVL27  A  

Curry, Judge John                                    SLVL26  B  

Curry, Judge John                                    SLVL27  A  

Curry, M.S.                                          SLVL26  B  

Curry, M.S.                                          SLVL27  A  

Curry, M.S.                                          SLVL27  C  

Curry, Robt. J.                                      SLVL27  A  

Cushing, S.C.                                        MNPR34  B  

Cuttings & Rice                                      ELMR34  A  

Cyrus, E.                                            BNCA67