By Nancy Justus Morebeck


H.E.                                                 GRVL50  C  

H.N.H.                                               BNCA47  C  

Hackman, H.                                          TRMT27  BD 

Hadenfeldt, H.D.K.                                   SLVL26  D  

Hadley, J.T.                                         DNVT34  D  

Hadley, James T.                                     RVTA68     

Hadley, S.T.                                         RVTA68     

Hagan, Parrick                                       DNVT42  B  

Hagan, Patrick                                       DNVT68     

Hagen, E.D.                                          BNCA67     

Haggerty, J.                                         BNCA67     

Haggerty, Patrick                                    VLJO65     

Haggin, J.B.                                         SUSN47  B  

Haggin, J.B., Taylor, W.H., & Heyman, A.             SUSN39  CD 

Haggin, J.B., Taylor, W.H., & Heyman, A.             SUSN42  A  

Haile, R.C.                                          SUSN30  CD 

Haile, R.C.                                          SUSN67     

Hale, D.                                             SUSN38  B  

Hale, David                                          SUSN67     

Haleran, D. Est. of                                  MNTZ42  B  

Hall & Ballard                                       DNVT34  D  

Hall and Martin                                      MNTZ42  D  

Hall and Martin                                      RVTA43  A  

Hall and Martin                                      RVTA43  A  

Hall, A.H.                                           VLJO65     

Hall, G.W.                                           SUSN57  A  

Hall, J.W.                                           RVTA43  AB 

Hall, R.                                             TRMT27  A  

Hall, Richard                                        SLVL66     

Hall, Rich'd                                         SLVL27  A  

Hall, William                                        SLVL66     

Hallenstatt, J.                                      SLVL26  D  

Hallin, C.                                           VLJO65     

Hamilton, J. & P.                                    RVTA43  A  

Hamilton, J.T.                                       SLVL66      

Hamilton, J.T.                                       TRMT27  D  

Hamilton, P. & J.                                    RVTA43  A  

Hammell, James                                       RVTA43  A  

Hammell, James                                       RVTA68     

Hammon, A.M.                                         DNVT42  B  

Hammond Island                                       MNTZ42  D  

Hammond Island                                       SUSN42  CD 

Hammond, J.                                          SUSN42  C  

Hammond, Robert                                      SLVL66     

Hanke, H.                                            SLVL27  C  

Hanke, H.                                            SLVL27  C  

Hanke, H.                                            SLVL66     

Happe, J.                                            RVTA43  A  

Happe, John                                          RVTA68     

Harkinson, C.                                        SLVL26  D  

Harkinson, Chas.                                     ELMR68     

Harman, A.M.                                         SUSN67     

Haroldson, D.W.                                      GRVL38  B  

Harolson, W.D.                                       SUSN30  D  

Harper, D.                                           DNVT42  B  

Harper, D.                                           DNVT42  B  

Harper, D. Est. of                                   SUSN38  B  

Harper, D. Est. of                                   SUSN39  A  

Harper, D. Est. of                                   SUSN39  A  

Harrier, D.W.                                        VLJO65     

Harrington, John                                     VCVL66     

Hartley, E.M.E.                                      VCVL26  C  

Hartley, Mrs. E.M.E.                                 VCVL26  C  

Hartley, Mrs. E.M.E.                                 VCVL26  C  

Hastings Island                                      SUSN42  A  

Hastings, C.S.                                       SUSN34  C  

Hastings, D.N.                                       BNCA47  AB 

Hastings, D.N.                                       BNCA47  C  

Hastings, D.N.                                       BNCA67     

Hastings, S.C.                                       BNCA47  C  

Hastings, S.C.                                       DNVT34  D  

Hastings, S.C.                                       DNVT42  B  

Hastings, S.C.                                       MNPR34  D  

Hastings, S.C.                                       MNPR35  AC 

Hastings, S.C.                                       MNPR35  C  

Hastings, S.C.                                       MNPR35  CD 

Hastings, S.C.                                       MNPR35  CD 

Hastings, S.C.                                       SUSN34  C  

Hastings, S.C.                                       SUSN39  B  

Hastings, S.C.                                       SUSN42  A  

Hastings, S.C.                                       SUSN42  A  

Hatch, A.T.                                          GRVL38  B  

Hatch, A.T.                                          GRVL65     

Hatch, A.T.                                          GRVL65     

Hathaway, E.T.                                       SUSN31  D  

Hawkins, A.                                          ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, A.                                          VCVL34  A  

Hawkins, A.C.                                        ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, A.C.                                        ELMR68     

Hawkins, A.C.                                        VCVL31  B  

Hawkins, A.C.                                        VCVL31  B  

Hawkins, A.C.                                        VCVL31  BD 

Hawkins, A.C., Jr.                                   ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, A.C., Sr.                                   ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, D.G.                                        VCVL31  D  

Hawkins, D.G.                                        VCVL66     

Hawkins, J.C.                                        ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, J.C.                                        ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, M. & CA College                             ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, M. & Calif. College                         ELMR34  A  

Hawkins, V.                                          ELMR34  A  

Hay St.                                              VLJO51  D  

Hay, J.                                              ELMR34  B  

Hayman, J.                                           BNCA67     

Hays, L.C.                                           MNPR35  C  

Hazen St.                                            ELMR35  B  

Head of Navigation                                   MNPR35  A  

Heald, J.W.                                          VLJO65     

Hecklin, W.                                          RVTA43  A  

Heenan, M.                                           BNCA47  C  

Heins, Mrs.                                          SLVL27  C  

Heins, Mrs.                                          SLVL27  C  

Heming, M.                                           TRMT27  B  

Henderson, H.C.                                      SUSN30  D  

Henderson, Henry                                     SUSN67     

Henderson, O.L.                                      VLJO65     

Henderson, Thomas                                    SUSN67     

Hennessy, Mrs. Ann                                   ELMR34  A  

Hennessy, Thos.                                      GRVL38  A   

Hennessy, Wm.                                        ELMR34  A  

Henning, Marx                                        SLVL66     

Herbert, W.B.                                        TRMT68     

Herbison, WIlliam                                    GRVL65     

Herkess, P.                                          RVTA43  A  

Herold, Dott                                         VCVL66     

HET                                                  SUSN30  D  

Hewitt, J.                                           SUSN39  A  

Hewitt, Joseph                                       SUSN67     

Heyman, A. & Taylor, W.H.                            SUSN47  B  

Heyman, A. Haggin, J.B., & Taylor, W. H.             SUSN39  CD 

Heyman, A., Taylor, W.H., & Haggin, J.B.             SUSN42  A