By Nancy Justus Morebeck


Hichborn, Alex                                       VLJO65     

Hickey, E.                                           SUSN34  C  

Hicklin, B.                                          RVTA68     

Hidden, C.G.                                         GRVL38  B  

Higgins, A. Est. of                                  SUSN34  C  

Higgins, Wm.                                         GRVL38  C  

Higgs & Cottrell                                     ELMR34  B  

Higgs & Cottrell                                     MNPR34  B  

Hilborn, E.P.                                        RVTA43  A  

Hilborn, E.P.                                        SUSN42  A  

Hilborn, E.P.                                        SUSN67     

Hilborn, S.G. & Smith, G.W., & Hurlburt, F.          VLJO46  A  

Hill, J.W.                                           VCVL31  B  

Hill, Jas.                                           BNCA47  C  

Hill, Jas.                                           BNCA47  C  

Hill, W.W.                                           SLVL60  A  

Hill, W.W.                                           SLVL60  A  

Hinchlay, G.W.                                       VCVL23  B  

Hinday                                                   23  B  

Hinman, W.S.                                         SLVL66     

Hittell                                              BNCA46  D  

Hittell & Wilson                                     VLJO46  D  

Hittell, J.S.                                        VLJO46  D  

Hobbs, I.                                            VLJO46  A  

Hobbs, I.                                            VLJO46  A  

Hobbs, Isaac                                         VLJO65     

Hodapp, S.                                           RVTA43  A  

Hoffner, Louis                                       TRMT68     

Hofner, L.                                           TRMT27  D  

Hohman, V.J.                                         SLVL66     

Holdridge, A.                                        TRMT27  A  

Holdridge, Ambrose                                   TRMT68     

Holland, Hannah                                      GRVL38  C  

Hollenbeck                                           RVTA35  D  

Hollenbeck                                           RVTA35  D  

Holling, Mrs. D.                                     TRMT27  D  

Hollister, C.H.                                      SUSN39  B  

Holly & Bivins                                       SLVL27  C  

Holly & Bivins                                       SLVL27  C  

Holmes, N.                                           RVTA68     

Honka Bay                                                42  CD 

Hooper, Thos. T.                                     MNTZ42  B  

Hooper, Thos. T.                                     MNTZ67     

Hopkins, M.                                          MNTZ42  B  

Hospital                                             BNCA53  D  

Hospital                                             VLJO51  C  

Hotel                                                DNVT47  D  

Hotel                                                GRVL38  D  

Hotel                                                MNPR35  A  

Hots, J.M.                                           VLJO65     

Hough, D.E.                                          VCVL66     

Hough, J.F.                                          VCVL23  D  

Houghton, C.B.                                       BNCA67      

Houghton, J.                                         TRMT27  D  

Howard Hotel                                         VLJO51  C  

Howard, A.                                           VLJO65     

Howard, C.W.                                         RVTA68     

Howard, P.                                           MNPR34  D  

Howard, P.                                           MNPR34  D  

Howard, P.                                           MNPR34  D  

Howell, R.O.                                         ELMR34  A  

Hoxie, B.F.                                          SUSN67     

Hoyt, H.                                             ELMR34  A  

Hoyt, H.                                             ELMR34  A  

Hoyt, J.B.                                           DNVT42  B  

Hoyt, J.B.                                           MNTZ42  B  

Hoyt, J.B.                                           SUSN57  A  

Hoyt, J.B.                                           SUSN67     

Hoyt, Joseph                                         SUSN67     

Hoyt, S.T.                                           ELMR34  A  

Hoyts Barns                                          DNVT42  B  

Hubbard, Henry                                       SUSN67     

Hubbard, J.W.                                        VCVL66     

Huck, J.S.                                           SLVL27  C  

Huckins, J.                                          VCVL23  CD 

Huckins, John                                        VCVL66     

Hueston, J.                                          GRVL38  C  

Huff, D.B.                                           SLVL60  B  

Huff, D.B.                                           SLVL66     

Hughes, Michael                                      SUSN67     

Hulen, G.                                            SLVL60  D  

Humel, H.                                            TRMT27  B  

Humel, Henry                                         TRMT27  B  

Humphreys, J.H.                                      GRVL65     

Hunter, A.                                           VLJO46  B  

Hunter, J.                                           VLJO46  B  

Hurlburt, F. & Hilborn, S.G. & Smith, G.W.           VLJO46  A  

Hurley House                                         ELMR35  B  

Hurley, Mrs. M.                                      SUSN34  C  

Hurley, W.                                           VCVL66     

Hussey & Smith                                       VLJO46  B  

Huston, J.                                           GRVL65     

Huston, John                                         GRVL38  C  

Huston, John                                         VLJO46  B  

Hutchinson, A.                                       SUSN31  D   

Hutchinson, A.                                       VCVL66     

Hutchinson, M.                                       SUSN67     

Hutton, Edward                                       SLVL66     

Hutton, F.                                           BNCA67     

Hutton, Fred                                         GRVL38  C  

Hutton, Fred                                         GRVL65     

Hyatt, A.A.                                          ELMR34  A  

Hyatt, A.A.                                          ELMR68     

Hyatt, H.H.                                          VCVL30  A  

Hyatt, T.H.                                          VCVL23  B  

Hyatt, T.H.                                          VCVL26  C  

Hyde, S.F.                                           TRMT27  B  

Hyde, S.F.                                           TRMT68     

Hyland, W.                                           TRMT27  B  

Hyland, Wm.                                          TRMT68