By Nancy Justus Morebeck


M.E. Church                                          ELMR35  B  

M.E. Church                                          SLVL60  B  

M.E. Church                                          VCVL30  A  

Machine Shop                                         BNCA53  D  

Mack, D.                                             SLVL27  C  

Mack, Darius                                         SLVL66     

Mackay, W.G.                                         GRVL38  C  

Mackay, W.G.                                         GRVL65     

Macy, H.                                             GRVL38  D  

Macy, H.                                             GRVL38  D  

Madden, B.                                           SLVL27  C  

Madden, J.                                           SLVL27  A  

Madden, John                                         SLVL66     

Madison St.                                          SUSN57  AC 

Madison, P.                                          GRVL30  C  

Magazine                                             VLJO51  D  

Magazine St.                                         VLJO51  BD 

Main Arsenal                                         BNCA53  D  

Main St.                                             RVTA43  BD 

Main St.                                             SUSN57  D  

Main St.                                             VCVL30  A  

Main St. Wharf                                       VLJO51  C  

Maine Prairie Dist. Sch.                             MNPR35  A  

Maine Prairie P.O.                                   MNPR35  A  


Maine St.                                            VLJO51  AC 

Malci, John                                          SUSN31  D  

Mangas                                               MNPR34  B  

Mangles, L.                                          GRVL38  B  

Manka, C.                                            SUSN30  D  

Mann, D.                                             SLVL60  B  

Mann, D.L.                                           SLVL66     

Mansfield & Theodore                                 VCVL23  D  

Marble Quarry                                        SUSN31  D  

Mare Island                                          VLJO50  B  

Mare Island Navy Yard                                VLJO46  C  

Mare Island Navy Yard                                VLJO51  CD 

Marin                                                VLJO51  AC 

Marine Barracks                                      VLJO51  C  

Markham, H.                                          MNTZ42  D  

Marshall & Coburn                                    VCVL23  C  

Marshall & Coburn                                    VCVL31  A  

Marshall, J.                                         SUSN30  D  

Marshall, L.P.                                       MNTZ42  D  

Marshall, L.P.                                       MNTZ42  D  

Marshall, R.C.                                       VCVL31  B  

Marshall, R.C.                                       VCVL34  A  

Marshall, R.C.                                       VCVL66     

Marston, J.H.                                        SUSN67     

Martel, Charles                                      VCVL66     

Martell, C.                                          VCVL23  BD 

Martin & Hall                                        MNTZ42  D  

Martin & Hall                                        RVTA43  A  

Martin and Hall                                      RVTA43  A  

Martin, F.                                           ELMR26  D  

Martin, H.B.                                         SLVL66     

Martin, Sam'l                                        GRVL38  B  

Martin, Samuel                                       GRVL65     

Martinez Ferry                                       BNCA47  C  

Martinez Ferry                                       BNCA53  C  

Maryland St.                                         VLJO51  AC 

Mason & Yoakum                                       GRVL38  B  

Mason St.                                            VCVL30  A  

Mason, F.Y.                                          SLVL26  D  

Mason, G.W.                                          GRVL38  A  

Mason, Wm. W.                                        GRVL65     

Masonic Savings Bank                                 SUSN31  D  

Masonic Savings Bank                                 SUSN34  C  

Massachusetts                                        VLJO51  C  

Mastin, S.G.                                         TRMT27  B  

Matheson, E.D.                                       SUSN67     

Mathews, Thomas                                      VLJO65     

Mathews, Thos.                                       VLJO46  A  

Mathews, Thos.                                       VLJO46  A  

Mathewson, H.R.                                      RVTA43  A  

Maupin, T.C.                                         ELMR26  CD 

Maurfeld, T.                                         VCVL66     

Maxham, M.H.                                         TRMT27  D  

Maxwell, Wm.                                         TRMT27  B  

Mayes Add.                                           SLVL60  A  

Mayes St.                                            SLVL60  AC 

Mayes, J.S.                                          SLVL26  D  

Mayes, J.S.                                          SLVL27  C  

Mayes, John S.                                       SLVL66     

Mc Allister, J.                                      BNCA67     

Mc Bride, S.                                         SLVL26  D  

Mc Bride, S.                                         SLVL66     

Mc Bride, S. & Silvey, E.S. Est. of                  SLVL26  B  

Mc Cain, W.W.                                        RVTA35  D  

Mc Cain, W.W.                                        RVTA35  D  

Mc Cann, William                                     TRMT27  BD 

Mc Cann, Wm.                                         SLVL60  D  

Mc Cartin, J.                                        SUSN39  B  

Mc Carty, Jane                                       ELMR26  CD 

Mc Carty, Mrs. O.                                    SLVL26  A  

Mc Clellan St.                                       VCVL30  A  

Mc Comb                                              GRVL30  C  

Mc Comb, James                                       SLVL66     

Mc Cool, D.                                          VLJO65     

Mc Cormick, D.                                       RVTA43  A  

Mc Cormick, D.                                       RVTA68     

Mc Cormick, P.                                       DNVT42  B  

Mc Cory, Jas.                                        ELMR34  A  

Mc Coy, A.W. Est. of                                 VCVL26  C  

Mc Coy, J.                                           SUSN31  D  

Mc Coy, J.                                           SUSN39  B  

Mc Coy, Joseph                                       TRMT27  D  

Mc Crary, Daniel                                     SUSN39  A  

Mc Cray, E. Est. of                                  MNPR34  B  

Mc Creary, Dan'l                                     SUSN67     

Mc Cudden, James                                     VLJO65     

Mc Cue, Patrick                                      VLJO65     

Mc Cullough, Wm.                                     SLVL27  C  

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    MNPR35  A  

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    MNPR35  A  

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    MNPR35  A  

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    MNPR35  AC 

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    SLVL26  AB 

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    SLVL26  D  

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    SLVL26  D  

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    VCVL23  B  

Mc Cune & Garnett                                    VCVL23  B  

Mc Cune, H.E.                                        SLVL26  D  

Mc Cune, H.E.                                        SLVL66     

Mc Dermot, G.W.                                      SUSN39  B  

Mc Dermott, G.W.                                     SUSN34  C  

Mc Donald, T.                                        VLJO65     

Mc Donell, A.                                        BNCA67     

Mc Donell, E.A.                                      BNCA67     

Mc Dowell, Estate                                    VLJO46  B  

Mc Dowell, M.                                        ELMR34  A  

Mc Elwain & Bielar                                   MNPR34  B  

Mc Elwain, W.J.                                      MNPR34  B  

Mc Elwaine, W.J.                                     MNPR68     

Mc Ewen, W.S.                                        SUSN38  B  

Mc Fadgen, J.W.                                      SLVL66     

Mc Fadyen, J.W.                                      SLVL27  A  

Mc G., E.                                            GRVL38  D   

Mc Gary, E.                                          GRVL38  C  

Mc Gary, E.                                          GRVL38  CD 

Mc Gary, E.                                          GRVL50  C  

Mc Gee                                               MNPR35  A  

Mc Gettigan, Edw.                                    VLJO65     

Mc Gill, T.F.                                        VLJO65     

Mc Gonnegan                                          ELMR34  B  

Mc Intire, J.                                        SUSN38  B  

Mc Intire, J.                                        SUSN39  A  

Mc Intire, John                                      SUSN67     

Mc Intyre, G.                                        RVTA35  C  

Mc Intyre, Hugh                                      ELMR68     

Mc Iver, J.E.                                        VLJO65     

Mc K.                                                GRVL50  C  

Mc Kay & Brown                                       BNCA67     

Mc Kenna, Joseph                                     SUSN67     

Mc Kinley, G.C.                                      SLVL27  C  

Mc Kinley, Geo. C.                                   SLVL66     

Mc Kinstry, H.H.                                     MNPR34  B  

Mc Lane St.                                          VLJO51  BD 

Mc Lane, M.                                          SUSN39  B  

Mc Leod                                              RVTA43  A  

Mc Leod, James                                       RVTA68     

Mc M., J.                                            VCVL23  D  

Mc M., J.                                            VCVL23  D  

Mc Mahan, S.G.                                       SLVL26  B  

Mc Mahan, S.G.                                       SLVL26  B  

Mc Mahan, S.G.                                       SLVL66     

Mc Mahan, S.G.                                       VCVL23  B  

Mc Mahan, S.G.                                       VCVL26  C  

Mc Master, C.H.                                      GRVL38  D  

Mc Master, C.H.                                      GRVL38  D  

Mc Master, C.H.                                      GRVL38  D  

Mc Master, C.H.                                      SLVL26  D  

Mc Master, C.H.                                      SLVL66     

Mc Mortry, Jas.                                      VCVL23  D  

Mc Mullen, J.                                        SUSN39  A  

Mc Mullen, John                                      SUSN67     

Mc Mullin, J.                                        SLVL27  C  

Mc Murtry, J.                                        VCVL26  C  

Mc Murtry, Jos.                                      VCVL26  C  

Mc Nally, C.                                         BNCA47  C  

Mc Pherson, R.                                       ELMR34  A  

Mc Sweeney, J.J.                                     VCVL31  A  

Mc Williams, L.G.                                    SUSN30  D  

Mc Williams, L.G.                                    SUSN30  D  

McKinley, G.C.                                       SLVL60  B  

McNee, D.                                            MNPR34  B  

M'Cune, J.                                           VCVL66     

Meier, J.                                            TRMT27  B  

Meier, J.                                            TRMT27  D  

Mein, Robert                                         MNTZ67     

Mein, Rob't                                          MNTZ42  B  

Mein's Landing                                       MNTZ42  B  

Meir, John                                           TRMT68     

Meister, Mrs. F.                                     GRVL38  A  

Meister, Mrs. F.                                     GRVL65     

Melbourn, Thos.                                      SUSN67     

Melbourne & Vest                                     ELMR34  A  

Melbourne & Vest                                     SUSN34  A  

Mentz, A.                                            BNCA47  A  

Menzies, T.                                          RVTA43  A  

Merchant St.                                         VCVL30  A  

Merchant, J.B.                                       VCVL66     

Merithew, C.H.                                       MNPR68      

Merrifield, J.C.                                     SLVL26  D  

Merrill, W.D.                                        DNVT42  B  

Merrill, W.D.                                        DNVT68     

Merryfield, J.C.                                     SLVL66     

Methodist Church                                     SUSN57  A