By Nancy Justus Morebeck


St. Augustines College                               BNCA53  D  

St. Catherines Female Academy                        BNCA53  B  

St. Dominic's Church                                 BNCA53  D  

St. Dominic's Monastery                              BNCA67     

St. Gertrude Academy                                 RVTA43  BD 

St. John's Quicksilver Mine, John Neate, Prop.       VLJO46  B  

St. Mary's Academy                                   BNCA53  D  

St. Pauls Church                                     BNCA53  B  

Stagg, W.K.                                          DNVT34  C  

Stairbird, A.T.                                      MNTZ42  D  

Stairbird, A.T.                                      SUSN42  D  

Staple, S. Est. of                                   ELMR26  D  

Staples & Cannon                                     SUSN39  AB 

Staples & Canon                                      ELMR34  A  

Staples & Canon                                      SUSN34  C  

Staples, E.H.                                        SUSN67     

Staples, F.O.                                        SUSN67     

Stark, J.V.                                          VCVL66     

Starke, J.V.                                         VCVL23  D  

Starr & Co.                                          VLJO65     

Starr Mills                                          VLJO51  D  

Starr, E.T.                                          VLJO65     

Steam Boat Wharf                                     BNCA53  C  

Stebbins, H.                                         SUSN42  A  

Steele, William                                      SLVL66     

Steiger, A.                                          VCVL23  D  

Stelling, H.                                         TRMT27  B  

Stevens, A.                                          VCVL66      

Stevens, G.W.                                        BNCA67     

Stevens, J.                                          BNCA67     

Stevenson Bridge                                     SLVL26  B  

Stevenson, A. & B.                                   SLVL26  CD 

Stevenson, A.M. & G.B.                               VCVL31  B  

Stevenson, A.M. & G.B.                               VCVL66     

Stevenson, B. & A.                                   SLVL26  CD 

Stevenson, G.B. & A.M.                               VCVL31  B  

Stevenson, G.B. & A.M.                               VCVL66     

Stewart St.                                          VLJO51  B  

Stewart, A.V. & D.S.                                 RVTA35  C  

Stewart, A.V. & D.S.                                 RVTA35  C  

Stewart, A.V. & D.S.                                 RVTA35  C  

Stewart, C.                                          DNVT34  D  

Stewart, C.                                          MNPR34  D  

Stewart, Chas.                                       MNPR68     

Stewart, D.S. & A.V.                                 RVTA35  C  

Stewart, D.S. & A.V.                                 RVTA35  C  

Stewart, D.S. & A.V.                                 RVTA35  C  

Stewart, Geo. Y.                                     DNVT42  B  

Stewart, J.                                          DNVT42  B  

Stewart, John                                        DNVT68     

Stewart, Sam'l.                                      DNVT42  B  

Stewart, Sam'l.                                      SUSN42  B  

Stewart, Samuel                                      DNVT34  C  

Stewart, Samuel                                      DNVT34  C  

Stewart, Samuel                                      DNVT34  CD 

Stewart, Samuel                                      DNVT42  B  

Stewart, Samuel                                      DNVT68     

Stewart, Samuel                                      SUSN34  C  

Stewart, William                                     DNVT68     

Stewart, Wm.                                         DNVT42  B  

Stick, J.                                            TRMT27  B  

Stilts, J.                                           GRVL38  A  

Stilts, John                                         GRVL38  A  

Stilts, John                                         GRVL38  A  

Stilts, John                                         GRVL38  A  

Stilts, Marion                                       GRVL65     

Stingy Lane                                          SUSN38  B  

Stockman, D.M.                                       SUSN67     

Stone Dry Dock                                       VLJO51  C  

Stone, H.                                            RVTA35  C   

Stone, J.C.                                          BNCA67     

Storch, P.                                           RVTA35  D  

Store                                                DNVT47  D  

Store                                                SUSN30  D  

Store                                                TRMT27  A  

Store & P.O.                                         MNPR35  A  

Storey, A.R.                                         SLVL66     

Strait, W.C.                                         ELMR34  A  

Straits of Carquinez                                     46  CD 

Straits of Carquinez                                     53  A  

Straub, William                                      SLVL66     

Street, A.                                           VLJO65     

Stringer, C.                                         BNCA67     

Stuart, A.V.                                         SLVL66     

Stuart, D.                                           RVTA43  A  

Stuart, D.S.                                         SLVL26  B  

Stuart, D.S.                                         SLVL27  A  

Stuart, D.S.                                         SLVL66     

Stuart, J.E.                                         SLVL66     

Suisun                                               SUSN39  A  

Suisun & Fairfield Map                               SUSN57  ABCD

Suisun Bay                                               42  AC 

Suisun Bay                                               53  C  

Suisun Creek                                         SUSN30  D  

Suisun Dist. Sch.                                    SUSN30  D  

Suisun Grant                                         SUSN30  D  

Suisun Grant                                         SUSN31  C  

Suisun Grant                                         SUSN39  A  

Suisun Rd.                                           GRVL50  D  

Suisun Road                                          DNVT47  D  

Suisun School                                        SUSN57  D  

Suisun Slough                                        SUSN39  C  

Suisun Slough                                        SUSN42  A  

Suisun Slough                                        SUSN47  B  

Suisun Slough                                        SUSN57  D  

Suisun St.                                           SUSN57  D  

SUISUN TOWNSHIP LOCATION                             SUSN22  BD 

Sullivan, D.                                         DNVT42  B  

Sullivan, Daniel                                     DNVT42  B  

Sullivan, Daniel                                     DNVT68     

Sullivan, E.F.                                       VLJO65     

Sullivan, T.J.                                       DNVT34  D  

Sullivan, Wm.                                        MNTZ42  B  

Sullivan, Wm.                                        MNTZ67     

Sulphur Spring Creek                                 BNCA47  A  

Sulphur Spring Dist. Sch.                            BNCA47  AC 

Sulphur Springs Peak                                 BNCA47  A  

Sulphur Springs Peak                                 VLJO46  B  

Sulphur Springs Road                                 VLJO46  AB 

Sulphur Springs Road                                 VLJO51  A  

Summers, A.G.                                        SLVL26  B  

Summers, A.G.                                        SLVL66     

Summit Station                                           38  C  

Suscol                                               VLJO46  D  

Suscol Grant                                             30  CD 

Suscol Grant                                         GRVL38  AC 

Sutphen, A.W.                                        SLVL66     

Sutter Slough                                            35  D  

Sutter St.                                           VLJO51  AC 

Swan, Armijo Grant, Wells et al                      SUSN39  B  

Swan, Armijo Grant, Wells et al                      SUSN39  B  

Swan, T.M.                                           SUSN31  C  

Swan, T.M.                                           SUSN31  C  

Swan, T.M.                                           SUSN39  A  

Swan, Thos. M.                                       SUSN67      

Swan, Wells et al                                    SUSN31  D  

Swan, Wells, et al                                   SUSN31  C  

Swayze & Bolten                                      SLVL26  C  

Swayze, E.                                           SLVL26  D  

Swayze, Elam                                         SLVL66     

Sweany, John                                         SLVL66     

Sweeney Creek                                            26  CD 

Sweeney, J.                                          SUSN39  A  

Sweeney, O.                                          VCVL23  D  

Switzer, I.                                          SUSN30  D  

Switzer, I.                                          SUSN38  B  

Sykes, J.                                            TRMT27  B