By Nancy Justus Morebeck


T.M.                                                 SUSN39  B  

Taft, Geo. W.                                        SUSN67     

Talbot, J.G.                                         VCVL26  C  

Tale, William                                        SLVL66     

Talley, W.B.                                         SLVL26  D  

Tawson, W.B.                                         VCVL66     

Taylor St.                                           SUSN57  AC 

Taylor, B.                                           MNTZ42  B  

Taylor, W. H. & Heyman, A.                           SUSN47  B  

Taylor, W.H.                                         SUSN67     

Taylor, W.H., Haggin, J.B, & Heyman, A.              SUSN42  A  

Taylor, W.H., Haggin, J.B., & Heyman, A.             SUSN39  CD 

Telegraph Crossing                                   BNCA47  C  

Telegraph Crossing                                   BNCA53  A  

Tennessee St.                                        VLJO51  A  

Texas St.                                            SUSN57  AB 

Theodore & Mansfield                                 VCVL23  D  

Theodore, A.                                         VCVL66     

Thickbroom, J.                                       BNCA47  B  

Third St.                                            RVTA43  D  

Third St.                                            SLVL60  CD 

Third St.                                            VLJO51  D  

Thissell, G.W.                                       VCVL23  B  

Thissell, G.W.                                       VCVL66     

Thodt, C.                                            TRMT27  D  

Thodt, Christian                                     TRMT68     

Thomas, F.                                           SLVL27  C  

Thomas, F.E.                                         VCVL30  A  

Thomas, M. & Son                                     MNPR34  D  

Thomas, T.                                           VCVL23  D  

Thomason, E.R.                                       GRVL38  B  

Thompson, C.                                         DNVT42  B  

Thompson, D.                                         DNVT42  B  

Thompson, J.A.C.                                     MNPR34  B  

Thompson, P.                                         BNCA67     

Thrush, R.                                           RVTA43  A  

Thurber, E.R.                                        VCVL23  AB 

Thurber, E.R.                                        VCVL66     

Tillotson, G.W.                                      ELMR34  A  

Tilson, J.D.                                         VCVL66     

Times Pub. Co.                                       VLJO65     

Timm, F.                                             SLVL27  C  

Timm, H.                                             TRMT27  D  

Timm, P.                                             SLVL27  C  

Timm, Peter                                          SLVL60  D  

Timm, Peter                                          SLVL66     

Tisdale, H.D.                                        SUSN67     

Tobin                                                VLJO46  A  

Tobin, J.F.                                          BNCA46  B  

Tobin, J.F.                                          BNCA47  A  

Tobin, J.F.                                          VLJO46  B  

Tobin, J.F.                                          VLJO65     

Tobin, Jas. F.                                       BNCA47  A  

Tobin, Jas. F.                                       GRVL38  CD 

Tobin, P.                                            ELMR34  A  

Toland Dist. Sch.                                    RVTA43  A  

Toland Landing                                       RVTA43  C  

Toland, Dr. H.H.                                     RVTA43  A  

Toland, Dr. H.H.                                     RVTA43  AC 

Toland, Dr. H.H.                                     RVTA43  ACD

Topley, James                                        VLJO65     

Torillo, P.                                          BNCA47  C  

Tormeson, Carl                                       DNVT68     

Tormey, William                                      VLJO65     

Tormy, John                                          GRVL38  C  

Torres, J.R.                                         VCVL23  B  

Torres, J.R.                                         VCVL66     

Torrillo, P.                                         BNCA53  B  

Town, J.                                             RVTA35  CD 

Townly & Blackburn                                   VLJO50  B  

Townly, H. & Blackburn, R.T.                         VLJO46  A  

Townsend, M.D. & Chapman, W.S.                       SUSN42  A   

Towson, W.B.                                         VCVL31  B  

Trainor, James                                       SUSN67     

Trapper Slough                                       RVTA35  C  

Tremont Dist. Sch.                                   SLVL27  C  

Tremont Dist. Sch.                                   TRMT27  B  

TREMONT TOWNSHIP LOCATION                            TRNT22  A  

Trescartes, Chas                                     SUSN34  C  

Trinity                                              VLJO51  C  

Triplett                                             MNPR35  A  

Triplett, G.B.                                       MNPR35  A  

Triplett, Samuel                                     MNPR68     

Troutman, G.                                         VCVL23  D  

Troutman, G.                                         VCVL31  B  

True, M.                                             SLVL26  D  

Truitt, G.W.                                         ELMR26  C  

Truitt, G.W.                                         ELMR34  A  

Tryon, L.                                            RVTA35  C  

Tryon, L.                                            RVTA68     

Tuck, J.                                             ELMR26  D  

Tuck, J.                                             ELMR34  B  

Tuck, J.                                             SLVL27  C  

Tucker, W.W.                                         MNPR34  B  

Tufts, J.B.                                          TRMT68     

Tunnel                                               GRVL38  D  

Tunnel                                               VLJO51  D  

Turner, C.C.                                         ELMR34  A  

Turner, J.                                           ELMR34  A  

Turner, W.H.                                         SUSN31  D  

Turner, W.H.                                         SUSN38  B  

Turner, W.H.                                         SUSN67     

Tuttle, H.                                           BNCA67     

Twin Sisters                                             30  C  

Tyler, S.C.                                          SLVL27  C  

Tyler, S.G.                                          SLVL66