By Nancy Justus Morebeck


W. Eighth St.                                        BNCA53  B  

W. Eighth St.                                        BNCA53  B  

W. Eleventh St.                                      BNCA53  B  

W. Fifth St.                                         BNCA53  AB 

W. First St.                                         BNCA53  AB 

W. Fourth St.                                        BNCA53  AB 

W. Ninth St.                                         BNCA53  B  

W. Second St.                                        BNCA53  AB 

W. Seventh St.                                       BNCA53  B  

W. Tenth St.                                         BNCA53  B  

W. Third St.                                         BNCA53  AB 

Wagon Shop                                           MNPR34  B  

Walker, L.F.                                         SLVL27  C  

Walker, S.                                           GRVL38  A  

Walker, S.                                           VCVL31  A  

Walker, S.C.                                         VCVL66     

Wallace, T.                                          VLJO65     

Walnut St.                                           SLVL60  AC 

Walsh, P.R.                                          VLJO65     

Ward, B.S.                                           VLJO65     

Ware Ho.                                             MNPR35  A  

Ware Houses                                          RVTA43  D  

Warehouse                                            DNVT47  D  

Warehouse                                            RVTA43  B  

Warehouse                                            TRMT27  A  

Washington Avenue                                    SUSN57  D  

Washington St.                                       SLVL60  A  

Washington St.                                       SUSN57  B  

Washington St.                                       VLJO50  B  

Washington St.                                       VLJO50  B  

Washington St.                                       VLJO51  A  

Wasserman, M.                                        SLVL27  C  

Wasserman, M.                                        TRMT27  D  

Water St.                                            ELMR35  B  

Water St.                                            SUSN57  D  

Water Works                                          SUSN57  A  

Waterman, B.F.                                       VCVL66     

Waterman, R.                                         SUSN31  CD 

Waterman, R.H.                                       SUSN31  C  

Waterman, R.H.                                       SUSN39  A  

Waterman, R.H.                                       SUSN39  A  

Waterman, R.H.                                       SUSN39  B  

Watson, R.                                           RVTA43  A  

Watson, Robert                                       RVTA68     

Watson, Robt. Est. of                                ELMR34  A  

WBD                                                  VCVL31  B  

Webber, A.A.                                         BNCA47  B  

Weber, C.                                            RVTA43  A  

Webster St.                                          SUSN57  BD 

Webster, C.F.                                        DNVT34  D  

Weckwerth                                            DNVT42  B  

Weckwerth, A.                                        DNVT42  B  

Weckwerth, A.                                        DNVT68     

Weihe, E.                                            SLVL60  D  

Weihe, Edward                                        SLVL66     

Weinman, F.P.                                        BNCA67     

Weir, J.C.                                           ELMR34  A  

Weir, James C.                                       ELMR68     

Weir, James G.                                       VCVL66     

Welch, D.T.                                          SLVL66     

Welch, T.                                            SLVL27  C  

Welch, T.                                            SLVL34  B  

Weldon                                               VCVL23  C  

Weldon, G.L.                                         VCVL23  D  

Weldon, J.A.                                         VCVL23  D  

Weldon, N.L.                                         VCVL23  D  

Well, Armijo Grant, Swan et al                       SUSN39  B  

Welldon, J.A.                                        VCVL66     

Wells & Wood                                         VCVL31  A  

Wells, Armijo Grant, Swan et al                      SUSN39  B  

Wells, C.                                            ELMR34  A  

Wells, Dr. W.H.                                      SLVL26  BD 

Wells, J.C.                                          ELMR34  A  

Wells, J.N.                                          VCVL23  D  

Wells, J.N.                                          VCVL66     

Wells, J.T.                                          SUSN67     

Wells, Swan et al                                    SUSN31  D  

Wells, Swan, et al                                   SUSN31  C  

Wells, W.S.                                          DNVT42  B  

Wells, W.S.                                          MNPR34  D  

Wells, W.S.                                          SUSN31  C  

Wells, William H.                                    SLVL66     

Wendell, J.F.                                        SUSN67     

Wenniger, Charles                                    VLJO65     

Wentworth                                            VLJO46  B  

West Branch                                          GRVL30  C  

West Branch Green Valley Creek                       GRVL38  A  

West Sixth St.                                       BNCA53  AB 

West, C.H.                                           SLVL26  B  

West, Mrs. E.                                        SLVL26  ABCD

Wester, M.                                           TRMT27  B  

Wester, Martin                                       TRMT68     

Western Pac. R.R. Co.                                TRMT27  D  

Western Pacific R.R. Co.                             MNPR35  A  

Western Pacific R.R. Co.                             MNPR35  A  

Western Pacific R.R. Co.                             MNPR35  A  

Westervelt & Smith                                   MNPR34  B  

Westgate Bros.                                       RVTA43  D  

Westgate Bros.                                       RVTA68     

Wetdon, Mrs. Mary                                    VCVL66     

Whare St.                                            RVTA43  D  

Wharf                                                RVTA43  D  

Wheeler Island                                       SUSN42  CD 

Wheeler, H.                                          SLVL26  D  

White, A.L.                                          SUSN67     

White, R.J.                                          VLJO46  A  

White, R.J.                                          VLJO50  B  

Whitley, Geo. T.                                     SUSN67     

Whitman, J.                                          RVTA43  C  

Widenmann, Chas.                                     VLJO65     

Wiggins, P.                                          VCVL23  B  

Wight, Mrs. M.                                       ELMR34  A  

Wight, Wm.                                           MNPR34  B  

Wilcox & Faris                                       SUSN39  A  

Willard, Mrs. A.H.                                   VCVL30  B  

Williams                                             RVTA43  D  

Williams                                             RVTA43  D  

Williams, F.                                         ELMR34  A  

Williams, F.                                         ELMR34  A  

Williams, Frank                                      ELMR68     

Williams, J.                                         VCVL31  B  

Williams, J.M.                                       BNCA47  C  

Williams, J.M.                                       BNCA67     

Williams, J.R.                                       VCVL66     

Williams, N.P.                                       SLVL27  C  

Williams, Rob't                                      SUSN30  D  

Williams, Thos. H.                                   MNPR35  A   

Williams, Thos. H.                                   MNPR35  AB 

Williams, W.T.                                       RVTA43  A  

Williams, W.T.                                       RVTA68     

Williamson                                           VLJO46  A  

Williamson, D.                                       BNCA67     

Williamson, D.                                       VLJO65     

Williston, J.E.                                      VLJO65     

Willow Spring Dist. Sch.                             MNTZ42  B  

Wilmot, J.D.                                         ELMR68     

Wilmott, A.D.                                        ELMR34  A  

Wilson & Hittell                                     VLJO46  D  

Wilson & Luzerna                                     VCVL66     

Wilson Bros.                                         TRMT27  B  

Wilson House                                         VCVL30  A  

Wilson St.                                           VCVL30  A  

Wilson, C.                                           GRVL50  D  

Wilson, Curtis                                       GRVL65     

Wilson, E.J.                                         VCVL34  A  

Wilson, E.J.                                         VLJO65     

Wilson, H.                                           SLVL26  CD 

Wilson, Henry                                        VLJP65     

Wilson, John                                         VLJO46  B  

Wilson, John                                         VLJO65     

Wilson, Jos.                                         VLJO46  B  

Wilson, Jos.                                         VLJO46  B  

Wilson, Joseph                                       VLJO65     

Wilson, M.                                           VCVL31  B  

Wilson, Mason                                        VCVL30  A  

Wilson, Mason                                        VCVL30  C  

Wilson, Mason                                        VCVL31  B  

Wilson, Robert                                       VLJO65     

Wilty, W.                                            MNPR35  A  

Winchell, Mary                                       SUSN31  D  

Winchester St.                                       VLJO51  BD 

Winery                                               GRVL38  A  

Wingfield, J.H.D.                                    BNCA67     

Winnegar, S.                                         VLJO51  B  

Winters                                                  26  A  

Winters, Theo.                                       MISC68     

Wiseman, W.                                          ELMR26  D  

Wolf, Wm.                                            SUSN67     

Wolfe, J.G.                                          ELMR34  B  

Wolfskill Dist. Sch.                                 SLVL26  A  

Wolfskill, E.                                        SLVL26  A  

Wolfskill, J.B.                                      VCVL66     

Wolfskill, J.C.                                      SUSN30  D  

Wolfskill, J.R.                                      SLVL23  B  

Wolfskill, J.R.                                      SLVL26  A  

Wolfskill, J.R.                                      VCVL66     

Wolfskill, John R.                                   SLVL26  AB 

Wolfskill, M.                                        SUSN30  D  

Wolfskill, M.                                        SUSN67     

Wolfskill, S.                                        VCVL66     

Wolfskill, S.C.                                      SLVL23  B  

Wolfskill, S.C.                                      SLVL26  A  

Wood & Wells                                         VCVL31  A  

Wood, Jos.                                           MNPR34  B  

Wood, W.F.                                           BNCA67     

Wooden Valley Road                                   SUSN30  D  

Woods                                                VCVL31  C  

Woods, J.                                            SUSN31  D  

Woods, J.                                            SUSN39  B  

Woods, John                                          MNPR34  B  

Woods, John                                          MNPR34  D  

Woods, John                                          SUSN67      

Woods, N.B.                                          VCVL26  C  

Woolner, B.                                          SUSN39  A  

Woolner, B.                                          SUSN39  A  

Woolner, B.                                          SUSN57  B  

Worsham, E.W.                                        VCVL66     

Wreck Slough                                         MNTZ42  D  

Wright                                               VLJO46  B  

Wright, G.                                           SLVL27  A  

Wright, Gilbert                                      SLVL66     

Wright, O.                                           SLVL26  D  

Wright, O.                                           TRMT27  A  

Wright, W.S.M.                                       SUSN30  D  

Wright, W.S.M.                                       SUSN38  B  

Wykoff, J.                                           VCVL23  D  

Wykoff, J.                                           VCVL31  B  

Wyman, W.G.                                          SLVL60  D  

Wyman, W.G.                                          SLVL66     

Wymiller, C.W.                                       VCVL23  D