presenters at our monthly meetings (first Saturday of the month) in 2016,
Moose Lodge, 623 Taylor St. Fairfield

Feb 4

Kim von Aspern-Parker: "Ports of Entry"

Mar 4

Lisa Gorrell: "Tips for Breaking Brick Walls"

Apr 1

Jim Baker: " I Thought That Was My Ancestor: Avoiding the 6 Biggest 
Genealogy Mistakes"

May 6

Judson Gears: "Pennsylvania Research"

Jun 3

Janice Sellers: "Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: What's Buried in Cemetery Records "

Sep 2

Kathryn Marshall: "FamilySearch.org's Historic Records Collections and Family Tree"

Oct 7

Ronald Cannon: "Documenting and Citing Your Research"

Nov 4

Deborah Sweeney: "Fashion and Photographs"

Dec 2

Glenda Lloyd: "Documenting Your Treasures"