presenters at our monthly meetings (first Saturday of the month) in 2016,
Moose Lodge, 623 Taylor St. Fairfield

Feb 6

Janice Sellers: They Wouldn't Put it on the Web if They Didn't Want us to Use it (Copyright Issues)

Mar 5

Ron Arons: Mind Maps for Genealogy

Apr 2

Marna Ambroselli: Facebook for Genealogists

May 7

Sebastian Nelson: Art & Science of Heraldry

Jun 4

Karla Henderlong and Madeline Yanov: The Taxman Found Your Ancestor--Can You?

Sep 3

Bob LaPerriere: Women's Issues on the Immigrant Trail

Oct 1

Lynn Brown: Immigration and Naturalization Records

Nov 5

Deborah Sweeney: A Beginner's Guide to DNA & Genetic Genealogy

Dec 3

Martha Teeter: British Roots: Four Colonial Migrations