Good Templar's Orphanage
Vallejo, Solano County, California

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Good Templars Home Orphanage
In our efforts to help preserve the records of the 4500 orphans or half-orphans who went through the Good Templars' Home, the 1880, 1900, and 1910 Federal Census records were searched and indexed. A burial list from the Good Templars' Home Cemetery Plot in the Union Cemetery in Vallejo was located and indexed. Several copies of the booklet Proceedings of the Annual Sessions of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of the Good Templars' dated 1872, 1882, 1883, 1884, which lists the orphans and their age and date of admission were also added to the index. The Proceedings of the Annual Sessions are in the possession of the Vallejo Maritime Museum. The lists which occur in the books tell the age on admission of the orphan, which is not necessarily the date of the publication of the booklet. The original source should be checked as it also states if an orphan's father or mother are living or deceased. The SCGS Library has copies of the lists from the Proceedings which will assist the researcher in providing more facts. In some instances the index can be confusing, so all efforts should be made to consult the original records. Another source used were articles from the Vallejo Evening Chronicle Newspaper. These listed some orphans admitted, promotions, staff, and a few deaths. Copies of the newspaper articles are also in the SCGS Library. The last source used were the Board of Examiners Records from the California State Archives, #3617-18, #3617-31, #3617-51, #3617-68, #4048, and #4049. Depending on the year, some of these records were rich in content giving facts on where the parents were born, where parents were married, etc. Contact Solano County Genealogy Society for a copy of the original records. See SCGS Research policy.

Adm = Admitted
DN = Death Notice
Jan = Janitor
Mat = Matron
MN = Marriage Notice
Pro = Promotion
Sup = Superintendent
Tea = Teacher
VEC = Vallejo Evening Chronicle