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1000   Bob Power Collection Vacaville Land Co
1001   Art Dietz Collection No entry
1002   P. Wright Collection Hotel Cement
1003   Museum Collection Cement School
1004   Museum Collection Old Mill, Cement
1005   Museum Collection Quarry & crusher.  Pacific Portland Cement Co
1006   Museum Collection Machine shop, Cement, Ca..  Erseke, Sanke, McFarland, Jim Gibbs
1007 1888 Museum Collection Platt Block corner Main & Dobbins, later Crystal Bros
1008 1888 Museum Collection School St..  Pacific Medhodist College-Cal College, 1865-95
1009 1888 Museum Collection Depot St. looking west
1010 1888 Museum Collection School St. with Cal College & Vacaville Grammar School
1011 1888 Museum Collection Field with barn at right
1012 1888 Museum Collection Barn w/children & horses (Morenea, Molly, Maude, & Madeline).  Otto-Willy uncle's on mother's side
1013   O. H. Timm Collection Crew w/buckets, H. R. Timm Dairy, Dixon
1014   O. H. Timm Collection Building 2/cows.  H. R. Timm Dairy, Dixon
1015   A. Dietz Collection E. R. Thurber, Pleasants Valley w/Thurber ranch in distance from Putman Peak
1016   A. Dietz Collection Fig trees around house looking west toward hills
1017 1900   J. W. Marshall harvester, Thompson ranch, Bingham
1018 1907   Ulatis Stables w/G. A. Powers at right.  See index card for more
1019 1920   McArtur Blacksmith shop.  See index card for more
1020 1913   Grizzly Island asparagus 6/13
1021 1913   Grizzly Island flood gate Lot #8, 6/13
1022 1913   Piles of cut wheat, Grizzly Island, Lot #8, 6/13
1023 1913   Teams of horses Grizzly Island, Lot #8, 6/13
1024 1914   Grizzly Island, dam #12, 1914
1025 1914   Grizzly Island, gopher plow w/tractor #1, field "C", camp #2
1026 1914   Grizzly Island ditch #2, Yee Yen, 4/17/14
1027 1914   Grizzly Island gopher hole #1, ditch #1, camp #3, 4/17/14
1028 1914   Grizzly Island drainage gate #1, 1/19/14
1029 1914   Grizzly Island ditch #1, camp #3, 4/17/14
1030     Grizzly Island clam bucket dredge, G. L. Peabody dredge
1031     Sailing catch, Suisun Bay
1032 1907 A. Dietz Collection James W. Gates fruit ranch on road to Gates Canyon.  See index card for more
1033 1900 A. Dietz Collection E. R. Thurber northwest view of Thurber ranch, 1900-10
1034 1895 A. Dietz Collection View of Thurber ranch from southeast
1035     Roger's home on Buck Av., built 1892
1036     Rodger's home on Buck Av., built in 1892 by George Sharpe in 1910 they moved to Berkeley
1037   Rodgers Collection Alexander McKevitt packing shed before 1900
1038 1894 A. Dietz Collection Pioneers of Fruit Industry @ J. M. Pleasants ranch west of Winters on 85th birthday of J. M. Pleasants 4/29/94.  See index card for more
1039 1900   Lewis Pierce on horse, 7/29/00, Laytonville
1040 1902 A. Dietz Collection Jim Mix driving mule team on Payne ranch
1041 1901 A. Dietz Collection Clye Gates, last load of prunes for season, being taken to town
1042   A. Dietz Collection Earl Fruit Co. shipping shed on Main St. w/refrigerated RR car
1043   Pyle Collection Cutting peaches in shed
1044 1906 Jim White Collection Prune dipping machine on Wilson ranch, belonging to Mr. Chubb.  See index card for more
1045     Spraying @ Earl Fruit Co..  Located near site of Willis Jepson School
1046     Ferry boat Calistoga in SF bay
1047     Ferry crossing the Sacramento river near Sacramento
1048     Sacramento river scene near Sacramento
1049 1914   Scene on Sacramento river near Sacramento
1050     Loading freight onto the Modoc ferry, Sacramento river
1051 1912   Steamers General Frisbie and the Monticello at Vallejo waterfront
1052 1912   Steamer Fort Sutter California Trans Co
1053 1895 A. Dietz Collection E. R. Thurber fruit drying yard
1054     The Four Master Solano
1055   M. Hayes Collection Contra Costa, railroad ferry
1056 1925   Map of electrical trains & ferries from SF to Sac.  From On the Bay of SF
1057 1925   Napa river & delta region.  Fishing & sports from On the Bay
1058 1912 M. Hayes Collection Train @ Elmira, 2/11/12.  At junction of track to Vacaville
1059   E. Pyle Collection Train engine w/5 men, Otto Rhyn, Uncle Ryhiner.  Worked on RR @ Suisun
1060 1877   Bridge over Putah Creek.  See index card for more
1061 1914 Winters H. Collection The Apricot Festival, 5/14.  See index card for more
1062 1908   Hayride Picnic headed for Tolenas Springs.  Driver of mules, Jack Fox of Dixon, Alice Farrel, W. Ann Goefert, Marie Cox, center w/large hat
1063     Roger's boys in governess pony cart w/Baptist Church in background on School St
1064 1904 A. Dietz Collection George Neil ranch house.  See index card for more
1065 1890 A. Dietz Collection Thurber ranch home.  Pioneer settler 1850's.  See index card for names
1066     4th of July parade.  Miss Buss' father nrxt to driver.  Marin St., Vallejo
1067 1896 A. Dietz Collection Mayday Picnic, Towson's Grove East of Pleasants Valley Rd., & north of Foothill Dr
1068 1904   Vacaville Baseball team in front of Bennett Saloon
1069 1912 A. Dietz Collection Crowley & Cohlon Baseball team, see photo for list of names
1070 1900   Blue Rock Springs (Vallejo) around 1900 @ a S. P. R. R. picnic
1071     Portuguese Picnic, Vallejo
1072 1900 A. Dietz Collection Akerly's Store.  George P. Ackerly, Frank Ellison, Patsy McLaughlin
picture of image 1073
1900 A. Dietz Collection Akerly's Store.  George P. Ackerly, Abe Beelard
1074 1909 Southard Collection Killingsworth Garage.  J. M. White & Lee Harris collection
1075 1909 Southard Collection Wiley Killingswoth Garage
1076 1895   Art Deaken in Crystal Store
1077     Inerior printing shop.  Viva Wyatt, Marie Rierbeck Hemenway, Emil Sayer.  Corner Main & 1st St (Dixon)?
1078 1907   Old Post Office.  Built in 1903.  Main St..  See index card for more
1079 1914 Southard Collection Machine shop.  J. M. White in picture
1080   A. Dietz Collection Students from Alamo school (rural).  Myrtle Gates from Mis Apperson
1081   A. Dietz Collection School room, about 6th grade.
1082 1887   5 men in union uniforms, St. Augustine's College.  3/17/87
1083 1896 A. Dietz Collection Student body of VHS on Parker St
1084 1901 Rogers Collection VUHS football squad, 1901-2
1085     Vallejo High School
1086 1912   Rockville School
1087 1905   Benicia Public School
1088   Pierce Collection 5 ladies in front of fountain.  Pierce gardens?
1089 1898 A. Dietz Collection Town Quarette.  See index card for more
1090 1912   Vacaville Station
1091   O. Timm Collection 2 young children drinking from milk bottles.
1092     Poker game.  Robert Lincoln, Edgar Stevenson, Arthur Cooper, Alex Ritchie
1093   O. Timm Collection Bottle sterilizer at Timm Dairy
1094 1908 J. White Collection Chubb ranch house
1095 1902   Peter Miller & family.  Miller ranch, English Hills, 1902-3.  See index card for more
1096     Blank
1097     Blank
1098     Blank
1099     Blank
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