Vacaville Heritage Council
Historical Photograph Collection
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This collection is indexed by number

1400   B. Melvin Collection Classroom
1401   B. Melvin Collection Two soldiers
1402   B. Melvin Collection Far right, Florence Caughy
1403   B. Melvin Collection Two women in bonnets
1404   B. Melvin Collection Woman
1405   B. Melvin Collection Mission at Monterey
1406   B. Melvin Collection Group of nurses
1407   B. Melvin Collection A nurse
1408   B. Melvin Collection A woman
1409   B. Melvin Collection Family of women
1410   B. Melvin Collection Car on bridge
1411   B. Melvin Collection Car on bridge
1412   B. Melvin Collection Women in horse cart
1413   B. Melvin Collection Jim & Laura Caughy, Bob Melvin, Sr
1414   B. Melvin Collection Fidelia & Bob Melvin, Laura Caughy.  !!79-1414 end of B. Melvin Collection
1415     View of Vaca Valley postcard
1416     J. B. Bloom's thresher
1417     Benicia Grammer school "boy's side"
1418A   M. Albacete Collection Explanation of political notice document
1418B   M. Albacete Collection Postscript of political notice
1419     Airial view of Montecello Dam (building of)
1420     Catholic Church on Catherine St., Vacaville, Ca
1421     Chinese workers of Mr. George Gibbs on Thurber ranch
1422 1931 Steve Fritas VHS basketball team
1423   T. Farmer Collection University of California Berkeley
1424   T. Farmer Collection Market St. SF
1425   T. Farmer Collection Call Building SF
1426   T. Farmer Collection Crocker Building SF
1427   T. Farmer Collection City Hall SF
1428   T. Farmer Collection Buena Vista SF
1429   T. Farmer Collection Fort Point SF
1430   T. Farmer Collection Across Golden Gate-Bridge to Fort Point
1431   T. Farmer Collection Stairway to Sutro SF
1432   T. Farmer Collection Sutro Baths SF
1433   T. Farmer Collection "New" Cliff House & Seal Rocks SF
1434   T. Farmer Collection New" Cliff House & Sutro statues Sf
1435   T. Farmer Collection Cliff House from beach SF
1436   T. Farmer Collection Golden Gate Park SF
1437   T. Farmer Collection Golden Gate Park SF
1438   T. Farmer Collection Rowers on lake GGP SF
1439   T. Farmer Collection Sunset Lake GGP SF
1440   T. Farmer Collection Strawberry Hill, Sunset Lake GGP SF
1441   T. Farmer Collection GGP.  Bridge across lake SF
1442   T. Farmer Collection Japenese Tea Garden GGP SF
1443   T. Farmer Collection Music Stand GGP SF
1444   T. Farmer Collection GGP Behind Conservatory SF
1445   T. Farmer Collection Conservatory GGP SF
1446   T. Farmer Collection Waterman Park Addition, Fairfield, Ca..  Government housing
1447     Elementary school class, turn of the century
1448 1936   Fifth grade class.  Fall 1936
1449 1923   Grammer school class graduation
1450 1910   Alamo school with class
1451     Judge Dobbin
1452     Judge Walter Weir
1453 1905   1st grade, Fairfield, Fall of 1905?.  Picture donated by Leona Worley (Grass Valley)
1454 1915   Eleven men posed in a restaurant.  Probably the opening of restraunt
1455 1930   Vacaville Grammar School-class picture (6th-7th grade)
1456 1923   VHS-ag class
1457 1959   Cooper School portrait.  See index card for more
1458 1932   Ulatis School
1459     VHS.  Front of new building
1460     Callison family.  Jean, Helen, Don.  Rainbow girls
1461     VHS with new palm trees in front
1462     Sonoma county geysers
1463     Aerial view of downtown Vacaville
1464     Dobbins Street.  Government housing and C. of C. building
1465     Aerial view of Dobbins and Monte Vista
1466 1892   Earthquake, Akerly Building, Davis St. side
1467 1892   Akerley Building
1468 1892   Earthquake, Crystal Building front on Main St
1469 1892   Earthquake, Oddfellows Building
1470 1892   Earthquake, Postoffice (back view).  Crystal Building, Dobbins alley
1471 1892   Earthquake, Oddfellows Building
1472 1921   Nut Tree fruit stand.  See index card for more
1473     English Hills terracing
1474 1909   Vaca Fire Department list
1475     Vacaville Fire Department artifacts
1476 1951   Vacaville Volunteer Fire Department, names on picture
1477     Photo of lady who donated 1919 year book
1478     Bella Tutt with wedding cake top Frost-Hay wedding
1479     Parade on Main St
1480     Presbyterian church
1481A     Chinese laundry
1481B     Chinese laundry
1482     WW11 scrap metal drive-Safeway parking lot, Dobbins & Main Sts..  See index card for names
1483     WW11 observation post
1484 1916   Vacaville's First fire truck in 1916.  See card for more
1485     Uhl's Dry Yard
1486     Basic Vegetable
1487     California Medical Facility
1488     Mayor Bill Carroll in front of City Hall
1489     John McBride and Ron Mikalis in front of Three Oaks Community Center
1490     High school ag students at flood control dam
1491     Old VHS annex
1492     Elmira Union High School diploma (Rosa A. George)
1493 1894   Cooper School diploma to Rosa A. George
1494A     Walter Hilden repairing fence in Vacaville's Rose Garden
1494B     Walter Hilden repairing fence in Vacaville's Rose Garden
1494C     Walter Hilden repairing fence in Vacaville's Rose Garden
1494D     Walter Hilden repairing fence in Vacaville's Rose Garden
1494E     Bert Hughes raking leaves on side of old city hall
1495 1939   Akerly Building fire, May 16, 1939.  Snooky Walters, Burt Wykoff, Jack Richetta
1496 1939   Akerly Building fire, May 16, 1939
1497 1939   Akerly Building fire, May 16, 1939.  Elmer King, Snooky Walters, Earl Brazelton, Jack Richetta
1498 1939   Akerly Building fire, May 16, 1939.  Joe Fadley and Bill Fadley
1499 1939   Akerly Building fire, May 16, 1939.  Ralph Silva and Barney Clark