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  E. Garbin Collection School at Cordelia, Ca (Green Valley School)
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1900 E. Garbin Collection Depot & street scene Cordelia with Siebe store
Church at Cordelia image 2402
1900 E. Garbin Collection Church at Cordelia
1911 E. Garbin Collection California St., Suisun
2404 1910   Green Valley Falls
2405 1900   Students, school unknown
2406 1900   Students, probably Fairfield Elementary
2407 1900   School portrait. Probably Fairfield Elementary School, ca 1900
2408 1910   School portrait. Armijo High School (old), ca 1910
2409 1900   School portrait. School unknown, ca 1900
2410 1910   Teacher with class. Outsiode Green Valley School. One of two pictures in folder marked Davis Schmidt. Picture number 2411 is the companion picture.
2411 1910   Class sitting at desks.. Insiode Green Valley School. One of two pictures in folder marked Davis Schmidt. Picture number 2410 is the companion picture.
2412 1898   School portrait. Dan White with teacher and students, probably Fairfield Elementary School, September, 1898
2413     Old Armijo High School athletic team
2414 1903   School (?) outing at Green Valley Falls picnic ground, May 21, 1903
2415 1903   School (?) outing at Green Valley Falls picnic ground, May 21, 1903. (Generally same people as in 2414)
2416 1900   Green Valley Falls, ca 1900. (8 x 10 size)
2417 1916 Donna Marie Girton Coll. Color postcard of Mayfield Hotel at Suisun, California
2418 1913 Donna Marie Girton Coll. Crystal Grammer School, Suisun, California
2419 1907 Libby Nelson Collection Suisun Paza, Suiaun, California
2420 A 1930   Teachers and students at Ulatis Grmmer School, Vacaville, California
2420 B     Benicia Primary School, Benicia, California
2421     Benicia High School, Benicia, California
2422     Side view of Tremont School, Solano County, California. (Frederick Harrison, Architect)
2423     Front view of Tremont School, Solano County, California. (Frederick Harrison, Architect)
2424     Gomer School with first addition, Abernathy Lane, Suisun, California, Solano County, California
2425 1953   Montezuma Union School, Soalano County, California.
2426     Suisun Valley School, Fairfield, California
2427     Highland School, Vallejo, California
2428     Fairview Elementary School, Fairfield, California
2429     Fairfield Elementary School, Fairfield, California
2430     Waterman Primary School, Fairfield, California
2431     K. I. Jones Elementary School, Fairfield, California. 14 teachers, 1 principal; opened Sept. 4; Dedicated Sept. 14. Site located Truman Street on west side, north of Travis Blvd.
2432 1955   Fairfield Primary School, Fairfield, California, 1955. Photo by Carl Conner
2433     Bransford School, Fairfield, California
2434     Armijo High School Gym, Fairfield, California
2435     Armijo High School, Union Avene, Fairfield, California
2436     Crystal Elementary School, Suisun, California
2437     Travis School, Crystal Union School District. Later became Travis School District, Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, California
2438     Riverview Elementary School, Rio Vista, California
2439     Dan White School, Rio Vista, California
2440     Bruning School, Rio Vista, California
2441     Agricultural Dept., Rio Vista High School, Rio Vista, California
2442     New wing of Rio Vista High School, Rio Vista, California
2443     Rio Vista High School, Rio Vista, California
2444     Rio Vista High School, Rio Vista Joint Union School District, Rio Vista, California
2445     New addition, Dixon Elementary School, Dixon, California
2446 1955   West Dixon Elementary School, Nov. 1955.  (10 teachers)
2447     Wolfskill School, Winters Unified School District, Winters, California
2448     South front of Winters High School looking west, Winters/Yolo County, California
2449     Hemlock School, Vacaville, California
2450     Alamo School, Vacaville, California
2451     Elm School, Vacaville, California
2452     Ulatis School, Vacaville, California
2453     Monte Vista School, Vacaville, California. Later became part of the High School.
2454     Vacaville High School, Vacaville, California
2455     Vacaville High School Gym, Vacaville, California (First phase)
2456 1898   Vacaville High School, Vacaville, California; newly complated and dedicated July 4, 1898 on Scghool Street.
2457 1900   Annie Deboray Coulter, U.C Berkely Graduation
2458 1914 Annie Palmer Collection Olive School and the children - L to R Top row - Bernice Samuels, Verna Haug Inwz Arrighi, Margaret Austin.  Bottm Row - Violet Haug, Gordon Brown
2459 1914 Annie Palmer Collection Standing portrait - Pope Valley, Annie Palmer.
2460 1914 Annie Palmer Collection Farm Homestead - Pope Valley, Mulberry Farm
2461   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Schooner in Delta
2462   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Scow Schooner at anchor
2463   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Boat repair on Wood Island
2464   Rio Vista Museum Coll. River boat passing Rio Vista. Wood Island in the distance
2465   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Asparagus packing shed
2466 1923 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Loaded truck with two figures. "Hauling White Asparagus to the Calpack Cannery in Rio Vista in 1923
2467 1910 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Bert Blackwlder driving wagon
2468   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Bird's Landings Store
2469 1910 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Street scene Collinsville
2470 1915 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Old time car
2471   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Horse powered hay press, Maine Prairie?
2472 1910 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Cable Ferry to Liberty Island?
2473   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Southern Pacific Co ferryboat Solano at Port Costa (largest ferryboat in the world)
2474   Rio Vista Museum Coll. S. F. Steamboat Apache on Sacramento River
2475   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Goose hunter in front of Willard's Feed Store
2476 1920 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Horse being rescued from flood
2477 1890 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Steam tractor and church grain Harvester, Maine Prairie?
2478 1890 Rio Vista Museum Coll. Duplicate of 2477
2479   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Meat Market at Bird's Landing
2480   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Steamboat Sutter's Fort? on the Sacramento River.  Capital City
2481 1890 Rio Vista Museum Coll. View up Main St, Rio Vista
2482   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Duplicate of 2481
2483   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Panarama of Rio Vista with Wood Island
2484   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Two-masted scow schooner off Rio Vista
2485   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Stern-wheel steamboat
2486   Rio Vista Museum Coll. Steamer Ft. Sutter
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