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2800   Dannenberg Collection {Large Negative File)  Stevenson Bridge across Putah Creek
2801   Dannenberg Collection {Large Negative File)  Harrow cart built by Frank Zimmerman pulled by 60 Hold. 54" wide by 45 foot long beam.
2802   Dannenberg Collection {Large Negative File)  Eight mule head wagons headed for Main Prarie Landing.  Note: #3026 and 3027 also pictures in Dannenburg Collection.
2803   Howard Rogers Collection Edna Marshall Schaefer
2804   Howard Rogers Collection Esther Sharpe Eldridge
2805   Howard Rogers Collection Lelia Price
2806   Howard Rogers Collection Laura Hagerty
2807   Howard Rogers Collection Harriet Harbison
2808 1896 Howard Rogers Collection The first Vacaville High School - Top row-Oritta Ferguson, Mason Derby, Frank Webster, Carl Crystal, Robt. Gates, James Koford, Carlton Parker, Roy Pinkham, Ruby Ferguson, Leila Gates, Jose McMurtry… (See index card for rest of names)
2809   Solano Co Hist. Soc. Coll New bridge on Main Street, Vacaville
2810   Solano Co Hist. Soc. Coll Fruit packing house, Fairfield CA.
2811   Solano Co Hist. Soc. Coll Texas Street, Fairfield, CA.
2812   Solano Co Hist. Soc. Coll M. E. Church, Fairfield, CA
2813     Napa State sprinklers and crew - Thomas Moss, Levy Moss, Henry McKay, Wm. Moss
2814     Green Valley Falls
2815     Green Valley Falls
2816     Green Valley Falls
2818     Pacific Portland Cement Plant, Cement, CA.  Taken in its days of glory, now completely razed.
2819     Cordelia Brass Band. L to R - Bass drummer-Billy Capell; Back row-#5 Larry Higinson, #9 Henry Seibe, #10 Peter Siebe Jr. Front row-#3 Julius Glassoff, Reader, #4 Chris Dunker, #5 Henry Meyer, #7 Frenchie Collins, snare drummer
2820     Cordelia - Pete "Buddy" Siebe in front of the store.
2821     Early kennel at Cordelia
2822     P. Seibe Co., Cordelia General Store. Top row L to R - #1 Peter Seibe; #4 Mrs. Peter Seibe, Jr.; #8 Otto Glassoff. Bottom Row - #1 Peter Larson (seated); #2 Curtis Seibe (lower step); #6 Peter Seibe Sr.; #12 Claus Dittman.
2823     M. J. Glassoff Meat Market
2824     Cordelia House - Saloon and Meat Market
2825     Cordelia House with saloon and meat market
2826     Cordelia House - Saloon and Meat Market. L to R-#4 Mat Glassoff (Butcher saw in hand); John Glassoff (in butcher apron by post)
2827     The Cordelia Winery located east of Cordelia along railroad track near foot of Nelson'd Hill.
2828     Round-up of cattle at Cordelia. Chris Dunker on horse "Beef Dump"
2829     Interior of Saloon-Probably Thompson's Corner Bar in Cordelia. L to R-#3 Albert Peters; #4 Chris Dunker in back of bar; #5 "Pop" Force (hands in pocket); #6 Henry Schinkel (in apron, elbow on bar)
2830     A. T, Hatch home in Suisun Valley. It became the property of R. D. Robbins, Sr. and his son William Robbins.
2831     Palatial home of Lewis Pierce, the pioneer. His so, the late Judge William Pierce inherited the home and named it Willotta in 1900. It stood just south of the Rockville Road at Suisun Creek in what is now "Willotta Oaks."
2832     Fred Chadbourne on Rockville Road. Replaced in 1950s by the Wood Young home.
2833     The Fred Chadbournne, Sr. home. Built in the 1890s, it has since been replaced.
2834     Sanuel Martin house at Suisun Valley
2835 1900   Congregational Church in Suisun. 701 Suisun St. Cieca 1900
2836 1898   Float "Girls of the Golden West," Dixon, Sept 9, 1898
2837     Fairfield-Suisun as seen from Examiner airplane
2838 1917   Taken at Philadelphia, PA. U.S. Naval Home. 2nd row 3 from right-Marshall F. Woolner, 31 Dec, 1917. (Pioneer family of Solano County)
2839     R. J. Currey residence, Dixon, CA.
2840     Isabel Best (Clayton), wife of Henry Clayton. See also 2085
2841     Henry Bascomb Clayton
2842     Jane Shaw Clayton, mother of Henry B. Clayton
2843     David James Clayton
2844 1918 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Liberty train which stopped in Suisun in WW-I--Elaine Swabsib Garban standing near engine
2845 1918 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Liberty train which stopped in Suisun in WW-I - Gladys Swanson Huck standing with crew
2846 1918 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. L to R. - Gladys Swanson Huck, Ruby Shively Grigsby, Leah Babe Shively Carpenter, Evelyn Crandall, Grace Burdick Mason, Hazel Burdick Sarasin, Marjorie Crandall witht eh Liberty Train at Suisun --WW-I
2847 1918 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Flat car of Liberty Bond Train that stopped in Suisun during WW-!. German airplane and big gun on flat car.
2848 1918 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Army tank--WW-I, part of the Liberty Train in Suisun, CA.
2849 1918 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Scotsman on Liberty Train--WW-I, in Suisun, CA. He gave a rip-roaring speech.
2850   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Sub on big rig. Date unknown
2851   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Another view of sub on big rig. Time and place unknown, (Possibly Suisun or Fairfield)
2852 1913 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Snowman in yard at Taylor St. and Broadway, Fairfield, CA, 1913. L to R - Amy Brady Blanc and Ruby Brady Grigsby
2853   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Cleaning up around the new Armijo High School. The old Armijo is in the background
2854   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Cleaning up around the new Armijo High School. The old building is in the background.
2855 1901 A. W. Dozier Coll. Dozier outdoor picnic. Jeanette and Edna Gates Dozier
2856 1889 A. W. Dozier Coll. Dozier home, Rio Vista
2857 1889 A. W. Dozier Coll. Dozier home, Rio Vista, 1889 (moved in 1889)
2858   A. W. Dozier Coll. Circus parade (Oakland?) Elephants on parade
2859   A. W. Dozier Coll. Circus parade. Elephants and circus carriage (Oakland?)
2860   A. W. Dozier Coll. Cabin in oak tree, hillside habitat
2861   A. W. Dozier Coll. 3 people at picnic under oak trees with carriage
2862   A. W. Dozier Coll. Two women and one man under oak tree along road
2863   A. W. Dozier Coll. Two women and one man. Picnic on oak tree hillside
2864   A. W. Dozier Coll. Lady, about 20 years old, standing before porch with wisteria
2865   A. W. Dozier Coll. Survey party leveling area with Fresnos.
2866   A. W. Dozier Coll. Well-dressed man standing in orchard
2867   A. W. Dozier Coll. Well dressed man about 25, sitting on porch step platform.
2868   A. W. Dozier Coll. E. C. Dozier family - all names on picture edge
2869   A. W. Dozier Coll. Four Dozier girls on steps of family home
2870   A. W. Dozier Coll. Four Dozier boys on steps of family home
2871   A. W. Dozier Coll. Dozier family group. Names along edge of picture
2872   A. W. Dozier Coll. Mort Dozier with deer tied to horses
2873   A. W. Dozier Coll. Two men with horse loaded with deer. "Uncle Henry, Uncle Berry, Grandpa"
2874   A. W. Dozier Coll. Two small boys standing by hanging deer. Warren Dozier - Uncle Henry.
2875   A. W. Dozier Coll. Boy leaning agaist fence near house. Mother cat with kittens feeding at his feet. Uncle Hamp (Hampton)
2876   A. W. Dozier Coll. Tenting scene on a grassy hillside with oak trees. "Hope Ranch"
2877   A. W. Dozier Coll. Survey party standing before wall tent in oak woodlands area. "Hope Ranch"
2878   A. W. Dozier Coll. Cacaville Reporter, "Mother Shifton Prophecy"
2879   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Home of Horace and Ida Brady on the corner of Taylor and Broadway in Fairfield, CA
2880 1970 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Old Fairfield Grammer School that stood where Mark J. Woods School is today (1970).  L to R - Verne Morrill, Ruby Brady Grigsby, Grace Burdick Mason, Hazel Burdick Sarasin
2881   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Taylor St., Fairfield before the street was paved.  L to R - Clara Waugh, Ruby Brady Grigsby, Leah Babe Shively Carpenter. In the rear is Verne Morrill
2882   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Great Jones and Broadway in Fairfield, CA after a narrow strip of asphalt had been put down the middle of the street. City water tank in the background.
2883   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. W.C.T.U Float - 4ht of July, Fairfield, CA
2884   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Watching the girls go by - L to R - Earl Crandall, Ralph Prather and Verne Morill
2885   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. The old Peaceful Glen School north of Vacaville, CA
2886   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Wreck being towed into the pold Solano Garage, Corner of West Texas and Jackson St., Fairfield, CA
2887 1927 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Solano Garage Machine Shop at corner of West Texas and Jackson St., Fairfield, CA in 1927.  L to R - ???, Matt Knolty, Joe Soares, Adam Grigsby, Bill Braker, Reggie Barbour
2888 1928 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Solano County Band, 1928. First man i9n back row with Sousaphone is Adam Grigsby. #5 in back row is Joe Gerevas; #7 is Laurie Gerevas Sax??
2889   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. The driver looks like Bill Braker and the two in back like Matt Knolty and Howard Yatsie.
2890   Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Card of Bert Sheldon, Farm County Auditor
2891 1877 Ruby Brady Grigsny Coll. Roll of honor received by Ida Elliot, at the old Morning Ligh School District. Mrs. Elliott was born born April, 1871, so she must have been six years old. (Ruby Brady Girgsby, daughter of Ida). Card dated Feb., 1877. (Ellen Elliott was mother of Ida)
2892   Solano County Hist. Soc. Ernst Luehning Packing Shed. It stood south of the intersection of Highway 12 and Union Ave. in Fairfield.
2893     The Thomasson Rock Crusher, now known as Nelson's Quarry, east of Cordelia.
2894     Old Peter Siebe orchard in Green Valley, about 3 miles NW of Cordelia. Looking West towards Twin Brothers Hills.
2895     Pioneer Sam Scarlett and Augustus Burmeister Orchards just south of Manka's Corner with twin sisters Peaks in the background. Christley Manka conducted and named a wayside corner store here for the Berryessa Valley traffic prior to planting fruit trees.
2896     Louis Mangels Vineyard on Suisun Valley Road, north of I-80
2897     Sugar beet field on the Mangels Ranch south of Green Valley.
2898     Former Peter Siebe Vineyard in Green Valley looking southeast.
2899     Suisun Valley looking from Thomasson's Hill. In the foreground is the Neitzel hay field and orchard.