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3800     Entire garage at Uhl house
3801     Upper front door of Uhl house
3802     Balcony - Uhl house
3803     Water tank at Uhl house
3804     Uhl Ranch housing - Albertson's store at upper right
3805 1966   Housing on Uhl Ranch, 1966
3806     Peters family - names on photo
3807     Anna Peters Schweitzer - daughter of Henry Peters
3808     Erma Peters and Walter Harris
3809     Edward and Sophie (Aye) Peters
3810     Derner, George - Family group
3811     Kathryn Peters Derner
3812     August Peters, born Vacaville (sketch)
3813     August Peters' barn and details (photo)
3814 1940 Marvin Little Collection Barney Reams in front of the service station at Manka's Corner - Year 1940 Born 10/23/1873 - Died 9/19/1958. Married June Moody and had 4 children, Dorothy, Jane, Glenn and Elsie.
3815   Marvin Little Collection Reams home at Manka's Corner
3816 1940 Marvin Little Collection Manka's Corner. Mr. & Mrs. B. Reams, Fred Thedana, Ted Reams, Will Reams around Nov. 1940
3817   Marvin Little Collection Billy Jones, Barney Reams and Sharon by the pump; Manka's Corner
3818     Putah Creek
3819     Putah Creek
3820     Jurgan Henry Peters; Born 1/22/1833, in Holzstein, Germany; Died 9/21/1894. Buried in Silveyville cemetery
3821     Old Peters House; One mile east and 1/4 mile north of Dixon
3822 1953   Vacaville High School fire, August, 1953
3823 1933   Vacaville Union High School graduating class of 1933
3824     Fairfield Fire Dept. (Large negative)
3825     Fairfield Fire Dept. (Large negative)
3826 1930   Members of school play-2nd grade-old grammer school, School St., 1930. Idividuals identified on index card
3827 1921   Poetacrd photo of "new" Vacaville Hotel-Postcard dated Vacaville, July 12, 1921`, sent to Mrs. M. R. Dobbins, 67 Alpine Terr., San Francisco.
3828     Deleware St. near Jefferson, Fairfield - Superior Court Case No. 7363; Auto Accident-See Keane family file
3829     Auto accident, Case #7363 - See Keane family file
3830     A, B, and C - Auto involved in wreck - See Keane family file
3831     Wodden Harvester
3832     Koford in front of Vacaville Reporter building
3833 1860   Picture of splice and original telegraph wire found near the Pony Express Trail in eastern Nevada
3834     Harry Nelson in flower beds at his Motel in Highway 40 and Butcher Road, Vacaville, CA
3835A     Govt. housing on east bank of Ulatitis Creek at Monte Vista. Became the 4H and Girl Scout's building
3835B     College Stree across from the High School tennis court
3835C     Old High Schold Maual Arts building and the quonset hut from Camp Parks. Hut later used by the Boys Club and then the Teen Club with Adam Muth in charge.
3835D     East Main Street ???
3836   Jane LoPolito Collection The abandoned Lambert Packing shed near Willotta and Rockville Road. Was at the end of the Sacramento-Northern RR Line. AKA as the Willotta Station or Pierce Packing shed. Destroyed by fire
3837 1969   Lena Yolo Retirement, June 12, 1969
3838 1969   Lena Yolo Retirement, June 12, 1969
3839     Mill balls found in Death Valley. Used for crushing gold ore
3840     Ancient Indian sling stones found in Clear Lake area. Used for killing game using a sling
3841 1910   Air Show at Los Angeles, in 1910
3842 1910   Biplane at Los Angeles air show in 1910
3843 1974   General news story - Solano tune, 1974
3844   Photo by Rex Stickles Old car and people. Daddy Erwin Uhl, Rex Stickles, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Sharp, Wiley Wilson.
3845     Indian basket
3846A     Basket found in basement of old house on Timm Road. Could be Apache-colors unusual as they are brown, red, and purple on rim. Could be a lid for an olla
3846B     Other side of basket pictured in 3846A
3847A     Stained with berries woven as a small bowl or other side of basket pictured in No. 3846
3847B     Could be a hat??
3848     Firfield Garage - SW corner of Jefferson and Texas St., Fairfield, CA. Owned by J. W. Lambert; later sold top Frank Mariano; later to Solano Title Co.
3849     Fairfield, CA - R. D. Smith house in foreground on Empire St. H. Mortenson's 2-story on North side of Texas St. in background
3849     Thomas Hugh Buckingham Jr.
3850     Napa Depot
3851 1908   Armijo Track team, Fairfield, CA, year 1908 - Asa Scarelett, Everett Lambracht, Oswal Glynn, Elmer Burrell, John Lynch, Lester Dickson, Walter Parker, and Don Schulds
3852 1898   Restaurant in Suisun?? - Signs in windows say "Best meal you ever had 25 cents" " Pork and Beans 15 cents" Coffee unsurpassed" Oyster on half shell." - Year 1898
3853 1899   The White & Lambert Girls - Janet White (Gray); Ethel White (Brazelton); Clara Lambert (Bowie); Clara Armstrong (Reeves); Hattie Williams; Gussie Miles (Smith); Ena Lambert (Fields); Ella Lambert (Zimmerman); Mary Williams (Taylor); More names on photo
3854     Ed Chadbourne home
3855 1908   J. W. Lambert home - Built in 1908 by Claus Siebe - cost $4,000. J. Lambert and Lovey Lambert, Suisun Valley, Rockville Road.
3856     Sargent home in Fairfield - Corner of Empire and Taylor
3857     4th of July parade; Ellie Buzzini on float
3858 1912   Hiram Johnson electioneering at the Cement Hotel
3859 1912   Hiram Johnson Electioneering for U. S. President, June 23, 1912 at the court house in Fairfield, CA
3860     Postcard with photo of County Jail, Fairfield, Ca.
3861     Old drawbridge going over the Sacramento River at Rio Vista. Ryer Island ferry
3862 1916   A-B-C & D - "Grandpa" Lambert's ranch at Suisun Valley, year 1916
3863A 1915   Illuminated exhibit at Market St, San Francisco World's Exposition in 1915.
3863B 1915   Illumination of Market St., Sept. 5 to 11, 1915 in San Francisco
3863C 1915   Sutro Heights, San Francisco, Ca.
3864 1922   Rockville School, 1922 - Standing-Margarette Oberti, Mary Thornburn, John Thornburn, Hazel & Fran Scarlett, Louis Little, Mary Bowman, Mrs. Ward Howard Morrison, K. Starke, John (?), Arpel Flower, Ralph Morrison, Wesley Pangburn, (More names on photo)
3865     Mill Valley & Mt. Tamalpais Railroad. Engine on 7% grade.
3866 1955   Vacaville Reporter, year 1955
3867     Home at 331 Elizabeth St., Vacaville, Ca.
3868     Loading sheds on East Main. Yhe "Ice House" stood on this end (east) of the sheds.
3869 A 1965   The Sentinel, Vol. 1, No. Jan. 13, 1965. Photos of Vacaville panorama
3869B     The Sentinel, Vol. 1, No. Jan. 13, 1965. Photos of Vacaville panorama
3869C     The Sentinel, Vol. 1, No. Jan. 13, 1965. Photos of Vacaville panorama
3870     Power's Blacksmithy
3871 1909   Gertrude Creswell, Jan., 1909
3872     Wood and Coal wagon
3873   Bert Hughes Collection Jennie Wimmer
3874   Bert Hughes Collection Peter Wimmer
3875   Bert Hughes Collection Photo of Peter and Jennie Wimmer form "The California Gold Book"
3876   Bert Hughes Collection John W. Marshall and Sutter testing gold vignette from "The California Gold Book"
3877   Bert Hughes Collection "Upset in the River" drawing of Jennie Wimmer swimming for her life from "The Gold Book"
3878   Bert Hughes Collection Harlan's Wagon Train from "The Gold Book"
3879   Bert Hughes Collection Hoisting a team up the mountain from "The Gold Book"
3880   Bert Hughes Collection Sutter's Mill and the Marshall Moniment at Coloma, Ca from "The Gold Book"
3881   Bert Hughes Collection San Franciso, year 1848
3882   Marge Wildman Coll. J. H. Armstrong
3882   (Note: Duplicate number) G. A. R. at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Ca
3883   Marge Wildman Coll. Mrs. Armstrong
3883   (Note: Duplicate number) City Hall, San Francisco, Ca.
3884   (Note: Duplicate number) San Francisco and Bay
3884   Marge Wildman Coll. Group photo-Gertrude Lee, Margaret Armstrong, Mary Lewis Garot, Lena Medley, Lulu Garst (or Garot?) at Catawba, Va., home of Margaret Armstrong
3885   (Note: Duplicate number) Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, Ca.
3885A   Marge Wildman Coll. Mr. & Mrs. John Danielson
3885B   Marge Wildman Coll. Sara Hasseltine and Charles Diderahouse
3886   Marge Wildman Coll. Child with horse - Benton Stewart, Maria Ridenhour and "Babe" the horse
3886A   (Note: Duplicate number) Music Stand in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Ca.
3887   Goodman Collection Beverly Bartell - 3 years of age
3888   Goodman Collection Albert Frates - Gates Canyon
3889   Goodman Collection Jim Goodman Blacksmith Shop at Putah Creek
3890   Goodman Collection Marae Bartell Goodman
3891 1938 Goodman Collection Wava Peters, Marae Goodman, Ann Kobzef, and Nick - year 1938 in front of Walnut Street
3892   Goodman Collection "Smoke" Marion and Louise Bartell
3893   Goodman Collection Marae Haskins (Goodman) at 2 years of age
3894   Goodman Collection Leland Graves in Butte City
3895   Goodman Collection Beverly Bartell, Julian Codina, Rosemarie Codina
3895B   Goodman Collection Two girls feeding sheep
3896   Goodman Collection Marae Haskins (Goodman)
3897   Goodman Collection Louise Bartell and Marae Bartell
3898   Goodman Collection Gates Canyon - Aunt Nelle Peters, Margaret Lawrence, Don Bartell, Velma Lawrence
3899   Goodman Collection Jackie Richetta - Walnut Stree, Vacaville, CA