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4100 1979   Suisun Pacific Marina Harbor in 1979
4101 1908 Vera Oliver Collection Fairfield looking west; Union Ave. in foreground with Majestic Dance Hall, carriage shop, bakery and Jacobson home. On left is Broadway, on right Deleware. Center background is new Fairfield Grammer School; year 1908.
4102     John A. "Snowshoe" Thompson
4103     W. J. Pleasant's residence
4104     George Gillespie store, Vacaville, Californi.
4105     View of Vaca Valley (old ambrotype)
4106A     Akerly's Store on East Main and Davis, Vacaville, CA.
4106B     Akerly's Store on East Main and Davis, Vacaville, CA.
4107     Manka's Corner - Jones Bar
4108     Main Stree, Vacaville, CA - Reid Drugstore
4109     School Class on steps of Vacaville High School
4110     Community Church (Presbyterian( Vacaville, CA
4111   Marie Fogarty Collection Mothball Fleet in Suisu Bay near Martinez, CA
4112     On street, the Vacaville School Drum & Bugle Corps - On street, Vacaville High School Band
4113     L. E. Williams, Supt. Vacaville High School
4114 1906   Carl Nielson, Principle, 1906
4115 1906   Tack Team
4116     Armijo High School, Fairfield, Ca.
4117     George Waggoner, Suisun Valley School
4118     Suisun Valley School - Teacher Mrs. Stilts; See card for names of students
4119     Wooden Valley School - Baseball
4120     Wooden Valley School - group photo
4121 1908   Armijo High, Fairfield, CA.; 1908 group photo - See card for names
4122 1903   7th and 8th grade in 1903 - Corner of Delaware and Madison, Fairfield, CA - See card for names
4123 1907   Fairfield , Ca. Grammar School about 1907 - See card for names.
4124 1907   Armijo High School, Fairfield, CA., about 1907 - L to R - Oh Boy Firehammer, Prof. Sheldon, Mary Stewart and Elsie Wood Hall
4125 1936   Fairfield Varsity Rugby Team - 1936 - L to R - 1. ?, 2. Babe Reams, Bogie Roberts
4126 1901   Fairfield High School Graduation Class, 1901 - Front, L to R - Della Carpenter, Guy Carpenter Bennett, Will C. Wood, Lola Gray Stewart, Elizabeth Scott. Standing L to R-Elizabeth Eager, Agnes Kerr, Joe Serpas, Wm. Battersby, Lena Henderson, John Lambert.
4126 1936   Rebecca Drill Team, 1936 - See card for names
4127 1936   Rebecca Drill Team, 1936 - See card for names
4128   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Farm Labor Camp buildings
4129   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Farm Labor Camp building
4130   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Monticello town
4131   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Monticello Grammar School
4132   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Merv Eaton Ranch Golf course
4133   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. North end Lake Berryessa; Fryer Ranch
4134   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Easton Place
4135   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Sow with piglets
4136   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Inside Streblow barn
4137   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Streblow barn/Mill road.   Darsie
4138   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Scribner Ranch
4139   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Samuels Ranch
4140   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Knolls Ranch
4141   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Oak Tree in pasture
4142   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Streblow Ranch (Cattle herd)
4143   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Windmill scene
4144   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Streblow Ranch; aerial view
4145   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Streblow Ranch
4146   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Gamble Ranch
4147   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Streblow Ranch (cattle)
4148   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Sam Sherman house - Berryessa Valley
4149   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Cap Clark house (?) Berryessa Valley
4150   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Fryer Ranch, Berryessa Valley
4151   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Aerial view of Berryessa Valley
4152   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Herb Gunn at (Meek Ranch?)
4153   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Ranch at base of eastern hills
4154   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Orchard and house
4155   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Church
4156   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. House and tree on the Gamble Ranch
4157   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Al Lambert at his place with dog
4158   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Fence, house and drive with mailbox
4159   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Ernie Getz house
4160   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Clarke (?) house
4161   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Lowrey Sweitzer gravestone
4162 1893 Eftimeos Salonites Coll. General Mechandise (McKenzie Store; year 1893
4163   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Montecello house with two flagpoles (Post Office?)
4164   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Rodeo horsemen watching cattle
4165   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Grandstand at rodeo - Montecello
4166   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Aerial view looking north of Montecello Valley
4167   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Automobile in front of house - Montecello
4168   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Cherry orchard - Montecello
4169   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Wheat Field - Montecello
4170   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Grape vineyard - Montecello
4171   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Aerial view of Wild Horse Lake
4172   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Aerial view of Wild Horse Lake
4173   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Aerial view of fields and mountains - Montecello
4174   Eftimeos Salonites Coll.  - Montecelloiwe over hills to Montecello Valley
4175   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Parking lot at rodeo - Montecello
4176   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Montecello Hotel
4177   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Aerial view of Montecello Valley with town in distance
4178   Eftimeos Salonites Coll. Aerial view of town of Montecello
4179     Gum Moon Restaurant
4180 1920s   Passenger Train #1 at Vanden Station (Fairfield, CA)
4181 1906   Suisun Depot looking north - prior to 1906
4182 1913   Rambler Jitney at depot - year 1913
4183 1920   Train #28 heading east over Cordelia crossing. Section houses are in background - Year 1920 - Overland Limited
4184 1918   Yard Crew, 1918, L to R Engineer E. M. (Chop) Staple, and H. C. Budick, switchman. This engine could handle about ten cars at a time.
4185     Train headed east over Union Ave railroad crossing. S. P. crossing flagman's shack in foreground next to old Jalisco Café (Depot Club on left. C. P. C. (Del Monte) canning warehouse and dirt road to Rio Vista can be seen.
4186 1941   Yard engine #1199 - One of the first engines Joe Hinkson worked on in 1941 when he reported to work for Southern Pacific in Suisun yard.
4187A     Railroad "mishap at Suisun Rail yard
4187B     Railroad "mishap at Suisun Rail yard
4187C     Railroad "mishap at Suisun Rail yard
4187D     Railroad "mishap at Suisun Rail yard
4187E     Railroad "mishap at Suisun Rail yard
4188     Shasta Dayligh train headed west contacted large truck at the Rio Vista crossing. CPC in background, fronting on Union Ave., Fairfield CA.
4189 1950s   Diesel yard engine #1009. Year is late 1950s. H. G. Burdick in white shirt and Vern Rhiner, section foreman in leather jacket and on ground near truck.
4190 1953   Safety award, 1953. Front row L to R - Trainmaster McManus (Union rep) and swithcman Emmett Williams. SP RR official Bill Eastamn and Safety officer John Malarky. Bck L to R-Bill Allen, Stanley DeVaughn, E.M. Staples, L. Maglio, (more on Card)
4191 1953   H. Glen Burdick-Retirement-General Yardmaster. H. G. Burdick; L to R-Charley Brown, Conductor; Clements McGinty, Chief Clerk; Casy Maglio, Conductor; Clement McGinty, Chief Clerk.
4192 1970   Newsclip-20 Sept., 1970-"Tolenas Station located east if Suisun near present-day Travis AFB. Also junction for a swing railroad that was about 3 miles long that went to the town of Cement and the huge Portland Cement Plant.
4193 1973 Stumm Collection News clipping, 3/4/1973 - Vallejo - The Presidents Special Locmotive back in 1912 when William Howard Taft was President of the U.S. Photo taken at Benicia  where it transferred to the tain ferry to Porta Costa. Building on right is Kullman-Salz Tannerry.
4194     News Clipping - First train to cross on the Benicia-Martinez Ferries, the Solano and the Contra Costa
4195 1968   3/17/1968 News Clipping of the ferry Solano entering the slip at Port Costa
4195 1906 Anderson Collection Suisun Fire - 1906 - 1906 - G. A Gillespie property.
4196 1940s   Cab forward engine (called a Back-up Malley) taking on water at Suisun Station in the late 1940s
4197 1950s   First freight locomotuive (called a cow and a calf) used between Suisun and Schellville in the late 1950s. Headed toward Suisun Roundhouses.
4198     A Shay locomotive at Albion, Mendocino County.
4199     Clima at Douglas Camp - Big River, Mendocino County.