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4400   Dumond Collection Portrait of a man
4401   Dumond Collection Woman and child
4402   Dumond Collection Portrait of a woman
4403   Dumond Collection Ella Lyon (Sonoma)
4404   Dumond Collection Unknown building - San Rafael
4405   Dumond Collection Autographed photo of Billie Burke
4406   Dumond Collection Girl in patriotic costume
4407   Dumond Collection Example pf silhouette
4408A 1910 Dumond Collection South Pacific boxcaras at Elko, Nevada, 1910. A. W. Lyons is one of the crew
4408B 1910 Dumond Collection Letter on reverse of 4408A
4409   Dumond Collection Lyons gold mine with crew.
4410   Dumond Collection Three men in front of Lyon's gold mine in Nevada near Elko
4411 1907 Dumond Collection Steamer " Santa Rosa" - 3/11/1907 - Lyons family??
4412A   Dumond Collection "RUS Adriatic"
4413   Dumond Collection Grandma Solp & Lolita Lyon
4414   Dumond Collection "The New Song," learning it on the mandolin
4415   Dumond Collection Woman and child - portrait taken at Sacramento gallery
4416   Dumond Collection Portrait of little girl taken at studio in San Jose
4417   Dumond Collection Baptismal photo - Portain Studio, Suisun, CA
4418   Dumond Collection Portrait of Grandma Stolp or Anita Lyons
4419   Dumond Collection Anita Lyons
4420   Dumond Collection Delphia Lyon Grandma Wright (wit lock of hair)
4421   Dumond Collection Grnadma Stolp
4422   Dumond Collection Feeding fawn some HO Oats (cereal)
4423   Dumond Collection Grandma Stolp
4424   Dumond Collection View of upper Vaca Valley looking north
4425   Dumond Collection House - Charlie Martell, Pleasants Valley?
4426   Dumond Collection Anita Lyon
4427   Dumond Collection Grandma, Grandpa Tiny or Anita Lyons
4428   Dumond Collection Martell house?  Lyons House
4429 1958 Dumond Collection Grandma, David Lee, Mother  - May, 1958
4430   Dumond Collection Grandma Stolp
4431     Fairfield (around 3rd Street)
4432A   Dumond Collection Lolita Lyon Wight and German August Stolp
4432B   Dumond Collection Card of #4432A
4433   Dumond Collection Real Estate office - Jo Watkins, Klinkerville
4434   Dumond Collection Anita Lyons
4435   Dumond Collection Golden Gate Hotel  Klinkerville or Klinknerville??
4436   Dumond Collection Two boys with pony cart
4437   Dumond Collection Family and house in Klinknerville, CA
4438   Dumond Collection Rose Pena (Coombs), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Antonio Pena
4439   Dumond Collection Small boy
4440   Dumond Collection Two women and a man
4441   Dumond Collection Death notice of James W. Lyon
4442 1903 Dumond Collection Dec. 16, 1903 - Bride
4443   Dumond Collection Grandma Stolp in dance pose
4444   Dumond Collection Grndma Lyons Stolp
4445   Dumond Collection Grandma Lyons  --  Anita  --  Tiny
4446 1940 Dumond Collection Tiny & Grandma Lyons, Armistic Day, Nov. 11, 1940. 90 years before, Mrs, Lyons established the town of Vacaville. Her given nmae  Maria Delores Vaca Pena attended by daughter Anita Lyon. Also see # 4382
4447   Dumond Collection House in rear of Casa Mareia. This is one of the oldest homes in Vacaville
4448     Dell Sue Greene, Class of '85
4449     Greenes - K. G. Terry Richard
4450     Delphine A. Stolp
4451     Miss Delphine A. Stolp
4452     Old photo of man
4453     Old photo of little girl
4454     Portrait of girl
4455     Three old men
4456 1897   "Jan 4, 1897 to Charles" - two ladies
4457     Russell Wight, grand
4458 1925   Old car with two women
4459     Portrait of couple
4460     Vacaville store
4461     Pool hall in rear of Vacaville store
4462     WW-I soldier (dough boy)
4463     Woman in cornfield
4464 1918   Reed 10/19/1918.  Verdun front Montfaucon
4465     "To mother"
4466 1918   Another doughboy
4467     Herman Stolp, Uncle Emil Sopr, Henry Siecers
4468     Lolita Stolp, Aunt Ethyl, Grandma Sievers, Clara, Aunt Anna Harold, Rachel
4469     Back - Herman Stolp; Front - Aunt Anna Harold, Aunt Pauline Davies, Grandma Sievers, Uncle Emil Stolp
4470     A lady abd man sitting on running board.
4471     Gentlemen
4472     Kilnkerville tract
4473     Roger Ranch - Left: Ella Wilkinson picking up fruit trays. Sarah Nissen visiting her sister Ella from North Carolina
4474   Dumond Coll. ("Mom Terry David")  Maria Vaca Pana Lyons
4475     Cyanotype (old type pf photo) Lady on porch
4476     Lady seated in hammock
4477A     "Mother's Day - How it began"
4477B     "Mother's Day - How it began"
4478     Small photo of child on ornate frame.
4479     Small photo of child as a coat button
4480 1920   "Mom" - Lady in 1920 Egyptian costume
4481 1895   "C Allegheny, Sept. 1895
4482 1904   Lolita Wight Stolp - 3rd grade in the brick grammer school in Davis
4483     Family photo on steps of Lyon house.
4484 1880   Painting of rejected lover - mood picture ca 1880
4485     Grandma Lyons with gransons Terry and Daniel at Pena Adobe.
4486 1960   From Dixon Tribune, 6/23/1960. Mrs. Herman Stolp killed in auto accident
4487     Unidentified photo
4488     Unidentified photo
4488     Unidentified photo
4489     Unidentified photo
4490     Unidentified photo
4491     Unidentified photo
4492     Unidentified photo
4493     Unidentified photo
4494     Unidentified photo
4495     Unidentified photo
4496     Unidentified photo
4497     Unidentified photo
4498 1952   Main Street, Vacaville, 1952
4499 1952   Main Street, Vacaville, 1952 (Looking down the street), 1952