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Articles may be ordered from the Historical Society. This is a twice a year publication that comes with Membership to the Solano Historical Society. The Solano Historian is also housed at the Solano County Genealogical Society Library for viewing.

The Purpose of the Solano Historian is to stimulate the enjoyment and preservation of history by publishing pictures, stories, articles, and letters furnished by its readers. Much valuable material that would flesh out our knowledge of the past is lost each year because those who might save it either do not realize its value or lack the motivation to take any immediate action. The Solano Historian will supply the motivation by showing there is an appreciative audience for such material and that people are intensely interested in items relating to their own background, that jog their memory, remind them of memorable events, and satisfy their curiosity.

Readers who furnish material for publication will find they are amply rewarded by their own feeling of satisfaction and the recognition earned by the contribution.

The Solano Historian is now soliciting material of Solano and North Bay interest for future issues. More details concerning this may be obtained by contacting the Editor

The Society does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of statements or opinions of contributions although every effort is made to be historically correct