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1920 Census Index
Shasta County, Calif.

Section E

Eades, Arrenia 200B SHAS
Eades, Arrenia J. 200B SHAS
Eades, Eva ?? 194A FRM
Eades, George W. 200B SHAS
Eades, Jewel 194A FRM
Eades, Lewis 194A FRM
Eades, Mary A. 152B BUR
Eades, Milton 200B SHAS
Eades, Thomas 240A Redding
Eades, Wade 200B SHAS
Early, Emilia C. 199B SHAS
Early, Peter 139A BUC
Earwood, Wilbur L. 176A DKK
Easterly, George 227B Redding
Eastman, Anna C. 134B Anderson
Eastman, Charles 134B Anderson
Eastman, Charles 188A FRM
Eastman, Cleo 188A FRM
Eastman, Don 188A FRM
Eastman, Felix 188A FRM
Eastman, Mary 188A FRM
Eastwood, Adrian 147B BUC
Eastwood, Melissa J. 147B BUC
Eastwood, William A. 147B BUC
Eaton, Alice 223A Redding
Eaton, Byron G. 223A Redding
Eaton, Carl F. 127B Anderson
Eaton, Clara C. 126B Anderson
Eaton, Clifford G. 222A Redding
Eaton, Ella M. 222A Redding
Eaton, Elvis N. 183B KEN
Eaton, Eunice J. 183B KEN
Eaton, Eunice O. 183B KEN
Eaton, Francis A. 127B Anderson
Eaton, Fred N. 222A Redding
Eaton, Genevieve B. 127B Anderson
Eaton, Isabelle K. 222A Redding
Eaton, James P. 222A Redding
Eaton, Mary W. 222A Redding
Eaton, Robert F. 127B Anderson
Eaton, Ruth L. 183B KEN
Eaton, Thomas 211A IGON
Echverria, Gregoria 229A Redding
Echverria, Joe M. 228B Redding
Eckels, Fred 235B Redding
Edds, Drury J. 183B KEN
Eddy, John 127A Anderson
Eddy, Thomas 261B RMT
Edge, Alex 246A Redding
Edge, Andersonrew 246A Redding
Edge, Christina 246A Redding
Edge, George 246A Redding
Edgecomb, Edward 266B SHN
Edgecomb, Edwin H. 125 B Anderson
Edgecomb, Gwendolyn 125 B Anderson
Edgecomb, Pauline 125 B Anderson
Edgecomb, Ruthelle L. 125 B Anderson
Edgecomb, Thomas J. 125 B Anderson
Edgecomb, Thomas M. 125 B Anderson
Edler, Gustave 168B DKK
Edler, Mary 168B DKK
Edmonds, Archibald 266A SHN
Edmonds, Charles 207B IGON
Edmonds, Mary E. 266A SHN
Edmonds, Richard 207B IGON
Edmonds, Thomas 207B IGON
Edmunds, Anna 209A IGON
Edmunds, Earl 209A IGON
Edmunds, Frank 209A IGON
Edmunds, Jefferson 209A IGON
Edmunds, May 209A IGON
Edmunds, Ollie 209A IGON
Ednoff, Dorthy 214A MILL
Ednoff, John 214A MILL
Ednoff, Louese ? 214A MILL
Ednoff, Louese ? 214A MILL
Ednoff, Nellie 214A MILL
Edwards, Bonica E. 267B SHN
Edwards, Charles R. 267B SHN
Edwards, Chas 239A Redding
Edwards, Genevive G. 267B SHN
Edwards, Harley R. 267B SHN
Edwards, John 163A Cottonwood
Edwards, Morgan E. 267B SHN
Edwards, Ralph 239A Redding
Edwins, Belle 245B Redding
Edwins, Edward 245B Redding
Efaw, Eva 145A BUC
Efaw, James 145A BUC
Efaw, Magarat 145A BUC
Eggers, George 258A RMT
Eggleson, Rene 217A MILL
Egleston, Florence P. 183A KEN
Egleston, Marvin P. 183A KEN
Egleston, Oliver J. 183A KEN
Egleston, Willis E. 183A KEN
Ehrman, Carolina 242A Redding
Ehrman, Mary E. 197 FG
Ehrman, William F. 197 FG
Ehrmann, Gus J. 234A Redding
Eiler, Bernice 190B FRM
Eiler, Beryl 190B FRM
Eiler, Buster 190B FRM
Eiler, James B. 190B FRM
Eiler, Mary E. 190B FRM
Eiler, Ora M. 190B FRM
Eiler, Terecita 190B FRM
Eilers, Charlotte E. 259A RMT
Eilers, Rachel C. 259A RMT
Eilers, William 259A RMT
Eingle, Hattie P. 265B SAC
Eingle, Ira A. 265B SAC
Eingle, Ira P. 265B SAC
Eingle, Lucille F. 265B SAC
Ekin, Robert 180B KEN
Elder, James W. 139B BUC
Elder, Boyd B. 191B FRM
Elder, Cassius C. 172A DKK
Elder, Ernest W. 187B FRM
Elder, Gladys E. 267B SHN
Elder, Hannah E. 187B FRM
Elder, Irena 191B FRM
Elder, James S. 267B SHN
Elder, R. W. 260B RMT
Elder, Robert T. 187B FRM
Elder, Stanley B. 267B SHN
Elder, Ted R. 191B FRM
Elder, Viola M. 187B FRM
Elder, WAndersona 187B FRM
Elders, Vern C. 186A FRM
Elderton, George A. 233A Redding
Elderton, Josephine 233A Redding
Eldridge, Adaline 244B Redding
Eldridge, Angelica 190A FRM
Eldridge, Dorothy 140B BUC
Eldridge, Emma L. 134A Anderson
Eldridge, Eva 135A Anderson
Eldridge, Ferris E. 134A Anderson
Eldridge, Gayus L. 136B Anderson
Eldridge, George H. 134A Anderson
Eldridge, George R. 140B BUC
Eldridge, George W. 135A Anderson
Eldridge, Gertrude E. 136B Anderson
Eldridge, Ida 140B BUC
Eldridge, Judson C. 136B Anderson
Eldridge, Margaret L. 134A Anderson
Eldridge, Milliard 244B Redding
Eldridge, Nelda 140B BUC
Eldridge, Nelica 140B BUC
Eldridge, Rotha 140B BUC
Eldridge, Ruby 140B BUC
Eldridge, Shird T. 190A FRM
Eldridge, Vena 140B BUC
Eldridge, Weston F. 134A Anderson
Elisco, Zani 165B DKK
Ellerkamp, Margaret 138A BUC
Ellerkamp, Margaret D. 138A BUC
Ellerkamp, Mary 138A BUC
Ellerkamp, Richard 138A BUC
Ellington, George C. 177B KES
Ellington, Grace M. 177B KES
Ellington, Howard M. 177B KES
Ellington, Marjorie M. 177B KES
Elliott, Agnes 235A Redding
Elliott, Altis G. ?? 235A Redding
Elliott, Chas J. 235A Redding
Elliott, Howard 235A Redding
Elliott, Maud 235A Redding
Ellis, Daisy 256B RMT
Ellis, Ernest 159B Cottonwood
Ellis, Ida A. 159B Cottonwood
Ellis, J. 188B FRM
Ellis, James 217A MILL
Ellis, Lewis 256B RMT
Ellis, Robert H. 131A Anderson
Ellis, Roy 256B RMT
Elliston, Birdie E. 231B Redding
Elliston, Dorothy D. 231B Redding
Elliston, Veryl M. 231B Redding
Elliston, William P. 231B Redding
Ellwood, Clay 144B BUC
Ellwood, Edward H. 138A BUC
Ellwood, Francis 144B BUC
Ellwood, Helen 144B BUC
Ellwood, Rosa 138A BUC
Ellwood, Vicy I. 144B BUC
Elmore, Albert 154A BUR
Elmore, Lorena L. 145B BUC
Elmore, William 146A BUC
Elmquist, Albert U. 170A DKK
Elmquist, Verna K 170A DKK
Elsbury, Allie 143A BUC
Elsbury, Delia 143A BUC
Elsbury, Eva 143A BUC
Elsbury, James A. 143A BUC
Elsbury, John Q. 143A BUC
Elsbury, Olen 143A BUC
Elsbury, Sherman 143A BUC
Elwood, Cody 145A BUC
Elwood, Dewitt G. 144B BUC
Elwood, Jesse E. 145A BUC
Elwood, Mabel 134A Anderson
Emins, George W. ? 202B SHAS
Emins, Mary T. ? 202B SHAS
Emmanuel, Charles G. 196B FG
Emmons, Arthur M. 126B Anderson
Emmons, Laura 126B Anderson
Emmons, May 126B Anderson
Emmons, William Rice 126B Anderson
Enders, George 235B Redding
EndiCottonwoodt, David 144A BUC
EndiCottonwoodt, David 145B BUC
EndiCottonwoodt, Harriet 144A BUC
EndiCottonwoodt, James W. 145B BUC
EndiCottonwoodt, James W. 176B DKK
EndiCottonwoodt, John C. 182B KEN
EndiCottonwoodt, Laura 145B BUC
EndiCottonwoodt, Pearl M. 182B KEN
EndiCottonwoodt, Wesley 145B BUC
Engle, Niell 204 HG
English, Clair E. 258B RMT
English, Edna 258B RMT
English, Elise 258B RMT
English, Ernest 258B RMT
English, Ernest M. 258B RMT
English, Jesse F. 175B DKK
English, Lucinda J. 150A BUR
English, Maude F. 175B DKK
English, Silvester C. 150A BUR
Engram, Leslie 245B Redding
Engram, Lydia 245B Redding
Eniel, Herbert 188B FRM
Eniel, Nelda 188B FRM
Enslow, C.V. 218B Redding
Enslow, Helen 218B Redding
Enslow, Ruth 218B Redding
Enslow, S????? 218B Redding
Erais, FrankE 200A SHAS
Erais, Vini I. 200A SHAS
Erb, Frank C. 203B HG
Erhardt, Dan J. 226A Redding
Erhardt, Daniel 242A Redding
Erhardt, Juliette 226A Redding
Erhardt, Leona C. 226A Redding
Erickson, Agnes 191B FRM
Erickson, Andersonrew 207B IGON
Erickson, August 203A HG
Erickson, Carl A. 191A FRM
Erickson, Christina 191A FRM
Erickson, Elmer R. 191B FRM
Erickson, Henry 178B KES
Erickson, Herbert 206A IGON
Erickson, Ida 206A IGON
Erickson, Ida 206A IGON
Erickson, James Victor 256B RMT
Erickson, Lena G. 178B KES
Erickson, Melvin 206A IGON
Erickson, Mildred Vera 256B RMT
Erickson, Nellie 256B RMT
Erickson, Orrin 206A IGON
Erickson, Paul 206A IGON
Erickson, Robert 178B KES
Erickson, Siguard ? 256B RMT
Erickson, Victor 191B FRM
Ericson, John C. 150B BUR
Ernest, Frank 201B SHAS
Erskine, Sarah 140 A BUC
Erskine, Walter 140 A BUC
Esley, Clarence 235B Redding
Eslip, Catherine 234B Redding
Eslip, Florence 234B Redding
Eslip, Horance 234B Redding
Eslip, Lily 234B Redding
Eslip, Stanton 234B Redding
Espey, Willis B. 195B FG
Espino, Escarnacion 171B DKK
Espino, Miguel 171B DKK
Essex, Hildred 250B Redding
Essex, Irene 250B Redding
Essex, Laura 250B Redding
Essex, Mildred 250B Redding
Essex, Sue 250B Redding
Essex, William 250B Redding
Essex, William 250B Redding
Esteban, Tony 241B Redding
Estep, Alfred 258B RMT
Estep, Ann 258B RMT
Estep, Clyde 258B RMT
Estep, Dewey A. 258B RMT
Estep, Gerald 258B RMT
Estep, Gladys E. 258B RMT
Estep, Harold 258B RMT
Estep, Lily 258B RMT
Estep, Russell A. 258B RMT
Estep, Violet 258B RMT
Estes, Alice B. 192A FRM
Estes, Belle 191B FRM
Estes, Edna G. 192A FRM
Estes, Ella K. 227B Redding
Estes, George A. 192A FRM
Estes, James B. 191B FRM
Estes, John G. 192A FRM
Estes, Lillia L. 222B Redding
Estes, Thelma 191B FRM
Estes, William H. 191B FRM
Estes, William H. 192A FRM
Estill, Margaret E. 148B BUR
Etcheberry, Mary F. 257A RMT
Etcheberry, Victor 257A RMT
Etnier, Charles S. 193A FRM
Etter, Allen W. 226A Redding
Etter, Mary E. 226A Redding
Etzler, Birdie 245A Redding
Etzler, Louis 245A Redding
Etzler, Lucile 245A Redding
Etzler, Nellie 245A Redding
Etzler, William 245A Redding
Etzler, William 245A Redding
Eubanks, Talla P. ? 175A DKK
Europos, E. 260B RMT
Evans, Brigham R. 176A DKK
Evans, Fredrick 246A Redding
Evans, George W. 267B SHN
Evans, Gerald 246A Redding
Evans, Martha E. 267B SHN
Evans, Mildred 246A Redding
Evans, Rebecca 246A Redding
Everhardt, Katherine F. 224A Redding
Everhart, Walter H. 196B FG
Ewer, Bertha 193A FRM
Ewer, Frank 193A FRM
Ewer, Frank 193A FRM
Ewer, Fred 193A FRM
Ewer, Olive 193A FRM
Exarhos, James 168B DKK
Ezo, Ganittana 242A Redding
Ezo, George 242A Redding
Ezo, Minnie 242A Redding
Ezo, Pete 242A Redding
Ezo, Pietro 242A Redding

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