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1920 Census Index
Shasta County, California

Me - Mz

Mead, William E. 164 Cottonwood
Mears, James Sylvester 216A MILL
Mears, John K. 216A MILL
Mears, John K. Jr. 216A MILL
Mears, Martha C. 216A MILL
Mears, Rosie? A. 216A MILL
Mears, William H. 216A MILL
Meding, George 143B BUC
Meding, Mary A. 143B BUC
Meek, William S. 146A BUC
Meeker, Anna B. 212A MILL
Meeker, Carroll 217B MILL
Meeker, Ida 217B MILL
Meeker, Isaac 217B MILL
Meeker, James W. R. 212B MILL
Meeker, John N. L. 212B MILL
Meeker, Lawrence A. 212A MILL
Meeker, Lawrence A. Jr. 212A MILL
Meeker, Leroy I. 212B MILL
Meeker, Lottie 212B MILL
Meeker, Orr T. 212A MILL
Meier, Joseph 228B Redding
Meier, Margaret 228B Redding
Meineken, Berhardt 216B MILL
Meineken, Christopher 216B MILL
Meineken, Dora 216B MILL
Meiske, Annie E. 161A Cottonwood
Meiske, Herman J. 161A Cottonwood
Meiske, Lena L. 161A Cottonwood
Meiske, Mamie B. 161A Cottonwood
Meiske, Pauline M. 161A Cottonwood
Meixner, Clara B. 182A KEN
Meixner, Frank 182A KEN
Meixner, Gertrude M. 182A KEN
Meixner, Sarah F. 182A KEN
Melton, Carrold 258A RMT
Melton, Cora B. 140 A BUC
Melton, Dennis C. 140 A BUC
Melton, Ida E. 140 A BUC
Melton, Issac C. 258A RMT
Melton, Nellie F. 258A RMT
Melton, Preston W. 140 A BUC
Melton, Walter L. 140 A BUC
Mendes, Grank 264A SAC
Mendes, Lloyd 264A SAC
Mendes, Pete 264A SAC
Mendosa, Andres 221B Redding
Mensiaren, Andrew 240A Redding
Menzel, George 252B Redding
Menzel, Lola E. 226A Redding
Menzel, Rhoda B. 226A Redding
Menzel, Ruth T. 226A Redding
Menzel, William B. 226A Redding
Menzler, Henry 208A IGON
Meoryma, E. 137A Anderson
Mer?er, Clyde V. ? 261A RMT
Meras, Rovino 177A KES
Merchant, Walter V. 172B DKK
Merle, Elizabeth 141A BUC
Merlo, Ida B. 224B Redding
Merlo, John B. 224B Redding
Merlo, Mary 224B Redding
Merlo, Orlando 224B Redding
Merrilees, Francis M. 265B SAC
Merrill, Ada R. 231B Redding
Merrill, Agnes 241B Redding
Merrill, Bertha 175A DKK
Merrill, Clinton H. 241B Redding
Merrill, Lena 241B Redding
Merrill, Lena 264B SAC
Merrill, Mark L. 231B Redding
Merrill, Nellie I. 175A DKK
Merrill, Purl R. 157B Cottonwood
Merrill, Rose M. 157B Cottonwood
Mesnoni, Gulieno 169B DKK
Metcalfe, George B. 179B KES
Methvin, Ada 146A BUC
Methvin, Adele 146A BUC
Methvin, Allen 146A BUC
Methvin, Edna 146A BUC
Methvin, Edna 146A BUC
Methvin, Oscar 146A BUC
Methvin, Ralph 146A BUC
Metz, Alice 245B Redding
Metz, Charles 245B Redding
Metz, Leroy 245B Redding
Meubarth, Ella L. 141A BUC
Mevert, Annie 147B BUC
Mevert, Chester 147B BUC
Mevert, Dorothy 147B BUC
Mevert, Gerald 147B BUC
Mevert, Grace 147B BUC
Mevert, Grace 147B BUC
Mevert, Herman 147B BUC
Mevert, John 147B BUC
Mevert, Lloyd 147B BUC
Mevert, Valentine 147B BUC
Mewes, Burnice 234A Redding
Mewes, Burnice? 234A Redding
Mewes, Carl E. 131A Anderson
Mewes, Carl F. 131A Anderson
Mewes, Emma C 131A Anderson
Mewes, George A. 131A Anderson
Mewes, Harry E. 131A Anderson
Mewes, Henrietta 131A Anderson
Mewes, John ? 234A Redding
Mewes, Robert E. 131A Anderson
Mewes, William A. 131A Anderson
Meyer Alice J. 127B Anderson
Meyer, Albert 127B Anderson
Meyer, Clara 234B Redding
Meyer, Cleta L. 138B BUC
Meyer, Clifford E. 139A BUC
Meyer, Donald 138B BUC
Meyer, Edward D. 138B BUC
Meyer, Ellen M. 139A BUC
Meyer, Fred 138B BUC
Meyer, Harold C. 139A BUC
Meyer, Hattie M. 138B BUC
Meyer, John F. 139A BUC
Meyer, Margaret P. 139A BUC
Meyer, Martha C. 138B BUC
Meyer, Melisa M. 138B BUC
Meyer, Melva M. 134B Anderson
Meyer, Merlin D. 139A BUC
Meyer, Ola M. 127B Anderson
Meyer, Ray K. 138B BUC
Meyer, William H. 139A BUC
Meyer, William V. 139A BUC
Meyer, Wilma 139A BUC
Meyers, Lillian M. 239A Redding
Meyers, Wm. H. 239A Redding
Meyers, Wm. H. Jr. 239A Redding
Michael, Albert 248B Redding
Michael, Aurelia 248B Redding
Michael, Carroll 248B Redding
Michael, Frank 248B Redding
Michael, George 248B Redding
Michael, Ruth 249A Redding
Michaelson, Adolph 208A IGON
Michaelson, Alvin J. 124A Anderson
Michaelson, Augustus C. 124A Anderson
Michaelson, Minerva C. 124A Anderson
Michalopulos, George 253B Redding
Michalopulos, John 253B Redding
Michalopulos, Nick 253B Redding
Michalopulos, Thomas 253B Redding
Michelotti, Guido 264A SAC
Michelson, S?ted? 234A Redding
Middleton, Caroline E. 214B MILL
Middleton, Catherine F. 180A KEN
Middleton, Joseph J. 214B MILL
Middleton, Willis W. 180A KEN
Middleton,Cassie N. 180A KEN
Middleton,Gladys C. 180A KEN
Mieske, Paul G. 161A Cottonwood
Mihos, George 183A KEN
Mihos, William 183A KEN
Mike, Davis 187B FRM
Mike, Gertrude 187B FRM
Mike, Gilbert 148B BUR
Mike, Griffith 188A FRM
Mike, Louise 148B BUR
Mike, Ralph 187A FRM
Mike, Sissle 187B FRM
Mike, Truman 148B BUR
Miles, Bessie 147B BUC
Miles, Eliza 252A Redding
Miles, Emerson 173A DKK
Miles, George 173A DKK
Miles, Harry 126A Anderson
Miles, James P. 173B DKK
Miles, Mildred A. 173B DKK
Miles, Sherman 126A Anderson
Miles, Simpson 173A DKK
Miles, Wesley 126A Anderson
Miller, Abraham 198A SHAS
Miller, Addie 209B IGON
Miller, Alfred 235B Redding
Miller, Alfred R. 178B KES
Miller, Alice A. 129A Anderson
Miller, Alwyn ? 256B RMT
Miller, Amanda 208B IGON
Miller, Andrew D. 171A DKK
Miller, Andy W. 168A DKK
Miller, Bill 189A FRM
Miller, Campbell C. 216A MILL
Miller, Charles 207B IGON
Miller, Clare 209B IGON
Miller, Claude 209B IGON
Miller, David 209B IGON
Miller, Dorothy L 230B Redding
Miller, Earl 145B BUC
Miller, Elaine 209B IGON
Miller, Elmira 189A FRM
Miller, Emelita G. 216A MILL
Miller, Emma J. 168A DKK
Miller, Eva 235B Redding
Miller, Florence 256B RMT
Miller, Fred 171A DKK
Miller, Freda 209B IGON
Miller, Frederick W. 168A DKK
Miller, Frieda A. 230B Redding
Miller, Frieda L. 230A Redding
Miller, George 145B BUC
Miller, George 145B BUC
Miller, Gus D. 227B Redding
Miller, Herbert G. 171A DKK
Miller, Isabel 235B Redding
Miller, Jennie A. 171A DKK
Miller, John C. 216A MILL
Miller, John Jackson 209B IGON
Miller, Katharyn 250A Redding
Miller, Lameldo 189A FRM
Miller, Larry Sylvester 261A RMT
Miller, Laura 208B IGON
Miller, Lenore E. 216A MILL
Miller, Leon 208A IGON
Miller, Lorene B. 230A Redding
Miller, Lorin E. 171A DKK
Miller, Lorin L. 230A Redding
Miller, Louise N. 230A Redding
Miller, Lucile C. 216A MILL
Miller, Lydia L. 129A Anderson
Miller, Maggie 189A FRM
Miller, Maria H. 216A MILL
Miller, Martha 145B BUC
Miller, Mary A. 235B Redding
Miller, Morris 256B RMT
Miller, Nancy Ellen 261A RMT
Miller, Olive 209B IGON
Miller, Pearl 209B IGON
Miller, Pearl R. 171A DKK
Miller, Ralph 208A IGON
Miller, Ralph 208B IGON
Miller, Ruth 208B IGON
Miller, Stephen 209B IGON
Miller, Steve 208B IGON
Miller, Susan M. 216A MILL
Miller, Thelma 208B IGON
Miller, Thomas M. 129A Anderson
Miller, Victor 235B Redding
Miller, Virginia M. 216A MILL
Miller. John 208B IGON
Millerio, Antonio 201A SHAS
Millerio, Arturo? 201A SHAS
Millerio, Carlo 201A SHAS
Millerio, Fredi? 201A SHAS
Millerio, Katherine 201A SHAS
Millerio, Talio? 201A SHAS
Milliken, Robert 259B RMT
Milliken, Roberta 259B RMT
Milliken, Stella 259B RMT
Millington, John 264B SAC
Mills, Andrew 134B Anderson
Mills, Caroline 134B Anderson
Mills, Carroll H. 212B MILL
Mills, Clara H. 212B MILL
Mills, Godfry 134B Anderson
Mills, Joe A. 212B MILL
Mills, Minny H. 212B MILL
Mills, Rudolph 134B Anderson
Mills, Ruth I. 134B Anderson
Mills, Walter S. 134B Anderson
Mills, William H. 134B Anderson
Milo, Dorothy 196B FG
Milo, James W. 196B FG
Milone, John 182B KEN
Milone, Sylvia 182B KEN
Milos, Socrates 136B Anderson
Milton, Ann 175A DKK
Milton, Josephine J. 175A DKK
Milton, Maxwell C. ? 175A DKK
Minard, May 247B Redding
Mincan, Richard J. 175A DKK
Mindham, Helen 218A Redding
Mindham, Henry 218A Redding
Mir??, Harry H. 162B Cottonwood
Miramotis, Clarisa 221B Redding
Miramotis, Daniel 221B Redding
Miramotis, Jose 221B Redding
Miramotis, Julio 221B Redding
Mirretnen, Leroy M. ? 140 A BUC
Missenger, Chas E. 238A Redding
Missenger, Hope 238A Redding
Miston, Charles E. ? 201B SHAS
Miston, William ? 201B SHAS
Mitchel, Dean 174A DKK
Mitchel, Eda 174A DKK
Mitchel, James 174A DKK
Mitchel, Sykes 174A DKK
Mitchell, A. E. 260B RMT
Mitchell, Adelia 132A Anderson
Mitchell, Agnes L. 130B Anderson
Mitchell, Antoinette 243A Redding
Mitchell, Fredrich 243A Redding
Mitchell, Gelva K. 156A Cottonwood
Mitchell, Harold 156A Cottonwood
Mitchell, Harry 260B RMT
Mitchell, Margarita 132A Anderson
Mitchell, Mary 132A Anderson
Mitchell, McKinley M. 132A Anderson
Mitchell, Taft 132A Anderson
Mitchell, Thomas P. 177B KES
Mitchell, William 132A Anderson
Modglia, Alice L. 224A Redding
Moffatt, Daniel 210B IGON
Moffett, Hattie M. 263A SAC
Moffett, Wiley W. 263A SAC
Molina, Tomas 171B DKK
Monahan, Elizabeth F. 264A SAC
Monahan, Lewis C. 264A SAC
Monahan, Margaret H. 264A SAC
Monahan, Margaret W. 264A SAC
Monahan, Robert E. 195B FG
Monahan, Thomas A. 264A SAC
Monahan, William W. 264A SAC
Moneajo, Luis 160A Cottonwood
Monga, Annetta 183A KEN
Monga, joseph 183A KEN
Monga, Peter A. 183A KEN
Monroe, William 146A BUC
Montague, Charles A. 227B Redding
Montgomery, Albert 195A FG
Montgomery, Alice 195A FG
Montgomery, Alway 255A RMT
Montgomery, Ben 255A RMT
Montgomery, Chancy 255A RMT
Montgomery, David 255A RMT
Montgomery, Frank A. 195A FG
Montgomery, Franklin 255A RMT
Montgomery, Fransis 255A RMT
Montgomery, George 255A RMT
Montgomery, Harold 255A RMT
Montgomery, Helen 220A Redding
Montgomery, Herbert 255A RMT
Montgomery, James 220A Redding
Montgomery, James L. 220A Redding
Montgomery, Lily 255A RMT
Montgomery, Lydia 250B Redding
Montgomery, Margurette 195A FG
Montgomery, Marie 220A Redding
Montgomery, Martin 255A RMT
Montgomery, Mary 255A RMT
Montgomery, Roy 195A FG
Montgomery, Sam 255A RMT
Montgomery, Scott 255A RMT
Montgomery, Scott Owens 255A RMT
Montgomery, William 250B Redding
Montgomery,Archibald 255A RMT
Moody, Alberta 255A RMT
Moody, Catherine 151B BUR
Moody, Emma 237A Redding
Moody, Herbert L. 237A Redding
Moody, Hubert G. 237A Redding
Moody, Katherine 237A Redding
Moody, Loraine 255A RMT
Moody, Myrtle 151B BUR
Moody, Nelda 255A RMT
Moody, Walter 255A RMT
Moon, Eurbana 240A Redding
Moon, Harry 208B IGON
Moon, Henry Co. 240A Redding
Moon, Joe 208B IGON
Mooore, John S. 156B Cottonwood
Moore, Ada M. 231B Redding
Moore, Archie 140B BUC
Moore, Carrie A. 163A Cottonwood
Moore, Charlena 140B BUC
Moore, Charles 141B BUC
Moore, Charles 190B FRM
Moore, Charles A. 231B Redding
Moore, Charles S. 186A FRM
Moore, Cora 244A Redding
Moore, D??? 140B BUC
Moore, Donald 244A Redding
Moore, E. B. 218B Redding
Moore, Edwin 244A Redding
Moore, Elizabeth A. 161B Cottonwood
Moore, Elsie E. 163A Cottonwood
Moore, Erwin L. 266A SHN
Moore, Etta 141B BUC
Moore, Etta M. 227A Redding
Moore, Eveline 163A Cottonwood
Moore, Fannie 140B BUC
Moore, Francis 141B BUC
Moore, Francis 236B Redding
Moore, George W. 163A Cottonwood
Moore, Harold 210B IGON
Moore, Hazel L. 227A Redding
Moore, Inez 210B IGON
Moore, James 140B BUC
Moore, James 210B IGON
Moore, James M. 266A SHN
Moore, James M. Jr. 266A SHN
Moore, Jesse A. 231B Redding
Moore, Joe 210B IGON
Moore, Joseph A. 140B BUC
Moore, Joseph A. 140B BUC
Moore, Joseph L. 163A Cottonwood
Moore, Leo 163A Cottonwood
Moore, Lewis 210B IGON
Moore, Lila B. 266A SHN
Moore, Lilian M. 149B BUR
Moore, Lillian N. 224A Redding
Moore, Lois 210B IGON
Moore, Louis 224A Redding
Moore, Louis C. 224A Redding
Moore, Lydia L. 156B Cottonwood
Moore, Marinda? 160B Cottonwood
Moore, Mary 236B Redding
Moore, Nathaniel 161B Cottonwood
Moore, Navera 140B BUC
Moore, Oral C. 167B DKK
Moore, Roderick 140B BUC
Moore, Roy E. 227A Redding
Moore, Sarah F. 190B FRM
Moore, Thomas G. 149B BUR
Moore, Veda L. 140B BUC
Moore, Willard P. 266A SHN
Moore, William B. 141B BUC
Moore, William H. 149B BUR
Moore, Wilma 141B BUC
Moores, Jean 234B Redding
Moores, Mabel 234B Redding
Moores, Wade 234B Redding
Moraglia, James 139B BUC
Moraglia, John 139B BUC
Moraglia, Josephine 139B BUC
Moraglia, Luigi 139B BUC
Moraglia, Peter 139B BUC
Moraglia, Rose 139B BUC
Morales, Raymond 148A BUR
Morales,Roseline 148A BUR
Morgain, Alexander N. 157B Cottonwood
Morgan, Amy I. 157B Cottonwood
Morgan, Arthur E. 158A Cottonwood
Morgan, Berta F. 158B Cottonwood
Morgan, Cornelius A. 172B DKK
Morgan, Dorothy A. 157B Cottonwood
Morgan, Ethel V. 158A Cottonwood
Morgan, George 158B Cottonwood
Morgan, George 244A Redding
Morgan, Herman G. 126A Anderson
Morgan, James 158B Cottonwood
Morgan, James D. 158B Cottonwood
Morgan, Mary E. 157B Cottonwood
Morgan, Miriam M. 157B Cottonwood
Morgan, Richard W. 157B Cottonwood
Morgan, Robert F. 158A Cottonwood
Morgan, Thomas E. 158B Cottonwood
Morgan, W. E. 259A RMT
Morgan, William E. 157B Cottonwood
Mori, Lucy 145A BUC
Mori, Sebastian 145A BUC
Mori, Stephen 145A BUC
Moriarty, Dorothy 243B Redding
Moriarty, Elizabeth 243B Redding
Moriarty, Philip 243B Redding
Morris, Annie 153B BUR
Morris, Elsie L. 184B KEN
Morris, Harry K 166B DKK
Morris, Horace 153B BUR
Morris, Mamie 184B KEN
Morris, Mary 166B DKK
Morris, Nellie 244A Redding
Morris, Samuel B. 184B KEN
Morrison, Albert G. 235A Redding
Morrow, Matthew 203B HG
Morse, Charles D. 169B DKK
Mortelson, Bernice 164 Cottonwood
Mortelson, Emma 164 Cottonwood
Mortelson, Nils 164 Cottonwood
Mortelson, Paul 164 Cottonwood
Mortera, Albera 131A Anderson
Mortera, Albert 131A Anderson
Mortera, Aurora 131A Anderson
Mortera, Lieb?? 131A Anderson
Mortera, Mary 131A Anderson
Morton, Alfred W. 179A KES
Morton, Amilia 150B BUR
Morton, Charles 173A DKK
Morton, Charles E. 157B Cottonwood
Morton, Constance 150B BUR
Morton, Ellen 150B BUR
Morton, Ellen 173A DKK
Morton, Fredrick A. 150B BUR
Morton, George 150B BUR
Morton, George L. 150B BUR
Morton, Lena 150B BUR
Morton, Pearl I 150B BUR
Mosley, Abbie E. 258A RMT
Mosquita, Juan 176A DKK
Moss, Charles D. 135A Anderson
Moss, Edward E. 230A Redding
Moss, Esabel E. 230A Redding
Moss, Estele 162B Cottonwood
Moss, Ethel 127B Anderson
Moss, Geo 234B Redding
Moss, Howard 162B Cottonwood
Moss, Jess C. 127B Anderson
Moss, John E. 230A Redding
Moss, Martha E. 230A Redding
Moss, Mary M. 135A Anderson
Moss, Nonie M. 231B Redding
Moss, Patricia 162B Cottonwood
Moss, W. C. 187A FRM
Moss, Wayne R. 231B Redding
Moss, William 162B Cottonwood
Motern, Clarence 130B Anderson
Motern, George H. 130B Anderson
Motern, Leo F. 130B Anderson
Mott, Gladys L. 213A MILL
Mott, Peter 219A Redding
Mott, Warren 220A Redding
Moutner, James 167A DKK
Muchache, Caroline 189A FRM
Muchache, Isabell 189B FRM
Muchache, Lizzie 189A FRM
Muchache, Mayfield 189A FRM
Muchache, Talitha 189A FRM
Mulher, Glenn 236A Redding
Mulhern, Edward J. 172B DKK
Mulhern, Jessie 236A Redding
Mulhern, Mable M. 172B DKK
Mulhern, Ruth 236A Redding
Mulhern, Thomas 236A Redding
Mullen, Anna 250A Redding
Mullen, Anna 250A Redding
Mullen, Bertha E. 232B Redding
Mullen, Charles J. 232B Redding
Mullen, Earl 153A BUR
Mullen, Elise 153A BUR
Mullen, George 153A BUR
Mullen, James 232B Redding
Mullen, Janie? 232B Redding
Mullen, Marie E. 232B Redding
Mullen, Marjory E. 232B Redding
Mullen, Newt 153A BUR
Mullen, Roy H. 232B Redding
Muller, Carlamardus 238A Redding
Muller, Earnest A. 238A Redding
Muller, Jasper K. 183A KEN
Muller, Lucinda 146A BUC
Muller, Otto R. 238A Redding
Muller, Thomas 146A BUC
Muller, Violet P. 238A Redding
Munger, Bill G. 150A BUR
Munger, William A. 149B BUR
Munkettrick, George 268B SHN
Munro, James 244B Redding
Munro, Laura L. 261A RMT
Munro, William A. 261A RMT
Murdock, Elizabeth 133A Anderson
Murdock, William H. 133A Anderson
Murphey, Edith L. 200B SHAS
Murphey, Lillian 200B SHAS
Murphey, Martin J. 200B SHAS
Murphey, Paul F. 200B SHAS
Murphy, Benjamin 142B BUC
Murphy, Charles W. 205A IGON
Murphy, Daniel T. 219B Redding
Murphy, Elzy V. 230A Redding
Murphy, Francis T. 258B RMT
Murphy, George E. 230A Redding
Murphy, Gladys 205A IGON
Murphy, Glenn 205A IGON
Murphy, Henrietta L. 201B SHAS
Murphy, Henriette 245B Redding
Murphy, James R. 230A Redding
Murphy, Jemima M. 201B SHAS
Murphy, Jennie F. 201B SHAS
Murphy, Jerry 245B Redding
Murphy, Jerry T. 201B SHAS
Murphy, John 148B BUR
Murphy, John ? 202A SHAS
Murphy, John W. 225A Redding
Murphy, Kate 252B Redding
Murphy, Lucy 230A Redding
Murphy, Lutie 258B RMT
Murphy, Mabel 209A IGON
Murphy, Martha R. 230A Redding
Murphy, Martin A. 201B SHAS
Murphy, Matthew M. 258B RMT
Murphy, Nellie 205A IGON
Murphy, Orion W. 230A Redding
Murphy, Roland D. 201B SHAS
Murray, Adelaide 175B DKK
Murray, Brayton G. 173A DKK
Murray, Edward 168A DKK
Murray, Floyd 132A Anderson
Murray, John J. 125A Anderson
Murray, Lena W. 132A Anderson
Murray, Marie E. 132B Anderson
Murray, Maurice J. 132A Anderson
Murray, Nellie R. 125A Anderson
Murray, Norman L. 132B Anderson
Murray, Peter 168A DKK
Murray, Thomas C. 237B Redding
Murray, Timothy F. 175B DKK
Museti, Joseph 172B DKK
Musselbeak, Frank 209B IGON
Myers Elsie M. 125A Anderson
Myers, Albert L. 237B Redding
Myers, Henry 199A SHAS
Myers, Homer J. 125A Anderson
Myers, Roy F. 266B SHN
Myhada, Manuel V. 225A Redding

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