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1920 Census Index
Shasta County, California


Queen, Henry C. 240A Redding
Quick, Claud 208A IGON
Quick, Forrest 207B IGON
Quick, Harry C. 259B RMT
Quier, Hansen 241A Redding
Quillen, Charles B. 192B FRM
Quillen, Emma R. 192B FRM
Quillen, Leona M. 192B FRM
Quillen, Theodore 192B FRM
Quillen, William B. 192B FRM
Quinn, Agnes 189B FRM
Quinn, Bisbee? 189B FRM
Quinn, Ebon 189B FRM
Quinn, Frank M. 140A BUC
Quinn, John B. 225A Redding
Quinn, Laura 248A Redding
Quinn, Mammie 248A Redding
Quinn, Mary 206A IGON
Quinn, Minnie 140A BUC
Quinn, Paul E. 179A KES
Quinn, Sallie 189B FRM
Quinne, Ellen 193A FRM
Quinne, Florence 193A FRM
Quinne, James A. 193A FRM
Quinne, John J. 193A FRM
Quinne, Margret A. 193A FRM
Quinne, Rose 193A FRM
Quirk, Beryle 249B Redding
Quirk, Edmund 249B Redding
Quirk, Jesse 249B Redding
Quirk, Melba 249B Redding

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