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1920 Census Index
Shasta County, California

Sm - Sz

Smiley, Elizabeth M. 217A MILL
Smiley, Frederick A. 217A MILL
Smiley, Frederick A. 217A MILL
Smiley, Lester B. 217A MILL
Smilinich, Daniel J. 184A KEN
Smilinich, George E. 184A KEN
Smilinich, John C. 184A KEN
Smilinich, Mary 184A KEN
Smilinich, Peter P. 184A KEN
Smilinich. Frank E. 184A KEN
Smith Mary E. 232A Redding
Smith, Aaron 256B RMT
Smith, Abbert Lee 253A Redding
Smith, Abbie F. 156A Cottonwood
Smith, Addie M. 225B Redding
Smith, Albert 144A BUC
Smith, Albert J. 264A SAC
Smith, Alford A. 168A DKK
Smith, Alice 158A Cottonwood
Smith, Alice B. 161A Cottonwood
Smith, Amos P. 204 HG
Smith, Andrew J. 187A FRM
Smith, Anna M. 184A KEN
Smith, Anna M. E. ??? 131A Anderson
Smith, Asa 237A Redding
Smith, Beryl X. 163B Cottonwood
Smith, Burton 252A Redding
Smith, California B. 163B Cottonwood
Smith, Calvin J. 228A Redding
Smith, Cecil R. 225B Redding
Smith, Cecil W. 168A DKK
Smith, Charles 248A Redding
Smith, Charles A. 163B Cottonwood
Smith, Charles A. 167B DKK
Smith, Charles W. 143A BUC
Smith, Christina 133B Anderson
Smith, Christina 225B Redding
Smith, Clayton B. 167B DKK
Smith, Cleveland W. 159B Cottonwood
Smith, Clifford E. 201B SHAS
Smith, Clyde 161A Cottonwood
Smith, Corena 228A Redding
Smith, Cyrus 148A BUR
Smith, Dalice R. 184A KEN
Smith, Daniel S. ? 234B Redding
Smith, David 219A Redding
Smith, Dora 260B RMT
Smith, Durward 146A BUC
Smith, Earnest B. 166A DKK
Smith, Earnest W. 239A Redding
Smith, Edith K. 225B Redding
Smith, Edmond 146A BUC
Smith, Edward R. 225B Redding
Smith, Edward W. 166A DKK
Smith, Effie 186A FRM
Smith, Elizabeth 245B Redding
Smith, Elizabeth D. 232A Redding
Smith, Elmer W. 225B Redding
Smith, Elsie 161A Cottonwood
Smith, Emma 218A Redding
Smith, Emma E. 212A MILL
Smith, Emma V. 159B Cottonwood
Smith, Ethel 145A BUC
Smith, Ethel J. 163B Cottonwood
Smith, Francis E. 168A DKK
Smith, Frank 154A BUR
Smith, Frank 220A Redding
Smith, Frank E. 224B Redding
Smith, Frank P. 168B DKK
Smith, Frank S. 127A Anderson
Smith, Franklin R. 168A DKK
Smith, Fred 145A BUC
Smith, Fred 218A Redding
Smith, Freda M. 148A BUR
Smith, G. 148A BUR
Smith, G???? 161A Cottonwood
Smith, Geo W. 218A Redding
Smith, George 178B KES
Smith, George O. 178B KES
Smith, George P. 133B Anderson
Smith, Gillman M. 216A MILL
Smith, Gladys E. 237A Redding
Smith, Guy 206B IGON
Smith, Harlo G. 133B Anderson
Smith, Harry 186A FRM
Smith, Harry G. 133B Anderson
Smith, Helen D. 148A BUR
Smith, Henry 208A IGON
Smith, Henry 241A Redding
Smith, Henry J. 203B HG
Smith, Hilmer? 161A Cottonwood
Smith, Ida S. 168B DKK
Smith, Inez 206B IGON
Smith, Ira 235A Redding
Smith, Irene C. 127B Anderson
Smith, Ivy G. 166A DKK
Smith, Jack 208A IGON
Smith, Jacob L. 199A SHAS
Smith, James E. 157A Cottonwood
Smith, James E. 167B DKK
Smith, James L. 148A BUR
Smith, James L. 148A BUR
Smith, James M. 148A BUR
Smith, Jay 203A HG
Smith, Jennie L. 148A BUR
Smith, Jessie V. 157A Cottonwood
Smith, John 162B Cottonwood
Smith, John T. 149B BUR
Smith, John T. 231A Redding
Smith, Joseph W. 225B Redding
Smith, Lafayette 260B RMT
Smith, Laura M. 239A Redding
Smith, Lena 178B KES
Smith, Lena A. 146A BUC
Smith, Lester C. 235B Redding
Smith, Lloyd C. 127B Anderson
Smith, Lois 190A FRM
Smith, Lois C. 216A MILL
Smith, Lola M. 224B Redding
Smith, Louis A. 257A RMT
Smith, Louise 161A Cottonwood
Smith, Louise P. 169A DKK
Smith, Luella 252A Redding
Smith, Mamie M. 234B Redding
Smith, Margaret P. 225B Redding
Smith, Mariah E. 146A BUC
Smith, Martha A. 167B DKK
Smith, Martha J. 167B DKK
Smith, Mary 144A BUC
Smith, Mary 178B KES
Smith, Mary 201B SHAS
Smith, Mary A. 166A DKK
Smith, Mary A. 167B DKK
Smith, Mary J. 127A Anderson
Smith, Mary L. 225B Redding
Smith, Millie L. 148A BUR
Smith, Minnie 178B KES
Smith, Minnie 248A Redding
Smith, Morris T. 239A Redding
Smith, Mortimer 228A Redding
Smith, Murray 178B KES
Smith, Myrtle I. 143A BUC
Smith, N. F. 218A Redding
Smith, Nicholas T. 146A BUC
Smith, Norma 178B KES
Smith, Olive 234B Redding
Smith, Ollie G. 169A DKK
Smith, Ophelia 225B Redding
Smith, Orlando 161A Cottonwood
Smith, Orval B. 237A Redding
Smith, Pat 159B Cottonwood
Smith, Pearl 241A Redding
Smith, Pearl L. 241A Redding
Smith, Peter T. 131A Anderson
Smith, Ralph 146A BUC
Smith, Ralph T. 146A BUC
Smith, Richard J. 143A BUC
Smith, Robert T. 201B SHAS
Smith, Roda G. 225B Redding
Smith, Roy W. 168A DKK
Smith, Rudolph 158A Cottonwood
Smith, Sadie 187A FRM
Smith, Samuel G. 232A Redding
Smith, Sara J. 187A FRM
Smith, Sarah E. 157A Cottonwood
Smith, Sarah T. 143A BUC
Smith, Selma 257A RMT
Smith, Thelma 145A BUC
Smith, Thelma 178B KES
Smith, Tracy 148A BUR
Smith, Vera A. 146A BUC
Smith, Vernon E. 257A RMT
Smith, Virginia E. 157A Cottonwood
Smith, Virginia H. 127B Anderson
Smith, Viva 144A BUC
Smith, Vondel 168A DKK
Smith, Willard E. 257A RMT
Smith, William 144A BUC
Smith, William 161A Cottonwood
Smith, William A. 232A Redding
Smith, William E. 225B Redding
Smith, William R. 167B DKK
Smith, Yvona ? 208A IGON
Smithson, Rose 263A SAC
Smythe, Albert H. 167A DKK
Smythe, Auge C. 166B DKK
Snell, Charley 187B FRM
Snell, Clifford 187B FRM
Snell, Harold A. 190A FRM
Snell, Helen M. 190A FRM
Snell, Mary A. 187B FRM
Snell, Nellie 190A FRM
Snell, Stewart H. 190A FRM
Snell, Viola 187B FRM
Snell, William T. 187B FRM
Snelling, Blanchard 234B Redding
Snooks, Orci 154A BUR
Snooks, Dessa 152B BUR
Snooks, Edith 154A BUR
Snooks, Elvira 154A BUR
Snooks, Greely 154A BUR
Snooks, Inez 154A BUR
Snooks, John 151B BUR
Snooks, Kat? 152B BUR
Snooks, Lilian 152B BUR
Snooks, Lucy 151B BUR
Snooks, Marjory 152B BUR
Snooks, McGeorg 152B BUR
Snooks, Pansy 151B BUR
Snooks, Ruth 154A BUR
Snow, Nathaniel D. 176A DKK
Snyder, Phoebe M. 146A BUC
Sohn, Benjamin 230A Redding
Sohn, Mary 230A Redding
Somers, Charles H. 146A BUC
Somers, Charlotte 146A BUC
Somers, Clement 208A IGON
Somers, Dorothy 146A BUC
Somers, Elsie 146A BUC
Somers, Harold 146A BUC
Somers, Mabel 146A BUC
Somers, Martha A. 146A BUC
Sorahan, Anna 211A IGON
Sorahan, Frank 207B IGON
Sorahan, Isabelle 211A IGON
Sorahan, Katherine 211A IGON
Sorahan, Lester 211A IGON
Sorenson, Peter D. 200B SHAS
Soto, Pedro 160A Cottonwood
South, Herman W. 223A Redding
South, Margarette K. 223A Redding
Southern, Ida H. 237A Redding
Southern, May H. 237A Redding
Southern, Wm. F. 237A Redding
Souza, Antonio 205A IGON
Souza, Antonio F. 227B Redding
Souza, Edith C. 227B Redding
Souza, Elva 205A IGON
Souza, Fernando 205A IGON
Souza, Frank F. 205A IGON
Souza, Ileen 205A IGON
Souza, Mary 205A IGON
Souza, Milford 247B Redding
Souza, William W. 205A IGON
Sovy, Albert 128B Anderson
Sovy, Hannah L. 128B Anderson
Sowers, Elmer 251B Redding
Spa????, Nicholas 235A Redding
Spang, Dick 229A Redding
Spang, Maude 229A Redding
Spangenberg, Herbert 130B Anderson
Spangle, Benjamin F. 131A Anderson
Spangle, Charles M. 225B Redding
Spangle, Jennie R. ? 225B Redding
Spangle, Malinda S. 131A Anderson
Spangle, Sylvia R. 225B Redding
Spann, Elsie C. 133B Anderson
Spann, Alice R 128B Anderson
Spann, Charles A. 128B Anderson
Spann, Charles H. 128B Anderson
Spann, Elsie E. 133B Anderson
Spann, Emma 128B Anderson
Spann, John A. 128B Anderson
Spann, Margaret E. 128B Anderson
Spann, Mary A. 133B Anderson
Spann, Norma L. 133B Anderson
Spann, Richard 133B Anderson
Spann, Robert A. 133B Anderson
Spann, Sarah C. 133B Anderson
Spann, Sarah E. 128B Anderson
Sparks, Eneth A. ? 222B Redding
Sparks, George A. 222B Redding
Sparks, Kathyrn M. 222B Redding
Spaulding, E. L. 187B FRM
Spaulding, Elmer 187B FRM
Spaulding, Irma J. 152A BUR
Spaulding, Levi A 152A BUR
Spaulding, Lillie M. 152A BUR
Spaulding, Marian L. 152B BUR
Spaulding, Verna E. 152B BUR
Spaulding, W. J. 187B FRM
Spaulding, Winifred C. 152A BUR
Speer, Ben 256A RMT
Speer, Bessie May 256A RMT
Speer, Clarence 256A RMT
Speer, Frank 256A RMT
Speer, Joseph 256A RMT
Speer, Ralph 256A RMT
Spencer, George 227B Redding
Spencer, John A. 137A Anderson
Spencer, Lester 254 Redding
Spencer, Ross C. 145B BUC
Sperry, Albert B. 168B DKK
Sperry, Augusta 168B DKK
Sperry, Clarence 170B DKK
Sperry, Homer 170B DKK
Sperry, Martha 170B DKK
Spezzi, Beryl 175A DKK
Spezzi, Helen J. 175A DKK
Spezzi, Joseph 175A DKK
Spezzi, Perry J. 175A DKK
Spezzi, Raymond A. 175A DKK
Spock, Annette 165A DKK
Spock, Charles E. 165A DKK
Spoon, Donald J. 268A SHN
Spoon, Glenn B 268A SHN
Spoon, Grover 268A SHN
Spoon, Grover L. 268A SHN
Spoon, Howard 268A SHN
Spoon, Marigold 268A SHN
Spoon, Stacy J. 268A SHN
Sprague, Addie 210B IGON
Sprague, Arthur 251B Redding
Sprague, William H 210B IGON
Spring, John 218A Redding
Spurgin, Addie 258B RMT
Spurgin, Darwin 259A RMT
Spurgin, G. A. 208B IGON
Spurgin, J. Orvis 258B RMT
Spurgin, John E. 259A RMT
Spurgin, Lillie 258B RMT
Spurgin, O??la 258B RMT
Spurgin, Roy 258B RMT
Squires, Charles J. 220A Redding
St John, Ada A 186A FRM
St John, Almont 187B FRM
St John, Bruce 186A FRM
St John, Earl M. 187B FRM
St John, Gertrude 187B FRM
St John, Gussie 187B FRM
St John, J. A 186A FRM
St John, Lottie 187B FRM
St John, Paul 199A SHAS
St Vrain Emma M. 217A MILL
St Vrain, Ceran E. 217A MILL
St. John, Alia 150B BUR
St. John, Constance 150B BUR
St. John, William V. 150B BUR
St. Vrain, Vyrle 128A Anderson
St. Vrain, Alice 128A Anderson
St. Vrain, Charles L. 128A Anderson
St. Vrain, Leon 128A Anderson
St. Vrain, Mary 128A Anderson
St??ner, Benjamin 243B Redding
St??ner, Marie 243B Redding
Stabel, Ferdinand 248A Redding
Stabel, Mabel 248A Redding
Stabler, Adolph L. 230B Redding
Stabler, Chris E. 230B Redding
Stabler, Lenora 230B Redding
Stabley, Arthur C. 126B Anderson
Stacey, Emelia 189B FRM
Stacey, John B. 189B FRM
Stacher, Ardill? 214A MILL
Stacher, Clara M. 214A MILL
Stacher, Henry W. 214A MILL
Stacher, Stella M. 217B MILL
Stacher, William 217B MILL
Stacher, William J. 217B MILL
Stacker, Henry 147B BUC
Stafford, Edith 207B IGON
Stafford, Harlowe 207B IGON
Stagg, Ci???ry 166B DKK
Stagg, Mary 166B DKK
Stahl, John K. 194A FRM
Stahl, Mary S. 194A FRM
Stakis, Fred ? 195A FG
Stakis, Mable ? 195A FG
Stamos, Louis 177A KES
Standford, Alfred 242A Redding
Standford, Mary 242A Redding
Stanford, Clara 209A IGON
Stanford, Ervin G. 167A DKK
Stanford, Ethelbert T. 138A BUC
Stanford, Florence V. 138A BUC
Stanford, Issac N. 138B BUC
Stanford, Mary 138B BUC
Stanford, Newton G. 138B BUC
Stanford, Phyllis O. 138A BUC
Stanford, William G. 138A BUC
Stanley, Adaline 190B FRM
Stanley, Beulah 190B FRM
Stanley, Clark 190B FRM
Stanley, John C. 190B FRM
Stanley, Joseph 160A Cottonwood
Stanley, Katherine 160A Cottonwood
Stanno, Peter 198A SHAS
Stanton, Alice W. 224B Redding
Stanton, Frank 209A IGON
Stanton, J. Bedro 224B Redding
Stanton, Mary 209A IGON
Stark, Alva Mary 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Alvin Lee 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Anna 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Charles B. 148B BUR
Stark, Edward F. 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Edward L. 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Elsie 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Josie F. 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Leland R. 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Lida E. 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Martha T. 162A Cottonwood
Stark, Mary A. 148B BUR
Stark, Vernon 148B BUR
Startt, Barbara 194A FRM
Startt, Benjamin 192A FRM
Startt, Benjamin H. 192A FRM
Startt, Clarence 192A FRM
Startt, Ida ? 192A FRM
Startt, Kittie 192A FRM
Startt, Mary D. 192A FRM
Startt, Robert 194A FRM
Startt, William 192A FRM
Startt, Winnie 192A FRM
Staser, Charles H. 161B Cottonwood
Staser, Christian J. 161B Cottonwood
Staser, Ida I. 161B Cottonwood
Staser, Jane 161B Cottonwood
Staser, Louis 161B Cottonwood
Staser, Ollive 161B Cottonwood
Staser, William A. 161B Cottonwood
Stathokoulos, Demetrios 160A Cottonwood
Stathos, Angie 129A Anderson
Stathos, Tom 129A Anderson
Statton, Fred H. 172B DKK
Statton, George 172B DKK
Statton, Iola M. 196A FG
Statton, Lucy L. 172B DKK
Statton, Samuel 196A FG
Statton, Sherman 196A FG
Staur, Emma L. 159A Cottonwood
Staur, Frederick F. 159A Cottonwood
Staur, Henry 161A Cottonwood
Staur, Mabel C. 159A Cottonwood
Staur, Melba L. 159A Cottonwood
Staur, Myrtle E. 159A Cottonwood
Staur, Roy C. 159A Cottonwood
Staur, William F. 159A Cottonwood
Staur, Zelina 161A Cottonwood
Stayton, Catherine 224B Redding
Stayton, Charles F. 224B Redding
Stayton, Mary E. 224B Redding
StClair, Hattie 250A Redding
Steel, Chas. 235A Redding
Steele, E. B. 259A RMT
Steely, Ethel L. 134A Anderson
Steely, Lafayette F. 134A Anderson
Steely, Nora 134A Anderson
Steely, Orval 134A Anderson
Steely, Susan M. 134A Anderson
Steffis, Pieter 252A Redding
Stein, Renny 127A Anderson
Steinbach, Esther 246A Redding
Steinbeck, Henry 219A Redding
Steinhauer, Edward 251B Redding
Stencky, Annette B. 171B DKK
Stencky, Fred G. 171B DKK
Stencky, George C. 171B DKK
Stencky, Mary A. 171B DKK
Stenerson, Alf H. 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Earl 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Lafe 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Mabel 242A Redding
Stenerson, Martin 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Mary 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Oscar R. 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Paul 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Signa 140 A BUC
Stenerson, Theodore 140 A BUC
Stenger, Edward L. 177B KES
Stephens, Catherine 228B Redding
Stephens, Charles J. 264B SAC
Stephens, Hazel L. 228B Redding
Stephens, Henrietta 264B SAC
Stephens, William 228B Redding
Stevens, Belle 207B IGON
Stevens, Bessie L. 182B KEN
Stevens, Bessie R. 126B Anderson
Stevens, Charles 211A IGON
Stevens, Edith C. 194A FRM
Stevens, Emilie A. 126B Anderson
Stevens, Emma F. 194A FRM
Stevens, Glen R. 126B Anderson
Stevens, Glenhope 208B IGON
Stevens, James W. 265B SAC
Stevens, Leonard J. 265B SAC
Stevens, Lucy H. 194A FRM
Stevens, Minnie 182B KEN
Stevens, Pauline 211A IGON
Stevens, Richard 211A IGON
Stevens, Sada E. 182B KEN
Stevens, William H. 194A FRM
Stevenson, Amy M. 213A MILL
Stevenson, Annie 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Annie 140B BUC
Stevenson, Bertha L. 212B MILL
Stevenson, Carlton D. 212B MILL
Stevenson, Charles 140B BUC
Stevenson, Chester O. 213A MILL
Stevenson, Dela R. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Elma R. 213A MILL
Stevenson, Elvin L. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Eunice R. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Eva M. 213A MILL
Stevenson, F?? 140B BUC
Stevenson, Frank 142A BUC
Stevenson, G??? 140B BUC
Stevenson, George E. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, George S. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Hazel B. 261A RMT
Stevenson, Jack A. 213A MILL
Stevenson, Jay D. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, John D. 212B MILL
Stevenson, John P. 212B MILL
Stevenson, Laura M. 214B MILL
Stevenson, Laverna 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Lem H. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Lila 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Lola 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Mandie C. 214B MILL
Stevenson, Mary E. 214B MILL
Stevenson, Merle V. 214B MILL
Stevenson, Myrtle 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Myrtle N. 213A MILL
Stevenson, Nellie M. 213A MILL
Stevenson, Nina C. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Ola 140B BUC
Stevenson, R?? 140B BUC
Stevenson, Robert 251A Redding
Stevenson, Robert E. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Robert W. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Roy B. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Thaddeus I. 214B MILL
Stevenson, Tim 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Vernon U. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, Vint W. 214B MILL
Stevenson, Willard E. 128A Anderson
Stevenson, William E. 213A MILL
Stevenson, William S. 214B MILL
Stevenson, Willie O. 212B MILL
Stevenson, Wilsa ? 140B BUC
Stevenson, Wilsey E. 140B BUC
Steward, Bert 202A SHAS
Steward, George G. 167A DKK
Stewart, Billie 252A Redding
Stewart, F. A. 260B RMT
Stewart, George D. 265A SAC
Stewart, Gertrude 240A Redding
Stewart, Hubert 140 A BUC
Stewart, Ida 209B IGON
Stewart, Lottie 140 A BUC
Stewart, Marion 252A Redding
Stewart, Nadine 252A Redding
Stewart, Nelson R. 140 A BUC
Stewart, Raymond 252A Redding
Stewart, Robert 140 A BUC
Stewart, Samuel 226A Redding
Stewart, Vernon 240A Redding
Stewart, Willard 209B IGON
Stewert, Benjamin 162A Cottonwood
Stewert, Earl J. 156A Cottonwood
Stewert, Matilda 156A Cottonwood
Stewert, Nelson J. 156A Cottonwood
Stickley, Silas S. 146A BUC
Stillip, Peter 183B KEN
Stillman, Louise 141B BUC
Stilson, Nellie S. 173A DKK
Stilson, Warren E. 173A DKK
Stilwell, N. D. 189A FRM
Stinchum, Felbert H. 222B Redding
Stinchum, Lottie L. 222B Redding
Stinger, Edward L. 201A SHAS
Stinger, John L. 201A SHAS
Stinger, Maud L. 201A SHAS
Stocton, Philip A. 150A BUR
Stocton, Rosie A. 150A BUR
Stoddard, John C. ? 207A IGON
Stohsner,Gus G.? 215B MILL
Stone, ????? 267B SHN
Stone, Albert C. 267B SHN
Stone, Carmen E. 267B SHN
Stone, Emma W. 226B Redding
Stone, Ethel M. 181A KEN
Stone, Ethel M. 181A KEN
Stone, Hattie V. 267B SHN
Stone, James ? 137A Anderson
Stone, Laura E. 267B SHN
Stone, Leonard C. 267B SHN
Stone, Lester H. 267B SHN
Stone, Louise J. 181A KEN
Stone, Martha K. 267B SHN
Stone, Richard S. 267B SHN
Stone, Sidney M. jr. 181A KEN
Stone, Swan W. 226B Redding
Stone, Thomas F. 181A KEN
Stone, Tom E. 267B SHN
Stone, Walter F. 267B SHN
Stone, William 174A DKK
Stone, William L. 181A KEN
Stone, Willis C. 267B SHN
Storkel, Fred A. 161B Cottonwood
Storkel, Pammi 161B Cottonwood
Storrs, Alice 164 Cottonwood
Storrs, George 164 Cottonwood
Storrs, George A 164 Cottonwood
Storrs, Harry E. 164 Cottonwood
Story Myrtle M. 126A Anderson
Story, Albert 219A Redding
Story, Annie M. 125A Anderson
Story, Carleton S. 125A Anderson
Story, Charles F. 125A Anderson
Story, Clara Mae 219A Redding
Story, Donald L. 126A Anderson
Story, Edwin L. 126A Anderson
Story, F. E. 219A Redding
Story, Frances Amelia 219A Redding
Story, George T. 125A Anderson
Story, H. B. 219A Redding
Story, Halah C. 219A Redding
Story, Harriet M. 125A Anderson
Story, Harry S. 126A Anderson
Story, Ida M. 126A Anderson
Story, Louis C. 125A Anderson
Story, Marsha 125A Anderson
Story, Mary E. 125A Anderson
Stowell, Catherine M. 131A Anderson
Stowell, Emma J. 131A Anderson
Stowell, George B. 131A Anderson
Stowell, George W. 131A Anderson
Stowell, Jessie J. 130 A Anderson
Stowell, Lila E. 131A Anderson
Strada, Joe 178B KES
Strakel, Louisa 159A Cottonwood
Strakel, William 159A Cottonwood
Strange, Helen 130B Anderson
Strange, James H. 130B Anderson
Stratton, Louise 192A FRM
Straub, Ada 192B FRM
Straub, Arnold 190A FRM
Straub, Charles 192B FRM
Straub, Delilah 192B FRM
Straub, Roy 192B FRM
Strawn, Arthur H. 261A RMT
Strawn, Eugene 261A RMT
Strawn, Pauline 261A RMT
Strayer, Homer L. 258B RMT
Strayer, Lawrence O. 258B RMT
Strayer, Martin 258B RMT
Strayer, Stanley M. 258B RMT
Street, Arthur F. 231B Redding
Street, Cora 225B Redding
Street, Evelyn 231B Redding
Street, Lloyd A. 231B Redding
Street, Maude E. 231B Redding
Street, Thelma E. 225B Redding
Street, William H. 225B Redding
Strickland, James A. 130B Anderson
Strit, Joseph A. 240A Redding
Strite, Bessie 243A Redding
Strite, Joseph 243A Redding
Strode, Annie 198B SHAS
Strode, Augusta 198B SHAS
Strode, Birt W. 198B SHAS
Strode, Emma W. 198B SHAS
Strode, George C. 198B SHAS
Strode, John S. 198B SHAS
Strode, John W. 198B SHAS
Strode, John W. 198B SHAS
Strode, Marguerite 198B SHAS
Strode, Mary A. 198B SHAS
Strode, Rosey 198B SHAS
Strong, Hadassah 253B Redding
Strong, Nellie 253B Redding
Strong, Samuel 253B Redding
Stroup, Benjamin F. 134A Anderson
Stroup, Bessie 129A Anderson
Stroup, Clemons E. 266A SHN
Stroup, Daniel J. 266A SHN
Stroup, Danild J. 266A SHN
Stroup, Edwin D. 129B Anderson
Stroup, Ellen L. 129B Anderson
Stroup, Eugene P. 129B Anderson
Stroup, Harley E. 266A SHN
Stroup, Herbert B. 134A Anderson
Stroup, James G. 129A Anderson
Stroup, Lena P. 134A Anderson
Stroup, Nancy J. 266A SHN
Stroup, Robert 129A Anderson
Stroup, Sarah E. 129A Anderson
Stroup, William E. 266A SHN
Strout, Margaret 194A FRM
Stuart, Bertram 207A IGON
Stuart, Dale P. 222A Redding
Stuart, Edwin 250B Redding
Stuart, Eugene 207A IGON
Stuart, Francis 250B Redding
Stuart, Jean 222A Redding
Stuart, Jeannette M. 222A Redding
Stuart, Laurie 207A IGON
Stuart, Pauline 207A IGON
Stuart, RobertGilligan, John 207A IGON
Stuart, Ronald B. 222A Redding
Stuart, Verona 207A IGON
Stuart, Verona 207A IGON
Stuart, William 207A IGON
Stuart, William H. 222A Redding
Stull, Frederick E. 268B SHN
Stumbo, Carrie ? 163B Cottonwood
Stump, Bessie 183B KEN
Stump, Ora F. 183B KEN
Sublett, Earl 210B IGON
Sublett, Echo 210B IGON
Sublett, Eva 210B IGON
Sublett, Floyd 208A IGON
Sublett, Jesse 207B IGON
Sublett, Lillian 210B IGON
Sublett, Mary A. 210B IGON
Sublett, Merle 210B IGON
Sublett, Vivian 210B IGON
Sublett, William W. 210B IGON
Sue, Yen 240A Redding
Sugg Alonzo B. 261B RMT
Sugg, B. Adeline 261B RMT
Sullivan, Arthur 238A Redding
Sullivan, Arthur 255B RMT
Sullivan, Ellen 238A Redding
Sullivan, Elmer W. 153A BUR
Sullivan, Eva B. 153A BUR
Sullivan, Hazel V. 153A BUR
Sullivan, James 205B IGON
Sullivan, Lee H. 153A BUR
Sully, Sam 234A Redding
Summers, Claire 193A FRM
Summers, Daniel 187A FRM
Summers, Eva ? 193A FRM
Summers, Flora 187A FRM
Summers, Floyd 193A FRM
Summers, Francis 187A FRM
Summers, Geo ? 256B RMT
Summers, Harriet A. 224B Redding
Summers, Mabel I. 193A FRM
Summers, Ralph S. 224B Redding
Summers, Robert 193A FRM
Summers, Samuel 187A FRM
Summers, Samuel 187A FRM
Summers, Vernice E. 224B Redding
Sutton, Alice L. 137A Anderson
Sutton, Ellen A. 137A Anderson
Sutton, Eva E. 135B Anderson
Sutton, George L. 137A Anderson
Sutton, Jesse 135B Anderson
Sutton, Orville G. 137A Anderson
Sutton, Thomas P. 135B Anderson
Sutton, Vernon R. 135B Anderson
Swanson, Andie 136B Anderson
Swanson, Ethel 146A BUC
Swanson, Evelyn 146A BUC
Swanson, John A. 200B SHAS
Swarts, Bernice 249B Redding
Swarts, Cecilia 249B Redding
Swarts, Frieda 249B Redding
Swarts, Helen 249B Redding
Swarts, Orvile 249B Redding
Swarts, Richard 249B Redding
Swarts, Samuel 249B Redding
Swarts, Samuel Jr. 249B Redding
Swarts, Wilma 249B Redding
Swedeen, Silma 237A Redding
Sweet, Amy C. 167A DKK
Sweet, Dorothy 167A DKK
Sweet, Eugene C. 167A DKK
Sweet, Eugenia M. 167A DKK
Swet, Elmer 238B Redding
Swet, Lillian 238B Redding
Swet, Oscar 238B Redding
Swinnay, William 145B BUC
Syvertson, Alf 149B BUR
Syvertson, Fay 150A BUR
Syvertson, Nellie 150A BUR

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