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1920 Census Index
Shasta County, California

U and V

Uglow, William T. 223B Redding
Ulberg, Amos L. 129A Anderson
Ulberg, C. Emil A. 129A Anderson
Ulberg, Otillie M. 129A Anderson
Ulberg, Rondine, Mathea 129A Anderson
Ulberg, Syneva 129A Anderson
Underwood, Frank 227B Redding
Upson, Anita M. 222B Redding
Upson, Edna T. 222B Redding
Upson, Evelyn A. 222B Redding
Upson, Minnie M. 222B Redding
Upson, Seymour D. 222B Redding
Upton, Allen 260A RMT
Upton, Amy 260A RMT
Upton, Charles A. 260A RMT
Upton, Clarice 260A RMT
Upton, Hazel 260A RMT
Upton, Louise 260A RMT
Upton, Marion 260A RMT
Usiel, Rodolpho 177B KES
Valencia, Antonio 222B Redding
Valencia, Geneveva 222B Redding
Valencia, Katarina 222B Redding
Valentine, Adelbert 244A Redding
Valentine, Allen G 154A BUR
Valentine, Clarence S. 154A BUR
Valentine, Della G. 154A BUR
Valentine, Fredrick O 154A BUR
Valentine, Jason E. 154A BUR
Valentine, Kenneth M. 154A BUR
Valentine, Martha A 154A BUR
Valentine, Robert 244A Redding
Valentine, Ruby 154A BUR
Valentine, Ward E. 154A BUR
Valentine, William 244A Redding
Valentine, William E. 154A BUR
Valentine, William Jr. 244A Redding
Van Cleave, Bernal R. 232B Redding
Van Cleave, Bertha L. 232B Redding
Van Cleave, Carl N. 232B Redding
Van Cleave, Cyril J. 232B Redding
Van Cleave, Mary A. 232B Redding
Van Cleave, Mary V. 232B Redding
Van Cleave, Thelma C. 232B Redding
Van Sickle, Amos 186B FRM
VanJohn, Abbie L. 232A Redding
Vanni, Anna M. 172A DKK
Vanni, Cecial 172A DKK
Vanni, Olympia 171A DKK
VanOradel, Alice J. 132A Anderson
VanOradel, Charles J. 132A Anderson
VanOradel, Florence J. 132A Anderson
VanOradel, Fred W. 132A Anderson
VanOradel, Helen J. 132A Anderson
VanOradel, William J. 132A Anderson
VanOrman, Frank 251B Redding
VanZandt, Donald F. 266A SHN
VanZandt, Francisco 266A SHN
VanZandt, Marvin E. 266A SHN
VanZandt, Ron E. 266A SHN
Varader, Victorio 201A SHAS
Varengo, Catherine 141B BUC
Varengo, Dominick 141B BUC
Varengo, Efrasina 141B BUC
Varengo, Matthew 141B BUC
Varengo, Michel 141B BUC
Varengo, Rossa A 141B BUC
Varney, Frederick 200B SHAS
Vasques, Leandino 171B DKK
Vasquez, Joe 261B RMT
Vasquez, Trinidad 136A Anderson
Vassiri?, Charlie 199A SHAS
Vassiro, Giovanni 199A SHAS
Vaughn, Alva 133A Anderson
Vaughn, Arthur 133A Anderson
Vaughn, Arthur B. 150B BUR
Vaughn, Charles B. 230B Redding
Vaughn, Charles R. 230B Redding
Vaughn, Cline S. 133A Anderson
Vaughn, Emma J. 181B KEN
Vaughn, Luella 230B Redding
Vaughn, Maxine L. 230B Redding
Vaughn, Minnie W. 150B BUR
Vaughn, Nellie L. 150B BUR
Vaughn, Shirley H. 181B KEN
Vedder, Henry 188A FRM
Vedder, Pearl 187B FRM
Vedder, Ray P. 187B FRM
Vedder, Raymond 187B FRM
Vedder, Roland 187B FRM
Veem, Eva G. 234B Redding
Veem, Lela 234B Redding
Veem, Martin H. 234B Redding
Veem, Max 234B Redding
Veid, Fritz 199B SHAS
Velasco, Francisco 168B DKK
Vella, Pasqual 168B DKK
Velsco, Manual 260B RMT
Verengo, Lena 235A Redding
Vergez, Henry F. 181A KEN
Vergnes, Chester 198A SHAS
Vergnes, Henry S. 198A SHAS
Vergnes, Joe L. 198A SHAS
Vergnes, Norma 198A SHAS
Vergnes, Rosa F. 198A SHAS
Vergnes, Sible S. 198A SHAS
Vessell, Alfred R. 164 Cottonwood
Vessell, Anna E. 164 Cottonwood
Vessell, Edythe 164 Cottonwood
Vessell, Gideon 164 Cottonwood
Vessell, Gideon 164 Cottonwood
Vessell, Marian R. 164 Cottonwood
Vessell, R???? 164 Cottonwood
Vestal, Albert 184A KEN
Vestal, Amber 243A Redding
Veyers, Paul 198B SHAS
Vick, Larry 224B Redding
Vick, Sarah E. 224B Redding
Vickers, Gertrude 259B RMT
Vickery, George T. 231B Redding
Vickery, Mary F. R. 231B Redding
Vierra, Jack S. 124A Anderson
Vierra, Neva 124A Anderson
Vietta, B. 221B Redding
Vietta, Charley 221B Redding
Vietta, Eugenia 221B Redding
Vietta, James 221B Redding
Vietta, Julia 221B Redding
Vietta, Nina 221B Redding
Vietti, Amadeo 168B DKK
Viglio, Carl 201A SHAS
Viglio, Elma 201A SHAS
Viglio, Hinely? 201A SHAS
Viglio, Katie 201A SHAS
Viglio, Marino 201A SHAS
Viglio, Theresa 201A SHAS
Viglio,Eda? 201A SHAS
Vilemeyer, Louis 230B Redding
Viles, Edw P 234A Redding
Viles, Elmer F. 229A Redding
Vincent, Clara 189A FRM
Vincent, Clara L. 189A FRM
Vincon, Clemince 159A Cottonwood
Vincon, France 159A Cottonwood
Vincon, John 159A Cottonwood
Vincon,. Lucile 159A Cottonwood
Vingan, John ? 198A SHAS
Vinske, Albert 210B IGON
Vinske, Emma 210B IGON
Vinske, Erwin 210B IGON
Vinske, Evelyn 210B IGON
Vinske, Frank 210B IGON
Vinske, George 210B IGON
Vinske, Mary 210B IGON
Vinske, Mary 210B IGON
Vinske, Paul 210B IGON
Vinske, Retta 210B IGON
Vinyard, Grace 188A FRM
Vinyard, Helen 192B FRM
Vinyard, Virgil A. 192B FRM
Vinyard, Virgil E. 192B FRM
Vinyard, William E. 188A FRM
Viola, Grace 172A DKK
Viola, Joseph 172A DKK
Virgil, Andrew 214A MILL
Viscaino, Amerona 237B Redding
Viscaino, Celestino 237B Redding
Viscaino, Frances 237B Redding
Viscaino, Manuel 237B Redding
Viscaino, Matilda 237B Redding
Viscaldi, Louis 196B FG
Vissing, Mary F. 126B Anderson
Vittori, ?uilio 175B DKK
Vittori, Bruna 175B DKK
Vittori, Dante 175B DKK
Vittori, Erminia 175B DKK
Vittori, Pete 175B DKK
Vittori, Prio 175B DKK
Viytich, Emma C. 158B Cottonwood
Viytich, Jessie G. 158B Cottonwood
Viytich, John 158B Cottonwood
Viytich, Mary 158B Cottonwood
Vlack, James L. 126B Anderson
Vlack, Otis E. 126B Anderson
Vlafor, Angele 162A Cottonwood
Vlahos, Bertha 173B DKK
Vlahos, Carrie 251A Redding
Vlahos, Frank 251A Redding
Vlahos, John 173B DKK
Vlahos, Laura 251A Redding
Vlahos, Margaretta 173B DKK
Vlahos, Mary 251A Redding
Voconneron, Jules ?? 210B IGON
Voinni, Olimpio 169B DKK
Vollmer, Carl 172A DKK
Vollmer, Chris 162B Cottonwood
Vollmers, Adelle 173B DKK
Vollmers, Jefferson 173B DKK
Vollmers, Otto 173B DKK
Vollmers, Sadie 173B DKK
Vollmers, Shelby 173B DKK
Vollmers, Shelby E. 173B DKK
Vollmers, William 173B DKK
Volonte, Ambrose 165B DKK
Volonte, Angelo 232B Redding
Volonte, Corls 232B Redding
Volonte, Erminia 232B Redding
Volonte, Henry 165B DKK
Volonte, Mary 232B Redding
Volonte, Mary L. 165B DKK
Volonte, Pete 232B Redding
Volonte, Vera 165B DKK
VonBick, Lewis 146A BUC
Vordermeir, Valentine 265B SAC
Voss, Carl 206B IGON
Voss, Wilhelmina 251B Redding
Vostineys, Grace V. 195B FG
Vostineys, John J. 195B FG
Vostineys, Lou? E. 195B FG

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