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1920 Census Index
Shasta County, Calif.

Y and Z

Yager, Amy 236A Redding
Yager, Chas 238B Redding
Yager, Emanuel 236A Redding
Yager, Hilda 238B Redding
Yager, Joe C. 238B Redding
Yager, Joseph E. 238B Redding
Yager, Lester 236A Redding
Yager, Olive 236A Redding
Yager, Ritta 236A Redding
Yager, Rosie 238B Redding
Yank, Albert C. 139A BUC
Yank, Edward 139A BUC
Yank, Eleanor L. 139A BUC
Yank, Errol A. 139A BUC
Yank, Herman L 139A BUC
Yank, Ralph 139A BUC
Yank, Velma C. 139A BUC
Yank, William 139A BUC
Yank, William L. 139A BUC
Yeakey, Chester 207B IGON
Yeakey, Chester 250A Redding
Yeakey, George 250A Redding
Yeakey, Leonard 250B Redding
Yeakey, Robert 250B Redding
Yeakey, Rosalyn 250B Redding
Yeakey, Rupert 250B Redding
Yeakey, Sadie 250A Redding
Yeakey?, Roy 208B IGON
Ygnacio, Brunon ? 168B DKK
Yick, Sam 163B Cottonwood
Yock, Albert 171A DKK
Yock, Alpha 171A DKK
Yock, John 171A DKK
Yock, Nellie 171A DKK
Yordy, Iva 258A RMT
Yordy, Jay 258A RMT
Yordy, Minnie E. 258A RMT
Yordy, Ralph 258A RMT
York, Ada F. 154B BUR
York, Elenora 126A Anderson
York, John C. 154B BUR
York, Marguerite J 154B BUR
York, Riley 126A Anderson
York, Zelma M. 126A Anderson
Yound, James 224A Redding
Young, Alvin T. 263B SAC
Young, Carroll 263B SAC
Young, Charles B. 228A Redding
Young, Clara R. 228A Redding
Young, Clarence 263B SAC
Young, Eva P. 224A Redding
Young, Evelyn 224A Redding
Young, George 223B Redding
Young, Gloriana 263B SAC
Young, Griselda 263B SAC
Young, James A. 224A Redding
Young, Jose B. 224A Redding
Young, Katherine M. 228A Redding
Young, Mary 224A Redding
Young, Mary E. 191A FRM
Young, Thomas E. 263B SAC
Young, Virginia 224A Redding
Young,June C. 224A Redding
Yraert, Peter 173A DKK
Yuille, Berton R. 224B Redding
Yuille, Berton R. 224B Redding
Yuille, Mary 224B Redding
Yuille, Mary J. 224B Redding
Yumenos, Andrew 129A Anderson
Yumenos, Theodore 129A Anderson
Zachary, Lyman 203B HG
Zaffaroni, Angelo 169A DKK
Zaffaroni, Joseph 169A DKK
Zanetto, Antonio 169B DKK
Zannelli, Danno 196B FG
Zannoto, Adolpo 171B DKK
Zannoto, Angelo 171B DKK
Zannoto, Emma 171B DKK
Zannoto, Floruida 171B DKK
Zannoto, Giovannia 171B DKK
Zappettini, Marion 249A Redding
Zedeker, Richard 196B FG
Zeim, Viola 246B Redding
Zeim, William 246B Redding
Zeim, Wilma 246B Redding
Zeis, Agnes 243B Redding
Zeis, Edward 245A Redding
Zeis, Iva 245A Redding
Zeis, John 244A Redding
Zeis, Louise 244A Redding
Zeis, Melvin 244A Redding
Zeis, Theodore 243A Redding
Zell, Charles M. 193B FRM
Zell, Hildred 193B FRM
Zell, Michael E. 193B FRM
Zell, Ora E. 193B FRM
Zerospi, Angelo 169B DKK
Zerr, Caroline 203B HG
Zerr, Gaspar 203B HG
Zetzeshe, Estelle 228A Redding
Zetzeshe, Frederic M 228A Redding
Zetzeshe, Lima P. M. 228A Redding
Ziem, Paul F. 234A Redding
Zimmer, Michael 157B Cottonwood
Zimmer, William A. 157B Cottonwood
Zimmerman, Fred A. 225B Redding
Zimmerman, Lulu J. 225B Redding
Zinn, Amelia 236A Redding
Zinn, Celena 236A Redding
Zinn, Emil 236A Redding
Zinn, John 236A Redding
Zuechini,Bimo 184B KEN
Zugg, Joe 198A SHAS
Zwiebel, Charles 251B Redding
Zwiebel, Ethel 251B Redding
Zwiebel, Kathryn 251B Redding
Zwisher, Anna 132B Anderson
Zwisher, Frank 132B Anderson

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